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I have a Paladin who is level 10 and the issue has been gnawing at me for a while.

Ive read the Paladins code/clerical code for Iomedae over and over again and every time I do, I think something else that I dont do quite right about the way I portray my Paladin vs how they should be.

My Paladin was part of the Worldwound Paladins who were charged with protecting the people of that area against the Demonic forces. However Roland was far kinder and more compassionate than most of his fellow Paladins.

He was sent to the Pathfinder Society to be a bridge of sorts between both groups. Of course now that 'theme' is over, hes had a bit of a crisis of faith. He seems the good the Pathfinder Society can do, but as a player Im not sure Iomedae is a good fit for him anymore. He dosnt seem to be as agressive as he should be for that Deity.

Can someone suggest a different God that he might move towards? I dont mind if its someone obscure (like an Empryeal Lord) just a valid choice for a more compassionate type of Paladin.


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Its hard to believe these playtest document is actually more than a couple of months old now but it is.

I managed to get in just in time to get my Nagaji Spiritualist off the ground. He joined the Pathfinder Society because of his Spirit, which is the Spirit of a former Pathfinder Agent who died in battle (a barbarian).

However I havnt really heard all that much (or seen that much ) in here on people talking about their Occult classes in here in games. Locally Im the only person who is playing one of the playtest classes which makes it hard to talk to others about it.

Ive also noticed sadly that Ive yet to see any Scenarios with references to Psychic pheonmena or the like. No enemies either with any links to psychic activity.

I have managed to get to 3.2 from playing and dm credits. Ive had a lot of fun going between an angrier possessed character to a calmer solo Spiritualist.

How are other peoples Occult playtest classes going?

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Im actually trying something a little different here.

Ive attempted to build the same Glaive Wielding character in both Core PFS and 5th Editions Adventurers League, Gertrude Van Zorn, the Human reach based Fighter.

Ill let you know how it goes

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I have a Bones Oracle who worships 'Anubis' in PFS. Hes a Pahmet Dwarf who has effectively been ostracized from his people due to his tendencies and his false beliefs.

Whilst he follows Anubis, Im not certain.. well Im pretty certain he is not following the core beliefs and employs the use of undead (something Anubis is pretty much opposed to). Is there another God in the Pantheon that is PFS legal which would more likely be the source of the characters powers. Im still trying to keep to the Osirion Pantheon if possible.


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Like most of the people here, I have more than a few Chronicle Sheets. An ever increasing total means an ever increasing amount of paper that needs to be stored. So I use display books like this to do so: G

There are many variations of such portfolion/display books. The benefits are obvious. You can not only store the current character sheet in the file with the chronicle sheets you can double side within the sleeve so you free up sleeves for spell pages or companion pages. Looking through Chronologically at the characters history is also easy and with the occasional audit or inspection by the table DM you can simply hand the file over for the gm to peruse at her leisure.

It is also a boon for players. Storing all your chronicle sheets in one file means you can easily track what adventures you have played and when as well as identify quickly where you bought the items you did. You can also add additional sleeves if needed. Plastic Sleeves also protect the life of the sheet, everyone has seen what happens to the physical life of a chronicle sheet when its not stored properly.

Of course losing the file means you lose all your chronicle sheets, but thats true of storing them all together with a bulldog clip (which I have seen many times).

Do you have other methods of storing your chronicle sheets? If so please share them.

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Hi Shadow. Have tried contacting you , no response. Please call me on the number I gave you via personal message

Am in room 490 . Will leave the second room key at the front desk as I'm leaving the hotel to go for a walk

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in my tour around America Ill be in NYC during the above dates. Whilst Im there in my tourist capacity, I would love to find some PFS going down there at some point during that time.

Where is PFS held there? (Im staying in Manhattan, Lower East Side)


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Im playing a Samurai/Fighter in a Rise of the Runelords campaign. Whilst obvious the Inner Sea Gods Hardcover only addresses the 20 Major Gods of the Inner Sea Region, there are obviously other regions with Greater Gods of equal importance.

