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Is there a rules legal way for the Arcanist to get the Arcane Discovery of Staff-Like Wand?

1st druid level (level 2 PC) in the Giant Slayer AP.
GM says these are the animals readily available at this early stage of the campaign:

- Chalicotherium (looks like sloth) Str 12, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3, NA +4, 2*d4 claws, scent, and low-light vision. At 7th level large and rend

- Deinotherium (looks like elephant) Str 14, Dex 10, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3, NA +4, d6 slam & d8 gore, scent, and low-light vision. At 7th level large, sweep, and trample

- Embolotheriium (looks like rhino) Str 14, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3, NA +6, d6 bite and low-light vision. At 7th level large and trample

Later on, I can look for more rare animals to tame/befriend into being my animal companion. But for now, of these 3, The Deinotherium appears to be the clear winner. Am I missing anything that would make one of the others seem better to you? Note: since trample only usually works on creatures smaller than the one making the attack, seems like it won't be very useful in this campaign.

The only thing I am wondering, is about the sweep and trample. The sweep doesn't have the same size limit. So is it saying since you knocked something down you get to trample it anyway, even if it is not smaller than the attacking creature?

A few related questions here, that may or may not be coming up in our group. We have come into a sizable chunk of change and were talking about adding a bunch of teamwork feats to the group.

1) Can a single weapon have more than 1 training enhancement to effectively learn multiple combat feats?

2) You can bash with a shield. So can you put the training weapon enhancement on the shield?

3) Any reason you couldn't put it on armor or shield spikes, since they are very obviously a weapon? Dwarven boulder helm?

4) Can you make a spiked Klar and put it on both the slashing part of the Klar and the shield spikes?

5) Does wearing a spiked gauntlet, cestus, or hand wraps interfere with using a tower shield, large shield, small shield, or buckler?

Ok, so I have been doing something my PC's whole career that maybe I shouldn't have.
Magus with a mithral cestus on right hand and a cold iron cestus on left hand. Wield scimitar in left hand and have right hand free for casting.

However: it was pointed out to me, that it might not actually work.

Spell Combat (Ex): At 1st level, a magus learns to cast spells and wield his weapons at the same time. This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast. To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand. As a full-round action, he can make all of his attacks with his melee weapon at a –2 penalty and can also cast any spell from the magus spell list with a casting time of 1 standard action (any attack roll made as part of this spell also takes this penalty). If he casts this spell defensively, he can decide to take an additional penalty on his attack rolls, up to his Intelligence bonus, and add the same amount as a circumstance bonus on his concentration check. If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty. A magus can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first, but if he has more than one attack, he cannot cast the spell between weapon attacks.

Does a cestus count as having a hand free or not?

I can't remember a time when it would have actually made a difference, but it might in my weapon enchantment purchases for the future.

Party is going to be in some area where none of them can see much of anything (pervasive magical fog cloud) beyond a few feet. This may be almost continuous for several game sessions depending upon what choices they make. From past experience, I am 90% sure this group will tie themselves together while trying to sneak (poorly) around the maze.

Trying to decide how being roped together would affect their sneaking. I was thinking a -4 to stealth (or acrobatics if it comes up) and a -2 to perception. Seem about right?

Now in combat that could be a whole lot worse ... and confusing. They will be fighting creatures that can see just fine.
Can't travel forward more than the slack between them (or dragging the next in line).
Shouldn't affect your strength directly, but it seems like the rope should get in the way. So I was thinking a -2 to both attack and AC. Does that seem about right? (That is in addition to the normal penalties of being blind.)

I was also thinking any caster should have a concentration check due to being jostled around by the others on the rope. Not sure how difficult to make that. Maybe just a DC=15 if the ones adjacent in line aren't doing much of anything mobile. Maybe up to a 25 if the others are in melee combat.

Any comments or suggestions?

How much do you think a Wyvern hide should be worth.

Knowing this group, I should have anticipated. They've skinned most every other magical beastie.

Ok, so I'm working on a back-up character in case my current PC dies. (Seems like a serious possibility.) We are running through the Giant Slayer campaign, though it will likely have a fair amount of modifications. Extra players that have a wealth of experience in the system, so the GM is likely to need to beef things up a bit to give a proper challenge. I am confident he is up to the task.

No SPOILERS about the campaign please, we have only just begun and I want to learn it as it comes.

I know, by PF RAW, animating is evil. However, this PC (calling him Bob for now) has convinced himself that it is ok when it is just non-sentient undead. Since there is no thoughts, no soul, so nothing wrong with it. Yes, some people find it icky, but they are just ignorant of the realities of the situation.

So I'm thinking he would have some simple skeletons to carry his sedan chair around town and to clean his house. When adventuring, he could animate the first few things we kill. In this campaign, I'm guessing there will be plenty of big HD creatures to make at least fairly impressive zombies or skeletons. When you add in flaming skeletons or fast zombies ...

