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p. 154, feat table, Repositioning Strike: I believe the main entry on page 168 was corrected, but its entry here still lists Improved Trip instead of Improved Reposition as a prerequisite.

p. 155, feat table, Trick Riding and Mounted Skirmisher: Prerequisites are listed as "Ride rank 9" and "Ride rank 14". Every other feat with skill prerequisites uses the form "Ride 9 ranks", "Ride 14 ranks".

archmagi1 wrote:
Couple of things, don't know if they've been mentioned in the 13 upthread pages:

As I keep pointing out, there's a "search in thread" function for this.

Isn't the default a standard action?

I'm looking at the PRD here. Shouldn't air bubble have the air descriptor? (As well as a subschool as was pointed out already.)

I don't think it's come up in my game yet but if one of my players took bleed damage, I'd allow it to be healed by channelled positive energy - which is technically not a spell but a supernatural ability.

The magic items index seems to have no style sheet.

The magic items page also displays very badly on my mobile browsers (Boat Browser 5.0 and Android 2.3.6 stock browser), everything in one very narrow column on the right... until you reload the page, after which it's fine. It's also fine in Opera Mobile 12.10.

p. 89, Defense subdomain: I'm concerned that the deflection aura compares poorly to the 8th level power aura of protection at higher levels. From 12th level, aura of protection has a longer range, equal (later higher) bonus, doesn't stack with deflection aura, also applies to CMD by general rules about deflection bonuses, and also grants energy resistance. You'd only use deflection aura to conserve rounds of aura of protection or when you've already run out of rounds.

This thread is a brilliant resource for less than imaginative Kingmaker GMs like me. I have plenty of inspiration now!

Here are a few more, some of which I hope to try:

If the party has an archer, swap some of their arrows/bolts with sticks of the same length. When a fight happens and they try to draw an arrow, there's a 50% chance they drew a stick instead of an arrow, wasting a move action.

After the PCs get Old Sharptooth from the mites, put it in front of a PC's eyes so the demon statue is the first thing they see when they wake up. For extra points, actually wake the PC up with a ghost sound of a roaring demon.

Hang up a bucket full of muddy water and rotten leaves in the canopy and rig it so that it tips out its contents when Perlivash pulls a string. He then gives a pious PC telepathic directions to the place where the bucket is rigged, convincing the PC that he's getting messages from their god. When they get under the bucket, tell them "Look up" - and pull the string.

Not from an official source, but the d20pfsrd spells database does what you want, among other things.

That's a forum issue and nothing to do with the PRD.

I'm not a publisher, but it seems to me that substantial changes / additions of that sort are not suitable candidates for inclusion in errata. An FAQ would have to suffice until Paizo decides a new edition is warranted (complete with fresh typesetting, etc.) - which is probably not for a long time.

p. 49, oracle life mystery, healing hands revelation: "treat long-term care" should be "provide long-term care".

p. 50, oracle lore mystery, spontaneous symbology revelation: punctuation error: "spell's known" should be "spells known".

p. 51, oracle nature mystery, undo artifice revelation: I think this is meant to be a revelation you can't take until 11th level. However, it starts with "At 11th level, ..." like class features that you get at a fixed level - mysteries don't work like that. Instead, it should say at the end: "You must be at least 11th level before selecting this revelation."

It seems this isn't available in print in the UK - there's a copy on but it can't be shipped here. Any suggestions, beyond just printing the PDF? I'd prefer high quality for use at the table.

How embarrassing! You're quite right - it seems I overlooked some of the errata and didn't apply them. I'll see if any more of my corrections are already errata'd...

Edit: Finished applying errata, and it looks like the answer is no.

That's odd, I'm sure that correction used to be in the errata. I've got it pencilled in to my 2nd printing book.

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Even France used pounds (livres) before the Revolution, i.e. in the middle ages.

... having said that, I guess that, if D&D had been developed outside the English-speaking world, it would probably use metric units regardless.