Ideally I thought reskinning would be the way to go in regards to perhaps looking at Iomedae as an equivalent.. however as Shizuru is the god of Honor and Samurai, the Paladin enchancement offered by Iomedae does not ring true

Does anyone have any suggestions of a viable reskin I could look at?

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Deadly spam

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Just a bit of background information.

In another thread currently running we have been talking about a possible new Taldor book and someone mentioned Sarenrae and was guessing she was now worshipped in Taldor (because the anti Sarenrae sentiment expressed in the original Taldor book is not replicated in Inner Sea Gods)

Whilst the lack of such information does not convince me that worship of her is still not tolerated there (I consider the omission of the Sarenrae reference for Taldor an error), it would be interesting to know if people think this has changed.

Golarion for me has always been a very interesting setting. From nations with constant revolutions, a Maltheist nation, a Gothic Horror part and so on. The fact that the Taldors equated Sarenrae with their bitter enemies Qadira (who still have border skirmishes) was very interesting. It also created great story points (which PFS has exploited over the years). If it has occured and Sarenrae is now back in the good books in Taldor, Ill be a little sad for setting continuity.

Does anyone else share my view?

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I am playing a Oracle of Bones and was wanting to know if Anubis might be a good source for his powers. Having just read his description it seems he is more opposed to undead.

Am I reading something wrong?

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Last weekend I was in a game with 3 out of 4 of us being Paladins playing Haunting of Hinojai.

Sadly the 4th player was playing a Bard, but it did get me to thinking. Does anyone out there try to set up a theme table? Perhaps all Dwarves, All Bards etc

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I have been thinking on which character I want to take through the 'retirement arc' and then on to seekerville.

In regards to spell access (and perhaps for those who have gone before) what sorta spell access will I get should I decide to take my Fire Elementalist/Bloatmage to the higher levels? I know Level 7 spells generally are not available re learning spells for PFS but what happens should I get to the level when I can pick two level 7 spells for my book? Do I not get them?

Any advice would be beneficial as the time of no return is quickly approaching.

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Im sure someone out there has done this before

Now I understand that you cannot overlay say a Black Tentacles over a Black Tentacles. People will not get grappled twice et al.

What Im wondering about though is for spells like say Tar Pool or Sirroco which both last in rounds with each other or black tentacles or a combination of any of these spells. Are they effective?

If I trap people in with the tentacles, then use Sirroco do they get thrown up in the air then fall prone back into the tentacles? Do the tentacles stop them from being thrown up? I know the Sirocco wont damage the tentacles but I was just wondering how effective overlapping area radial effects are.

Any useful combinations would be appreciated!

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This two books are nearing released or have been. I noticed in Inner Sea Combat this was listed:

Two new prestige classes—the Pure Legion enforcer and the Ulfen Guard.

Now Ive noted the Pure Legion Cavalier archetype has been negated for Society play.. Im hoping the Pure Legion Enforcer does not go the same way (although i would think they were made for each other).

Inner Sea Combat though as a name for a product just seems off.

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This is a speculation thread

If everyone dosnt know there has recently been several announcements of future Pathfinder products mid/late year: There are a technology companion, a sourcebook on Numeria and several other related products.

Now PFS does not incorporate all the rules that the paizo products bring, however Id speculate at least some of this stuff might see some limited play. (if only as background ideas as people build a themed character for Season 6)

Anyone wanting to speculate on what options might open up?

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A bit of backstory,

Ive run a few scenarios in the past where I have managed to get dominate of and 'working' on characters in the group. It's not a spell Im all that comfortable with (versus say Confusion which is a lot less open to mystery).

I struggle to be able to reconcile what I can do with dominated party members (even charmed ones). Ideally Id like to turn the fighter on the lightly armored wizard hiding up the back or on the similar squishy type or on that Paladin who is really #@$%#$ me off with the whole 'double damage vs evil outsider businees'.

Sadly that sorta direct action antics requires saves as it's not something the character in question would normally do. (and lets be honest, there really is little point in dominating some characters whose saves are ridiculously high by the time you get access to the Dominate spells, then we have the 'Ioun stone crew').


