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It's been a while since I saw an HV recruitment offered. Anyone else got the itch to play the bad guys? Unfortunately, I'm no GM. But surely I'm not the only one out there who'd like to play the Dark Side.

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Several years ago—but exactly when no one can recall—penguins suddenly appeared around Berwick-upon-Tweed.

I think we all know what’s going on here. It starts with bird graffiti. Then people start showing up missing their eyes and tongues.

As the title says. Odd question, maybe, so let me explain a bit: I'm looking for a roguish sneak-and-stab type character, and it occurred to me that that there's some really great revelations for that sort of build in the Shadow mystery, like Cloak of Darkness or Pierce the Shadows. But I'm really not looking to be a 9th-level caster for this build (I almost never play full casters, really). The closest approximation I know is to go Inquisitor and stack the Sanctified Slayer and Ravener Hunter archetypes, but that comes with some pretty specific fluff, and would require GM fiat to access the Shadow Mystery (I'm not really clear on the rhyme or reason for the ones the archetype can take. Shadow seems pretty thematic, but whatever). Is there anything closer than that? (And before anyone says it yes, I know there's probably other magical ways that would be as effective as the Shadow Mystery for the specific sort of build, but that was just an example, I'm also interested in the concept of non-Oracles with Mysteries more broadly)

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I feel like someone’s probably thought of this before, but couldn’t find it searching the subforum. So. Thoughts? Given the particulars of the campaign I feel like this could be amazing. If I had the experience (and the books) I’d look to run it myself, but I don’t. If there’s sufficient interest, would anyone think about GMing such a campaign?

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Pretty self-explanatory; we have half-elves and half-orcs, Dhampir, Fetchlings, Aasimar, Tieflings, Ifrits, Oreads, Undine and Sylphs. Humans are remarkable in their ability to hybridize with...just about everyone. So why are there no half-dwarves?

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I'm still seeing dots next to threads I've posted in, but the normal notifications next to the thread title showing how many new posts since I last looked have disappeared, apparently forum-wide (I checked several I've posted in recently). Even in my Campaigns tab, where I know for sure there are a couple of threads that had new posts this morning, there's no notifications anymore. I actually first noticed this there, when I went to catch up on said threads. So...did I hit a wrong button? I don't remember turning notifications off, but maybe I did so accidentally? Is this some sort of internal forum hiccup on y'all's end?

So I want to play a warpriest of Milani in this AP. What archetype should I pick? If it helps, I'm planning on playing a Devilspawn Tiefling (+2CON, +2WIS, -2CHA) Rolled Stats as follows, can be assigned however: 17, 14, 14, 13, 13, 13.

Liberty's Blade jumps out at me immediately. You lose very little, one blessing and a reduced-power Channel Energy(which you shouldn't be using much anyway) and in return you can channel to do more damage vs. devils, and you get devilbane and devil-defiant as options for sacred weapon/armor. In this AP, it seems really thematic and unusually powerful.

Sacred Fist is another that stuck out to me. It's a pretty big alteration, but running around unarmored and fighting with your fists seems like it'd make sneaking around under the Dottari's nose a lot easier than if you're running around in chainmail with a morningstar.

Champion of the Faith is suggested in the Player's Guide. I'm open to the idea if anyone wants to make a case, but the archetype has never impressed me overmuch.

I guess Cult Leader or Proselytizer might make some thematic sense, but...eh. Neither one seems that interesting to me.

I'm thinking about trying to go into Sentinel or Exalted eventually, take that into consideration as well.

It's not an uncommon combo, true, but I didn't want to cast Reanimate Thread on someone else's. Seemed rude. So, I'm wanting to create a Barbarian/Druid Gestalt. The 'civilized' will feel nature's wrath, and all that. I'm trying to keep this fairly general, something that could be tailored to a range of APs and build guidelines, so keep that in mind. Now, let's talk archetypes.

Seems like this might be one good location for the Savage Barbarian archetype; Druids get limited armor choices anyway, and even that is useless in Wild Shape until you get Wild armor, etc. So why not dump it for more natural armor and dodge bonuses? Is there an issue here, like it not stacking with NA gained in wildshape? Invulnerable Rager also seems like a good choice. Sure, you can hit me, my AC isn't that high because Druid, but I'm going to keep coming because DR. Mooncursed seems thematic for skinwalkers (one of my favorite races), but I'd rather be able to pick which animal form I rage in, thanks.

Druid Archetypes? Race is up in the air, but I really like Skinwalkers, so Mooncaller seems natural with the lycanthropic connection. But the DR doesn't stack with Barbarian DR. Goliath Druid seems like it could be fun. A raging Goliath Druid is going to outclass a Titan Mauler in so many ways it isn't funny (of course, that archetype is pretty lacklusetr, and at any rate a gestalt gharacter should outclass a single-classed one). I'm one of those odd people that still like Prestige classes, so World Walker seems like a good choice if I want to go Nature Warden.

Speaking of race, what are some you like for this combo? Other thoughts, questions, comments, bomb threats?