I was guessing that that was intended, though. I was thinking, for example, an aberrant bloodline sorcerer could deliver touch spells with reach without taking damage. The question really is, how do you take damage when making an attack? Does it hit your hands? That's a bit dubious for manufactured weapons - consider a halberd, for example. I was thinking the spell makes a counterattack, which automatically hits because you came close enough that it can't miss, but it fails if the spikes can't reach because you're not adjacent.

*shrug* I dunno, but it certainly shouldn't affect natural ranged weapons :)

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This is a big post, because I went through all the spells just to know what's there and I found quite a few problems. This list is only what I think is definitely an error, and what no one else has reported, but there are more weirdnesses, which I'll post somewhere else.

p. 30, alchemist discoveries: "Inferno bomb" is out of alphabetical sequence. It should come before "Infuse mutagen".


p. 200, absorbing touch and p. 239, resurgent transformation: references to "spell" and "cast" should be "extract" and "drink/drunk" respectively.

p. 205, blessing of fervour: "each of your allies" but limited number of targets. Should say "each target" instead.

p. 216, divine vessel: the spell mentions "your new size category" but doesn't actually specify what the new size category is. Doubling your height and multiplying weight by 8 implies an increase of one size category, as enlarge person. (This one was reported 2 years ago.)

p. 226, guiding star: minor typo: a closing quotation mark is used as an opening quotation mark for the words "very familiar".

p. 230, jester's jaunt: typo: "instantiations" should be "instantaneous".

p. 232, moonstruck and p. 241, seamantle: the precise meaning of "damage appropriate for the creature's / your size" is not defined here. There should be a reference to Bestiary p. 302, which has the relevant table.

p. 236, pox pustules: "this penalty cannot lower Dexterity below 0". In fact, ability penalties cannot lower abilities below 1; see CRB p. 555.

p. 239, restful sleep, last sentence: spelling error: "no affect" should be "no effect". Seamantle (p. 241) has the same error in the 5th sentence of the last paragraph ("any non-instantaneous fire affect").

p. 241, scent trail: A creature with scent making Survival checks to track the spell's subject gets two separate competence bonuses, which don't stack. This makes the bonus from having scent entirely useless, since it's smaller. Additionally, if the subject being tracked must be willing, the spell might as well allow no save; if not, the first sentence should not include the word "willing".

p. 243, shadow projection: Nitpicky, but undead creatures are destroyed, not slain. And presumably the spell ends if your shadow is destroyed.

p. 246, stay the hand: redundancy: "Whether or not the target makes its initial save or not ..."

p. 247, stone call: this spell should really allow a Reflex save for half damage.

p. 248, swarm skin: grammar error: the last sentence has no main verb.

p. 248, thorn body: By RAW this doesn't affect e.g. melee touch spells, and does affect natural ranged weapons (e.g. camel spit, tarrasque spines). The wording should be simply "Any adjacent creature striking you in melee". This implicitly excludes creatures using reach to hit you in melee.

p. 255, wandering star motes: I don't think an illusion is capable of producing a light effect. No matter how you manipulate someone's mind, they won't be able to see any better, without actual light present. For that, you need an evocation spell - which is the school of all but 5 of the spells with the light descriptor in the d20pfsrd spells database. There's nothing really stopping it from having the mind-affecting descriptor as an evocation (even if the only other such spell is saving finale which is also in this book).

p. 338: The searing light spell should probably have the light descriptor.

pp. 351 and 353, summon monster VII and summon nature's ally VII tables: "Mastadon" is misspelled; it should be "mastodon".

Advanced Player's Guide page on rangers (new combat styles section):

PRD wrote:
* These feats are found in the feat section of this book.

But this is not a book. :) There should probably be a link here to

p. 25, spellbinder class variant (emphasis added):

Advanced Race Guide wrote:
In effect, the spellbinder loses the link with the old spell (though it is still one of his spells known) in exchange for forging a spell bond with a new spell.

Wizards don't have "spells known". They have spellbooks. The highlighted phase should be something like "it is still in his spellbook".

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Sethizar wrote:
While we're on the subject, when are you'se switching to metric like the rest of the world!? How heavy is a pound? Is it an imperial pound or an american pound? Is there a difference?