What I am after is advice on what to do with characters I have dominated. When the during combat actions say 'Dominated X will protect the big bad' what exactly is that. Can I sunder the persons weapon? Trip them? (To me everything sounds like a instant save for the dominated character).

Any examples of what I can do would be appreciated. The spell just seems incredibly weak to me.

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I thought Id post this here since a lot of people use their Herolab for their PFS characters.

I upgraded to the latest IOS for my Ipad yesterday and now guess what? Yeah you know it.. Herolab now crashes to the main screen (ie it dont workee no more).

So if you were thinking of upgrading that IOS... PUT IT DOWN and STEP AWAY!

If like me, its too late and you are reading this after the fact, well apparently it will be fixed in a few days.

If you have players who bring their ipad only to their sessions with no paper printouts for characters (because 'eww its paper') then you are either going to get a lot of people dropping out or lots of people using pregens until its resolved.

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Im going to be making my first trip to America soon with my PFS characters coming along. Is there a likelihood there will be an Eyes of the Ten Game being run at that time?

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Ive noted lately a lot of posts of people unsure of things in regards to what they can play/use in Pathfinder society.

Im also unsure if these people have read (or know) that the Guide to Organised play exists as well as the Additional Resources document.

When I first started to play my gm told me that It was mandatory to read/ own a copy of the most current guide to organised play and the Additional Resources document. If I wanted to know if something was legal to use, I needed to check in there before I asked.

Are we getting a generation of players who use herolab now exclusively and rely on that program to tell them if something is legal? What happens if Herolab isnt updated nearly enough to keep in line with Additional resources?

If you are unsure if something is legal, check the guide to organised play. Check Additional resources. Use Ctrl-F in a PDF document to search via word if you need to. (If you dont like having to read through page after page)

Try to do this before you ask here. We have no issue at all answering questions, but some questions should never need to be asked.

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Anchoring Aura (Su)

At 8th level, a paladin’s aura hampers extra-dimensional travel by evil outsiders. The aura extends 20 feet from the paladin. Evil outsiders attempting to use abilities such as dimension door, plane shift, or teleport to leave or enter the aura must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the paladin’s level + the paladin’s Charisma modifier); failure means the ability does not function, as if the outsider were affected by dimensional anchor. The aura functions only while the paladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead.

Alternatively, as an immediate action, the paladin can expend one use of her smite evil ability to target an evil outsider within 30 feet with dimensional anchor. A targeted dimensional anchor persists even if the paladin is unconscious or dead.

This ability replaces aura of resolve.

I run a Paladin who has just gained the power Ive posted above.

This might be a bit of an 'airy' question. Can an evil outsider tell there is something like this active? I know the rules that you can work out a spell effect, you can however identify when a spell/spell like is cast/used. As this aura is always on, would I be right in assuming the evil outsider cannot work out what it is or does the fact it needs to make a save to use its powers means that it can sense that something is not right?

Also does the Immediate action Dimension Anchor allow for a save by the creature being targeted? No save is listed in the power above. The spell itself normally requires a ranged touch attack and requires a SR check. Again no such thing is stated above.

Thanks for any advice on this.

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Quick question here. (Im asking it here because I would need the PFS version of the ruling)

I understand the rules for upgrading weapons and armor.

I have a character with a lesser version of a metamagic rod. Can I 'upgrade' this item to a metamagic rod (ie the midpoint version) if I have the fame and coin? Or does this fall into the 'cannot upgrade named items?' category?

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This guys have been been mentioned for a long time but no actual domain/portfolio writeups as yet. Could we perhaps finally get to see them in this AP? Please? :)

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I like many others run a Barbarian character in PFS. It took me some time to think up a concept for the Barbarian until I saw the piece in a released product on the Shoanti. I like their backstory (in regards to their oppression by the 'colonialists' from Cheliax)and their current views

I focused on the Shade-Quah (and how do I properly pronounce that btw?) and came up with Bleeding Bear.

He is ex Shadow lodge and I came up with the fact he had been 'rescued' after falling in battle by Grandmaster Torch.

I decided to go with the Spirit Totem and envisioned that the spirits grew more numerous as he 'absorbed' the spirits of those he killed who in turn joined the others at lashing out against his foes.