I've mostly got his personality and backstory down, but I'm not sure how best to build him. Dhampir or Fell Gnome seem like obvious choices for race. Certainly need to be a full caster to keep up reasonably decent undead. Divine gets animate dead sooner, but it seems like arcane get some more spells to go with them. Negative channeling would do an excellent job of keeping them up, but the arcane spells have a lot more combat buffs to put on them.
Wizard, arcanist, sorcerer, cleric, or oracle. I'm slightly leaning toward arcanist, but not sure. Which would you use to do this?

Ok so Dragon Disciple has been around forever and I've always wanted to play one. Well now I have my chance. Playing in a homebrew-ish Waterdeep. I think it is mostly a 3.x Waterdeep adapted for PFS1. With some ideas added in from all over. The campaign is open-ended. Meaning it will stop when we've decided we are tired of it. Whether that is level 12 or 37.

My PC thinks he is really supposed to be a dragon that somehow got cursed by followers of Tiamat into the body of a Nagaji. His ultimate goal is to get 'uncursed' so he can be the dragon he was always supposed to be.

Not entirely certain on the build progression. Definitely a melee focus and intending to do most of my serious fighting with tooth and claw.
-Certainly bloodrager (copper draconic) rageshaper archetype.
-Seriously considering my 4th level to be sorcerer. That way the caster levels gained from Dragon Disciple could be in sorcerer which has a much more expansive spell list than bloodrager.
-All 10 levels of Dragon Disciple. Then back to bloodrager after that.
-Took the feat Intimidating Prowess at 1st level. People should respect and fear dragons. Will probably retrain it so something else when I can get the actual spells to make someone afraid. But maybe not, see how it goes.
-Took Power Attack for my 3rd level feat. I mean that's just almost standard for a strong melee PC.
-If I take a level of sorcerer, then I will almost certainly eventually want Arcane Armor Training and limit myself to mitral chain shirt for no spell failure chance. On the other hand Mage Armor is free and lasts hours for the exact same AC (until I can afford to get the armor enchanted).
-If I don't take sorcerer then I could stay with a breastplate for slightly better protection.
-Obviously want the Robe of Arcane Heritage as soon as I can afford it.
-I think the Town Tamer story feat will fit very well with the way the group is beginning to shake down.
-Combat Casting seems like kind of a no brainer since I'm a melee combatant with spells.
-The group has been kinda discussing the Broken Wing Gambit teamwork feat and its follow on Wounded Paw Gambit. Probably with me being the lure for the others to use. That hasn't been decided yet.
-Even though it is kinda boring, been thinking about the toughness feat.
-Not sure if Weapon Focus is worth it since I will have 2 different natural attacks and can't get Specialization.

So... What are your thought, suggestions, concerns, ideas, or critiques? What do you think about the level of sorcerer? The more I think about it, the more I like it. As I read it, Dragon Disciple would advance both the bloodrager and the sorcerer bloodline abilities. Similarly I think the Robe of Arcane Heritage would increase both of them. That would give me lots of rounds of claw/tooth attacks and a large number of breath weapon uses. Yes, I will check with the DM to make sure how he thinks those should be interpreted.

Build so far:


Male nagaji bloodrager (rageshaper) 3 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 15, 84, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 199)
CG Medium humanoid (reptilian)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +8
AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +1 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 42 (3d10+12)
Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +1; +2 vs. mind-affecting effects and poison
Defensive Abilities uncanny dodge
Speed 40 ft.
Melee dagger +7 (1d4+4/19-20) or
. . longsword +7 (1d8+4/19-20) or
. . lucerne hammer +7 (1d12+6) or
. . net +3 (entangle) or
. . sap +7 (1d6+4 nonlethal)
Ranged mwk composite shortbow +3 (1d6+4/×3)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with lucerne hammer)
Special Attacks bloodrage (11 rounds/day), claws
Bloodrager (Rageshaper) Spells Known (CL 2nd; concentration +6)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 18
Base Atk +3; CMB +7; CMD 18
Feats Power Attack, Intimidating Prowess
Traits blood of dragons, indomitable faith, magical knack
Skills Acrobatics +3 (+7 to jump), Bluff +4 (+2 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Climb +6, Diplomacy +4 (+2 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Disguise +4 (+2 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Handle Animal +8 (+6 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check, +10 vs. reptiles), Intimidate +12 (+10 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Knowledge (arcana) +7, Perception +8, Ride +3, Spellcraft +5, Survival +3, Swim +6, Use Magic Device +5 (+3 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check); Racial Modifiers +2 Handle Animal racial bonus vs. reptiles, +2 Perception
Languages Common, Draconic, Nagaji
SQ fast movement, resistant, serpent's sense, vain
Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds (2), potion of cure light wounds, acid, oil (2); Other Gear chain shirt, wooden snarlshield, dagger, longsword, lucerne hammer[APG], mwk composite shortbow (+5 Str), net, sap, traveler's any-tool[UE], bandolier[UE], bandolier[UE], bedroll, belt pouch, candle, chalk (3), earplugs[APG], fetters, masterwork (barbed)[ARG], fetters, masterwork (barbed)[ARG], fishhook, flint and steel, grappling hook, hammock[UE], hemp rope (50 ft.), lamp, manacles, masterwork (barbed)[ARG], manacles, masterwork (barbed)[ARG], masterwork backpack[APG], piton (3), sack, sewing needle, signal whistle, soap, string or twine[APG], torch (3), trail rations (5), waterskin (2), wrist sheath, spring loaded, wrist sheath, spring loaded, 6 pp, 2 sp, 5 cp
Special Abilities
Bloodrage (11 rounds/day) (Su) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Claws (Ex) 2 Claw attacks deal 1d6 damage
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Resistant (Ex) +2 racial bonus to saves vs. mind-affecting effects and poison.
Serpent's Sense (Ex) +2 racial bonus on Handle Animal checks against reptiles.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Retain DEX bonus to AC when flat-footed.
Vain -2 to Cha checks for 24h after failing an opposed Cha check