I've got this gestalt Sorcerer(Sage)/Unchained Rogue(Phantom Thief) build for a Skulls & Shackles campaign. Details are in the profile of this alias. It's already submitted, so I probably can't make more than minor tweaks to the existing crunch, but I'm looking for advice going forward. I definitely want to PrC Arcane Trickster on the Sorc side, this being gestalt, being able to be an Arcane Trickster with 20 caster levels and full 9th level spellcasting will be nice. I went Sage in part because of the skill point synergy with Rogue, and partly because I prefer smart characters to charming ones, in case anyone's wondering. The GM has confirmed he will allow a prestige class on each side of the gestalt, so I am open to suggestions for the Rogue side. Duelist was the first thing that occurred to me, to add some Melee power just in case, but Shadowdancer also comes to mind as an intriguing possibility. As a rapier-wielding Besmaran, I guess I could take Deification Obedience and go Sentinel. But anyway, like I said, I'd appreciate advice going forward, I tend to play more straight gish-type characters like Magi and Warpriests, skill monkey and full caster are both roles I have less experience with.

Mods, feel free to move this if it fits somewhere else better.

It's occurred to me recently how similar these classes are, but how completely outclassed the Paladin seems to be. But maybe I'm wrong, I am fairly new to Pathfinder. Let's compare features:

Shared/Analogous features:
Alignment: Paladin must be LG, Warpriest can be anything. Likewise, the Paladin essentially has to worship a LG, NG, or LN god, where the Warpriest can do whatever.

BAB: Paladin wins here, full vs 3/4, but see below

HD: Again, slight advantage Paladin, but see below

Saves: Same

Skills: Same Points, but the Warpriest gets exclusive access to Climb, Intimidate, Knowledge (Engineering), Survival and Swim, where the only thing the Paladin gets that the Warpriest doesn't is Knowledge (nobility).

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Basically the same, but the Warpriest gets automatic proficiency with their deity's favored weapon or IUS as a bonus feat.

Bonus Feats: Tempered Champion gets 5 from a small list of combat feats (and has to focus on his or her deity's favored weapon or its group). Champion of the Faith gets 5 from the full list of combat feats, plus weapon focus, possibly plus IUS (as mentioned above).

Smite: The Paladin can smite earlier (1st level instead of 4th) and can smite more often (maxing out at 7 times instead of 5), but the Warpriest has the option of smiting non-evil foes (though that option must be picked at the first level and can't be changed). Yes, Evil will usually be the best opposed alignment, but not always.

Lay on Hands vs Fervor: LoH will heal more damage, and can add mercies, but Fervor opens up the option of swift action casting, which is a bigger deal most of the time.

Detect Evil/Alignment: Paladin gets it first, but Warpriest's can be more flexible.

Sacred Weapon/Divine Bond:
Paladin's lasts longer, comes on line earlier, and is more flexible. Clear advantage Paladin here.

Other Features:
Auras: A variety of resistances and immunities that vary from pretty awesome to pretty situational.

Channel Energy: A useful group heal, but often won't be worth two mercies.

Holy Champion: nice if you ever get there.

Blessings: Hard to rate as a group, these can provide a huge variety of different bonuses. All in all, they're more flexible but generally less powerful and long-lasting than Paladin's auras. It is a more strategic than tactical flexibility though, since once chosen they can't generally be changed.

Sacred Armor: saves you some gold if nothing else.

Aspect of War: Useful, but not as good as the Paladin's capstone.

Spellcasting: This is the big one. Nothing the Paladin has comes close here.

In the areas that tend to be the most powerful, the Warpriest seems to have all the advantages. The Warpriest's extra bonus feats make it easier to find space for Toughness, which completely erases the HD difference (well, on the average. If you're taking max each level it closes half the gap). The Warpriest's spells have all sorts of insane flexibility. Not the god-like power of a wizard, maybe, but huge nonetheless, even with only six levels of casting. Certainly nothing the Paladin can come close to matching, while the Warpriest can probably pseudo-replicate many of the Paladin's unique features. To cite one example, the Warpriest's BAB deficiency can be made up (and then some) with one swiftcast of Divine Favor/Power (especially if you have the Fate's Favored trait, which you should), with extra damage thrown in as a bonus (more than that once you hit Divine Power). By the time a Warpriest gets sixth level spells, he can do things like banish Outsiders, grant ability bonuses or cure spells to the entire party, summon all sorts of creatures, create a permanent oasis, and so on. Even cantrips are great tools the Paladin can't replicate, things like Create Water, Light, Mending, Detect Magic, etc.

It seems like a Tempered Champion wants to be a Warpriest, with its unique features copying Sacred Weapon's scaling damage increase and more or less replicating a Warpriest's bonus feats, but do a Paladin's Auras and Divine bond come anywhere close to replicating a Warpriest's spells and blessings? Is the Paladin's Channel and Smite worth that much? When would you take the Paladin over the Warpriest?

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Hey folks, I'm new (as is surely obvious from my post count, duh). I didn't see any "designated new people thread", so I figured I'd make one. I hope that's ok. (I have been on boards where it was frowned upon, but didn't see anything in the community guidelines or anything)

So anyway. I've read a lot of Pathfinder fiction, I like it a lot. But I've never been much for playing RPGs (mostly because I live in a fairly rural area, there's probably no gaming group of any sort group within a half-hour of me, much less a Pathfinder group specifically). I've read a lot of other universes, Star Wars, Battletech, 40k, Halo, ASoIaF, etc, but am still fairly new to Golarion etc. This seemed like the place to come to learn more. So...how y'all doin'?