My questions are:

A) Does anyone use the Shoanti as a base for their barbarian/class?
B) How common is Spirit totem barbarians (I was one of 3 on the same table recently)
C) Am I right in thinking that the Shoanti are at least partially based on the Native American culture?

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I have a Barbarian rager who has the elemental rage power which lets him gain extra rage after taking elemental damage.

My question is: Can My rage rounds of 28 a day be exceeded if I gain rage rounds from this power? Thus say

I rage for a round, take 12 points of fire damage and gain 3 rounds of rage. I stop raging, becoming fatigued. I started at 28 rage rounds, lost one but gained 3.

Does this mean I am back on 28 rage or have I gained 3 more and gone to 30 rounds of rage to hold on to?


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As part of my quest to get more high level games running locally, I have decided to run the Mantis Prey.

I will be running it at 10-11 and have a few concerns

A) How do I keep the Warriors alive longer? Im concerned they are very fragile for the Tier (Also Warriors? Should of been Fighters!)

B) In the 'Prison/cage' scene, does anyone have any tips on running this 'encounter'?

C) Ideal location for the Alcemically charged BBEG?

Any suggestions are gratefully accepted, I have major concerns that some optimised local characters are going to mincemeat my monsters

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I did not see another thread for this.

Arcanacon in Melbourne, Vic (One of the oldest conventions in Victoria) is fielding a fair few PFS events.

It is being held over the Australia Day long Weekend. Events start on the 24th and run through to the 27th at the Melbourne High School in South Yarra.

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We recently had sort of a mini convention locally (as part of a huge LAN party/event). Basically they provide us the space, we use it as a way of getting in a heap of new players.

One of the later games was The Accursed Halls. (Yeah Yeah.. that deadly mix of intrigue and wightness)

I had been running Master of the Fallen Fortress at the same time and had just finished. There was a group of players and gms from other tables who had started to congregate around the Halls table. After finishing up paper work I got up to go take a look (had played it already) and found that the party of 5 were in the throes of the battle with the Wight/Zombies.

Then a character was slammed by a wight. A Level One version. Jeremy a local gm wanting to check his facts spoke to our new VC about the exact result of that level drain. No more than a minute later though, that initial advice was overturned and the table had its first death. The guy took it in good faith.

Then the next character fell (apparently there were some amazingly bad combat attack rolls in there). So the party of 5 was down to 3. The gm had not cottoned on yet that you get new baby wights outta this deal. The realization on some of our faces were pretty visible :)

There was yet another death as another character went down and the gunslinger who was still on his feat was hitting those misfire numbers a lot. It was looking pretty dire.

One of the characters got back up. The new wight He was in turn killed again by one of the still live adventurers. Yet another wight in transition was coup de graced by the same character. The final new wight was also killed.

Now this may sound painful and nasty for new characters, but they took it in their stride! There was laughs and smiles all around that table as the new form of pvp emerged!.

The 2 still alive characters escaped and got their solitary 1 exp , but it was certainly a great experience for all of us gathered around watching.

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Im hoping to run this soon for some very new players and was wondering if some better resolution maps had been done for this by someone? Ive tried to scan the front of my copy so I can enlarge it for a decent print, but have had no luck.


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Ive created 2 other threads on topics in this vein: Character naming and Naming your items/ weapons.

In musing on the topic of personalising PFS experiences though, it got me thinking about a topic that few people pay much attention and it seems nowadays fewer actually take.


There is a wealth of these which are taken because

A)they make selling things more profitable
B)the make busying things cheaper
C) Coming back from being dead is a lot less financially painful.

However there are others that rarely get a look in and some which are undoubtedly ignored completely.

Thus.. and this will be a spoiler laden topic:

If you have picked up a vanity, do you have a story behind why you did? Did you find an npc in some far flung place and decided he just had to be your new porter? Join the Assassins guild because of a run in with some Mantis types?

Paint a picture if you will behind your vanity.

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Random Monster encounter table.

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My Wizard would love to buy these but sadly he wants something a little better than a +2 cloak. After one buys this item, can it be enhanced at all?

