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Goblin CN Rogue 3 | HP 23/27 | AC 17 (Trap 18) | T 15 | FF 13 | CMD 14 | Fort +3 | Ref +7 (Trap 8) | Will +2 | Init +4 | Perc +7 (Trap 8), Darkvision, Scent 1/day


| Acro 12, Bluff 5, DisDev 13, Disg 3, EscArt 10, Local 8, SeMo 7, SofH 10, Slth 16 | dog, dog +6 (1d4+4/19), bow +7 (1d4), sneak 2d6, spark

About Gurk the Goblin

dogslicer (x6), shortbow (20 arrows), dagger, silver dagger (x2)

leather armor

Cat Burglar's Boots (+2 Acro, Climb, Stealth), Ring of Feather Fall

goblin pickles (5 jars), pig grease (+2 EscArt), torch, vision toad, rations (7 days), acid flask (2 flasks), holy water (3 flasks)


msk thieves' tools (+2 DisDev), backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, clay mug, two fishhooks, flint and steel, sewing needle, signal whistle, string (50ft), thread (50 ft), waterskin, whetstone

26 pp 11 gp 8 sp 9 cp


Character Background:
If there is one thing Gurk has learned, it is that shiny means good. Getting a bit too interested in the large longshank town, Gurk was captured and trained by a group of longshanks to find and collect shiny items. Gurk did not know what to think of these longshanks that dressed and acted like goblins a lot, but he knew they weren't very smart. Afterall, they would trade the shiny things for lots of food. Longshanks no know how to make a good deal.

During his escapades through the big village, Gurk would often have to outrun other longshanks that wanted the shiny items as well, but Gurk knew how to get away and hide better than all the others. By the time he had started to pick up the longshank tongue, though, he got thrown out after starting one too many fires. Gurk no understand, since big longshank village have many extra huts that burn so well.

After spending some time grabbing food instead of shiny stuff, a longshank that used to chase Gurk offered him a deal to find more shiny stuff for more food. Gurk still laugh at how no longshank know how to make a good deal.

While Gurk is intelligent and cunning, his lack of complete understanding of longshank culture and the common language has led to a lot of mishaps. He has a tendency to use fire as his first answer for problems, and makes food and prestige his priority. Is easy to manipulate if the person knows him well.

Gurk does not have much when it comes to looks, at least for races outside of goblins. His skin is stretched, with several spots of blisters and dark fur. He wears a hacked up dogskin as a cloak, believing it as a sign of great prestige.

Gurk the Goblin
Male Goblin Rogue 3
Age 13; Skin Green; Follower of Bark Breaker
CN Medium humanoid (goblinoid)
Init +4; Senses Darkvision 60ft, Scent 1/day; Perception +7 (+8 to find traps)

AC 17 (18 against traps), touch 15, flat-footed 13 (+2 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 Size)
HP 27
Fort +3, Ref +7 (+8 against traps), Will +2
Additional - When rolling to save from being sickened, roll twice and take better result.

Speed 30 ft
Melee dogslicer +8 (1d4+4/19-20) P/S, fragile
----dogslicer/dogslicer +6 (1d4+4/19-20) P/S, fragile
----dagger, silver +7 (1d4/19-20) P/S
----dagger, silver/dagger, silver +5(1d4/19-20) P/S
Ranged shortbow +7 (1d4/x3) P

Special Options
Sneak Attack - 2d6

Str 11 (+0), Dex 18 (+4), Con 14 (+2), Int +14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 8 (-1)
Base Atk +2; CMB 1; CMD 15

Ex-Sczarni - Campaign - +2 on Bluff to pass hidden messages; +1d6 to Coup de Grace
Pustular - Race - When Sickened, roll save twice and take better
Wolf Cub - Religion - 1/day, take deep breath to gain Scent ability for 1 minute as a standard action.

Two-Weapon Fighting - Reduces penalty for fighting with two weapons
Weapon Finesse - Use Dex for light weapons.
Weapon Focus (Dogslicer) - +1 attack with chosen weapon

Skills (24 ranks - 16 Class, 4 Int, 4 Background Skills)
Acrobatics +12 (3 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex, 2 competence)
Appraise +7 (2 ranks, 3 class, 2 Int)
Bluff +5 (3 ranks, 3 class, -1 Cha)
Climb +6 (1 rank, 3 class, 2 competence)
Disable Device +13 (3 ranks, 3 class skill, 1 class ability, 4 Dex, 2 tools)
Disguise +4 (2 ranks, 3 class, -1 Cha)
Escape Artist +10 (3 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Knowledge (Local) +8 (3 ranks, 3 class, 2 Int)
Linguistics +6 (1 rank, 3 class, 2 Int)
Perception +7 (3 ranks, 3 class, 1 Wis)
----(Traps) +8 (+1 class ability)
----(Surprised) +8 (+1 class ability)
Ride +5 (1 rank, 4 Dex)
Sense Motive +7 (3 ranks, 3 class, 1 Wis)
Sleight of Hand +10 (3 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex)
Stealth +16 (3 ranks, 3 class, 4 Dex, 4 Size, 2 competence)
Use Magic Device +5 (3 ranks, 3 class, -1 Cha)

Favored Class Bonuses
Rogue - +1 hp (x3)

Goblin, Common (Speak)

Alternate Racial Traits
Weapon Familiarity - Has proficiency in goblin weapons; replaces Skilled.

Class Abilities
Danger Sense (Ex) - Every 3 levels, a rogue gains a +1 bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by traps. In addition, she gains a +1 bonus on Perception checks to avoid being surprised by a foe. This ability counts as trap sense for the purpose of any feat or class prerequisite, and can be replaced by any archetype class feature that replaces trap sense. The bonuses gained from this ability stack with those gained from trap sense (from another class).

Evasion - Take half damage on failed Ref save, none on successful save.

Finesse Training - Gain Weapon Finesse; deal damage with Dex at 3rd level with one chosen weapon, two at level 11, and three at level 19.

Sneak Attack - Whenever your target is flanked by you or is denied their dexterity bonus, deal an extra 1d6 plus 1d6 every two rogue levels past 1st. Is not multiplied on a critical.

Trapfinding - 1/2 of level is added to Disable Device and Perception checks to find traps (min +1); can disable magical traps.

Rogue Talents
Minor Magic - Gain use of a wizard cantrip: Spark.