There's no difference, but come on, this is a fantasy setting. Maybe Galt, like revolutionary France, uses some sort of decimal system of measures, but otherwise it just isn't setting-appropriate.

Update: Pathfinder at Necrognomecon will take up two 3 hour slots for one session, roughly 2:30 to 9 pm with a half hour break at 5:30. That's a fairly generous schedule so we might finish before that.

Wondrous Items, 504: typo in the description of winged boots: "He can fly three per times day". "Times" and "per" have been exchanged.

Common sense agrees, but a pedantic rules lawyer might not ;)

p. 39, inquisitor judgments: The resiliency judgment grants DR 1/magic, increasing "by 1 for every five levels [the inquisitor] possesses". "Levels" should probably be "inquisitor levels", like most of the other judgments.

Cheapy wrote:
I'm not sure if this is wrong, but Scout's Charge and Skirmisher of the rogue Scout archetype say the target is flat-footed where "denied dexterity bonus to AC" might be more correct, as flat-footed has all sorts of other connotations that really don't come into play with these abilities.

This confusion of terminology is all over the core rulebook as well. Just look at Uncanny Dodge (which, to be fair, has been errata'd to make slightly more sense) and the Catch Off-Guard feat (which hasn't).

Strife2002 wrote:

Pg. 333 - Wisdom in the Flesh religion trait

[...] Constitution, however, doesn't have any skills associated with it. In 3.x Constitution affected the Concentration skill, but concentration is no longer a skill, now. ", Constitution," should be deleted

In official rules it doesn't, but it's not inconceivable that a setting or GM might create one; this trait would then apply to it.

Also hoping they become available before too long. It's about a month until I start part 1, though, so I have plenty of time.

I'm pretty sure celestial and fiendish creatures are neutral. They're still animals, after all.

The third instalment of Dark Worlds Gaming Society's mini gaming con Necrognomecon is planned for Sunday 28 October. For my first time there (and first time GMing in PSOP!) I'll be running the First Steps scenario, for 1st level characters. If you're interested, check out the event page.

kevinadnd wrote:
I'm not sure if it has been reported yet, but the Sylphs link on the Featured Races page in the Advanced Race Guide is broken.

LOL! Only twice...

(Hint: Try "search this thread" at the top of the page before reporting errors to make sure no one's reported it already.)

Last week's newsletter said this is in limited supply. Does that mean it's out of print and being replaced in the PSOP core assumption?

Sylphs page (linked to from Featured Races) gives "permission denied".

Benly wrote:
Hairy Dude wrote:
Edit: never mind, I remembered why - it's a compensation for their -2 Cha.
Although oddly enough ifrit get the same "compensating" bonus even though they're a race with a Charisma bonus.

All the elemental races get this bonus, but it does mean that ifrit are rather better sorcerers than the others, especially oreads.

Speaking of ifrit... I really don't like the name. It's essentially the same as "efreet" which is just a different transliteration of the same Arabic word. Translation is going to be a nightmare.

Compared to the 1st printing with errata applied, the raven entry has removed the erroneous Skill Focus (Perception) feat, but has picked up another error: Perception is shown correctly as +6 in the senses line but incorrectly as +3 in the skills line (1 rank, +3 class skill, +2 Wis = 6).

Drakir2010 wrote:
Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:

Although the errata addressed the Raven's fly skill, it's perception skill (+6) is calculated incorrectly:

Fly +6 (+4 size, +2 Dex);
Perception +9 (1 rank, +3 class skill, +3 focus, +2 Wis);

Disclaimer: I'm working from the PRD as it is found on Paizo's website, as my bestiary is first printing and I do not own the PDF. As such, I'm only reviewing from the date the second printing went live onwards.

The Raven has been modified since this post was put in, but it looks like one error was fixed and others introduced. The raven no longer has the Skill Focus (Perception) feat, dropping its skill to:

Perception +6 (1 rank, +3 class skill, +2 Wis);

However, the listed value is different in the two places it appears. In the stat block preamble, it is correctly listed as +6. However in the Statistics section it is listed as +3.