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So like many of us here, Ive been looking through the 51 paqe playtest guide. Ive never built a character with Companion up before so Im going to give this one a try. (Hunter)

Ill jot down some points

A) The Animal Focus are interesting. Im not a particular fan of the set 1 minute powers. If I had a pool of time/rounds I could use it over that might be better

B) The Animal focus might be better if it was paired with the animal companion the character selects. Also expand the choices for companions, If I select the Bull animal focus (+2 to str I believe) then it makes no sense for my animal companion choice not be a Bull (and bull is not on the list). Perhaps give the Companion a bit of a boost to the corresponding stat.

C) I have never taken a teamwork feat in my life. Can someone tell me the gist of them? Ill track down the actual text of them later on but please tell me more.

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This came up in a different thread but I thought it deserved it's own topic. I also created a thread some time back on character names.

This one is all about named weapons. Weapons (or armour) that you name because it means something to you and its built up a history

To start the ball rolling Ill go first

My Galtan Musket Master Samuel has a Musket called Bearington. It was named after a fellow characters pet Bear , Bearington who died in the end of Slave Pits of Absalom. So as an ode to her Companion, thats the strange name my +1 Corrosive Holy Musket got.

My Shadde-Quah barbarian, Bleeding Bear has a +2 Adamantine Earthbreaker. I haved named it Spiritanger (He is all about the Spirits and thematically when he rages, I say the spirits emanate from him are fallen monsters/ creatures he has fought in the past and killed)

Mt Bloatmage Rahotep, has quite a few items, but his most expensive possession is his Headband of Superior Intellect +6. Ive always envisioned it as a repository for knowledge from others... otherwise the skills it grants you makes no sense). Ive yet to name it.. if anyone has any suggestions Im open

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I just receieved an email concerning the new Hybrid classes for Pathfinder and their legality for PFS. Anyone else get it? I cant open it at work (damn filter!) but its there.

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Im due to run this in a couple of weeks and have concerns i might hit a derail point early on.

I have noted that is possible to have a rather large scale battle with Ploog and his guards (with the likelihood of bringing in the Ettin to join in). At least 2 of the players/characters Im likely to have might try to provoke Ploog into this battle. I have noted that he will state that it would be foolish to attack him there and then, but I still think its likely that at least 2 of the pcs might drag the others into a grand melee at this point

A) Has anyone else had this happen? If so what did you do?
B) What else could I do to dissuade the group?
C) Is it possible to complete the adventure this way?


The Exchange

Greetings Guvnors and Ladies of the Pathfinder Society,

Me rescuers told me I might want to put me name out there ta see if any folk would be wantin a skilled type who is good with hes hand and is able to open up the most secret of places.

They also said you might be wantin to know who I am.

Back on the Rusty Drake, people used to know me as Treasure Chest. I was often in the shore party where old Jackal and meself would quickly be able to locate the loot in question and then most of the time be able to abscond with the riches leaving the chest behind empty for all ta see. Sometimes though, the empty chest would make a goodun hiding spot .. cause nobody expect anyone to be hidin in it.

Sadly old Jackal passed away from consumption back in the Black Pearl of the tropics some time back and things were lookin dire as I made the mistake of signin on with a cursed boat.

But like a shinin beacon of the water Queen, Besmara a ship full of Pathfinders managed to rescue me ship and sadly due to a misunderstanding kill most of the crew on board. Luckily they had heard of me exploits and skills. Way I see it, society much like any ship. You got cooks and people who got skills to do different things. Lots of Captains too.

Don't feel too sad for me though. Ive had some laughs on the way, ive gambled under the watch of the sawtooth types, ive swum with the devilfish and stolen their eggs. People tend to overlook the little folk which can be good and bad.

At any rate, I found meself a cheap place of residence down in the puddles and am willing to offer me services as an explorer, investigator and society member to the society for a very small fee. Just please dont be making fun of the hook.

Garrick 'Treasure Chest' Jinx,
Former first crew of the Rusty Dragon and Society member (current).

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Recently I participated in another thread on why do you like to gm?. It got me thinking on the different responses and a few people mentioned cons/conventions.