I have the 1st printing to which I've applied all the errata in pencil. The raven still has Skill Focus (Perception), but Fly +6 (after errata) and Perception +6 (senses section agrees). I think the inclusion of "Skill Focus (perception)" in the Feats line is the only error in my copy - it has indeed been fixed in the PRD but it's not made it into the errata.

Animal companions, p. 54: The Cat, Big (Lion, Tiger) has a grab attack, but it's not specified which attack(s) this applies to. In the Bestiary, both lion and tiger have grab on bite, but only the tiger has grab on claw. As a GM I'd probably let the player have it on both even if he has a lion.

Strife2002 wrote:
All the same rules apply. Space constraints and logic dictate that it's not efficient to rewrite rules that already exist in the core rulebook each time a splat book comes out. Unless it specifically says "This is different from..." then the CRB rules still apply.

True, but the entries for gnome and wayang give DCs for their spell-like abilities. And these rules aren't exactly prominent, or in a place where a player (as opposed to the GM) is likely to look.

p. 63: The paladin's Holy Champion feature doesn't list a save DC for the banishment effect. If it's really supernatural as listed, rather than spell-like, it would presumably be 10 + 1/2 paladin level + Cha mod.

Weather domain, p. 48: no save DC given for 8th level power Lightning Lord. In line with other 8th level domain powers, it should be 10 + 1/2 cleric level + Wis modifier.

Darkness domain, p. 42: According to the errata, using the 8th level Eyes of Darkness power takes a standard action. Is this right? Personally, I'd have made it a swift action (rather than free, so a deeper darkness spell, for instance, actually hampers you until you have a chance to do something about it).

Knowledge domain, p. 45: nitpicky, but: clairvoyance/clairaudience should be clairaudience/clairvoyance. Also, "at will" is incorrect since it's time-limited.

p. 204: Svirfneblin don't have a speed specified. Following the breakdown in the race builder on p. 245, it should be 20 ft.

On the same page, "dwarven subtype" should be "dwarf subtype".

Spell-like abilities: blindness/deafness should specify a save DC, and blur should probably be self only.

How does armour affect a merfolk's speed?

Since their land speed is only 5 feet, it should be mentioned that they can't take a 5 foot step.

The kitsune's change shape ability "functions as alter self" which implies it lasts 1 min/level, with no CL specified. Presumably it's supposed to be using the change shape universal monster rule on p. 298 of the Bestiary, which was errata'd to say that the creature can stay in the changed shape indefinitely.

Also, dancing lights has a range that depends on level, so CL should be specified.

Undines are given a swim speed, which according to the CRB means this:

Core Rulebook, p. 108 wrote:
Special: A creature with a swim speed can move through water at its indicated speed without making Swim checks. It gains a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform a special action or avoid a hazard. The creature can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered when swimming. Such a creature can use the run action while swimming, provided that it swims in a straight line.

The Advanced Race Guide makes special mention of the fact that they "can move in water without making Swim checks", but not the other features of a swim speed, which suggests that somehow they don't apply.

On a related note, I see that a fly speed supposedly lets you treat Fly as a class skill, but a swim speed doesn't let you treat Swim as a class skill.

Tieflings get a bonus to sorcery with abyssal and infernal bloodlines. I'd expect aasimar to get the same bonus with the celestial bloodline, but they don't. What gives?

Edit: never mind, I remembered why - it's a compensation for their -2 Cha.

What is the save DC for the ifrit's burning hands spell-like ability? I guess it's 11 + some ability modifier, but which ability? (If I were to guess, I'd say Charisma.)

(Also, the oread's magic stone spell-like ability technically allows a save (even if it's object, harmless), so it should be listed too.)

Dhampirs "take no penalties from energy drain effects" and "after 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving throw". The first part suggests this ability only applies to energy drain (e.g. from a vampire), but the way the second part is worded, it sounds like negative levels from being resurrected also go away after 24 hours, which seems wrong. It should probably refer specifically to temporary negative levels.

Appendix 8 (monsters by type), p. 317: The "incorporeal" section is missing "shadow demon". (This relates to the 1st printing with latest errata applied.)

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