Now this is going to be probably a little stereotypical, it seems that there are some players/gms that only game at conventions. They might go to 2-3-4 a year, get in an OD of gaming and then none for another couple of months till the next con.

As a GM (and I cannot answer this for I have have never gm'd at a con), is there anything that separates a convention gm from a games day gm?

Im seeing the few obvious things

A)Overload on the gm to be able to get enough gm credit for free X( either lodging or other)
B) Being forced to accept poorly constructed parties
C) Having your game fold because of last minute no shows
D) Possibly not having a good location to store gm tools between sessions (ie having to carry everything around with you)

By the same token, are there any gms out there who only gm at Game days ? (Public/ Private). I fall into that boat because of the lack of local conventions although I think I would jump at the chance if it arose.

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Greetings fellow brothers and sisters of Andoran,

My name is Samuel Revell, I am originally from Galt and now 'ply my trade' as a Pathfinder in the Pathfinder Society.

Recently I received a Missive from Major Colson Maldris, a man all of you should know and may of indeed met at points in the past. Whilst I spend little time in my adopted home, I was surprised to learn that elements of corruption and nepotism now fester within the wings of liberty.

One thing that has always separated my place of birth to my adopted homeland was that one stumbled from crisis to crisis of its own making to a country which was able to deal with any crisis through the strength of its people. I have learned that some people in Andoran thing that the right to lead is their right alone and not to be shared or passed on.

Indeed some people in power now bring their fellow family in on the deal, creating worthless positions and titles.

I did not leave Galt to end up in Taldor. We must stop this notion of entitlement here and now before things deteriorate. Do not doubt that Cheliax smiles at our corruption and that there are those who would see us fall.

This is perhaps my longest ever letter and it will be my last, for I do not see a need to ever repeat what I have said here.

Servant to the Eagle,

Knight Captain,
Samuel Revell

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Bit of a heads up:

We are a group of PFS DM's who play in the same Rise of the Runelords game. The rule is each of us runs an ap in this campaign and my turn is coming up with the Hook Mountain segment.

Our last battle was in the Clock Tower with Xanesha. She survived and ran away to fight another day.

Where would be an appropriate time for her to reappear in the next segment? Would she make a deal with the Fort Rannick types or should I bring her in earlier along just before/after the Graul place?


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Prepare for a somewhat rambling but I think needed post about the first special to be run in Perth , Western Australia.

For a bit of background. Callum Prior is the Venture Captain of the Perth branch of the PFS. Hes constantly working on expanding Pathfinder in our state /city and managed to get us a location at Good Games ( a great store with a lot of game space on a Sunday).

We like many groups have struggled somewhat with people signing up but not turning up and for a while it looked like we might struggle to get enough players for tables (in the end we had 27/30 sign up).

I started playing in August of Last year and started to run games back in January. I must admit I prefer running to playing. We have a pretty good local core of GM's and those spots were filled (so I got to play)

I had played in the previous special in Melbourne earlier this year. If I'm brutally honest I cant say it was my favorite scenario at Arcanacon and in looking back... it felt very similar to Diamond City in the city under siege feel/city under attack.

I decided to run with Nesim, my Qadiran Paladin of Neshen who had just made 3 (at the 3/4). He's not an optimised character ( I struggled to build them) and I was a little concerned (Years ago at a different special, a long time player who I had known commented that you should always try and have a character in the top of a tier or if you are just between play down.. they could be deadly). In hindsight I probably would of been better of running a different character.

Callum was walking around giving us updates on the fate of Neroysan and it appeared our table wasnt doing too badly. That is of course until a later act where we came up against a strange Minotaur Demon on the battlements. The resource push and drain wasnt too bad, we had at least 3 characters capable of using CLW. None of us could handle a Large Greataxe though. A Nasty weapon at any tier , my Paladin was Crit'd then had 3 6's roll on the first of 3 rolls. He was dead right there (ended up going from 28 to -29 in a round.

As luck (or bad luck had it) I had the only character die in the special. As Im sure anyone who reads this feels .. a little sad/ bitter to lose a character ( as a fresh level 3 he was never gonna have the prestige to come back). However he went out fighting Demons which is how it was probably always gonna go. Ive moved on (and he was mostly a gm credit character). Sadly it's pushed me to more optimised version.

Enough about me. The Special. The other tables (of which were mostly Tier 1-2) were going well. We had a lot of new players who seemed to enjoy themselves and will hopefully come back for more. Callum ran it well, the gms knew their business and everyone got a very slick Chronicle sheet.

In Essence this is just me saying a big long thankyou to Callum for the event, to Jason for killing my character (thanks :) ) and to all the other players for a great table.

Lets just not do it on Fathers Day next time! :)

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With this recent blog post :

looks like we can expect to see more base classes and thus options in society. I was a bit staggered to know there are 10 'new' classes. Thats a lot.

anyone getting any ideas yet about new character concepts?

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Anyone know if this is still happening this year? Id need to request time off work but I havnt heard anything about it this year.


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This is a players view. There will be spoilers.

Played this on Saturday with my Level 10 Musketmaster (a first level 10 scenario). There was also a 10 Sorc, 11 Fighter, 9 Cleric and 9 Paladin. I was pretty confident. Whilst this was my first Pathfinder character, he has only died once before (level 5) and could dish out a lot of damage.

I had stocked up on things to counteract Darkness, fear effects etc. We received plenty of buffing from both the Cleric and Sorc.

The herald of Lissala died in 2 rounds. I managed to crit with a Musket in my first attack and combined with a certain feat enabled me to worry less about DR. The Paladin finished the creature off but that kill made me very cocky about our likelihood of success.

What we did wrong is spend too much time disabling the runes which in turned gave a certain Runelord time to not only buff but bring in friends.

I tried to create a List of what we fought in that last battle

1) Krune
2) Magic Staff/ Artifact?
3) Dark Naga
3) Head Clerc/Priestess
4) 2x Shadowdancers
5) Bebilith
6) Large/Huge Earth Elemental
7) Succubus
8) Babau
9) Medium Fire Elemental

Runes had been setup all along the corridor behind the door to the room next to the awakening room. Between the Cleric and Sorc, they tricked out the Fighter to absorb and heal the damage as it was metered out. We then move enmasse down the corridor only to encounter the Cleric, Dark Naga and 2 shadowdancers (thats what the gm called them.. dont know what they actually were) . The lightining Sorc used his stunning ability to 'lock' the room down while we all had resistance to the damage. Krune became active and summoned in a whole plethora of buddies (those listed above). Combined with some lucky saves and a Haste both the Fighter and myself managed to take down the Bebilth, before a Cloudkill cast after a Black Tentacles locked down one side of the room . In fact due to the Cloudkill con damage and some nasty hits.. what came next was kinda appropriate

I took 76 damage (after a successful save) from a Empowered Maximised Horrid Wilting. Game over.

The Cockyness fade and I scrapped together the prestige to get better and be recovered.

Liberty's Edge 2/5 *

I ran my first Chase scene (courtesy of Midnight Mauler) yesterday.

I cant say I liked it at all.

It felt very artificial, the rolls were extremely difficult for some of the smaller speed characters in the party (In fact Chases seems to by nature penalize gnomes/dwarves and halflings). And what the heck is the pass both rolls , jump multiple squares thing?

In fact to provide an example, the first square there is a CMB check to open a entryway on a collapsed building. I had a player ask me after someone had gone through this doorway, why it wouldnt just be open now for the next person to simply go straight through without difficulty.

I couldnt really give them a great response.

Hopefully Ive seen the last of the Chase


who has found the one thing he really dislikes about PFS.

Liberty's Edge 2/5 *


I've seen lately some character names that well... need some work.

It's often one of the things that as players we do think of last in the creation process but I believe that the name you give the character matters.

I know PFS is never going to go the way of the names we see in mmo's. Im a Neverwinter player who is astounded at the lack of imagination people put into naming their characters (if any at all).

If you dont know what to name your character , use a name generator. I used the Baldur's Gate generator for years. Do a search in google, you will find a Plethora of generators not only tailored for race but also class.