Fear no longer! For I, Kal Drak, am here to protect you. As all know, I am the reincarnation of the Morcaine. The previous dragon avatar of Bahmut.
Together we shall throw down the vile creatures which threaten the countryside. Then this can be peaceful prosperous place.
Where all can live under the benevolent guidance of the dragons which make all good things possible.

Gruingar believes himself to be a dragonic avatar of Bahmut who goes by the name of Kal Drak. He has somehow gotten trapped in the shape of a Nagaji. his goals are to find a way to 'return' to his proper dragon form. Then peacefully rule in Bahmut's name. He isn't entirely sure on this. He thinks there is a chance he is supposed to set things up so a different dragon can rule. Or maybe he is even supposed to set up a bunch of little kinglets, that report to him as the divine emperor. But he doesn't let anyone know about those doubts.
{Totally irrelevant to me if those are beyond the scope of the campaign. Maybe that will be a post level 20 occurance. That is what he has in mind and what he is working toward.}

Kal Drak is a tall, broad shouldered, athletic Nagaji. He is relatively handsome (though quite arrogant). Over the last several years, his gray-ish scales have begun to turn a burnished red at the edges. He is quite vain and expects to be the center of attention.

If anyone were to look into the antecedents of Kal, they would find he was born as Gruingar de'Morcaine in south central ???. He comes from a large ordinary family that runs a moderately successful tannery.
At some point something went 'click' in his mind and Kal Drak entered the scene. He doesn't acknowledge anything of his past prior to that point. He IS a dragon. Not only that, he is an avatar of Bahmut. Somehow some unknown servant of Tiamat trapped him in this Nagaji form. When he finally manages to break that curse, he will be able to properly take up his mantle and duties as an Avatar of Bahmut.

I am thinking of putting these both on my magus' scimitar.

Could I expend both the stored spell and the dispel magic at the same time with one hit? Hit it with a force punch stored, a dispel magic stored to take away some buff, and also lay in some other spell with spell strike/spell combat.

Awesome nova strike.

Even if not, I might still do it. Just wondering.

I have always treated this one way, but everyone in the group thought it was another way. I know, DM's call. We just like to know what the 'official' rules are and work from there.

A paralyzed character is frozen in place and unable to move or act. A paralyzed character has effective Dexterity and Strength scores of 0 and is helpless, but can take purely mental actions. A winged creature f lying in the air at the time that it becomes paralyzed cannot f lap its wings and falls. A paralyzed swimmer can’t swim and may drown. A creature can move through a space occupied by a paralyzed creature—ally or not. Each square occupied by a paralyzed creature, however, counts as 2 squares to move through.

I had always interpreted this as RL paralysis. Collapse to the ground and drop anything in hand. To me "frozen in place" meant cannot crawl from current square.

Everyone else has always treated this as 'frozen' like a statue. I suppose I would have called that 'petrified' or something like that.

What is the RAW interpretation of this?

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I'm not seeing a specific prohibiting this since neither is an actual polymorph spell.

I told the player, I was OK with it unless I find a ruling against it. It doesn't seem that huge of an impact to me. Bloodragers get very few spells and he will have to use 2 of them at the same time to get a 15' reach.

In one of my games, the GM has ruled that wording of the spells means it can only be a circle or straight line. His game and I have zero problem with that. This is not about arguing against his ruling.

But it got me thinking about whether I've been doing it wrong in all my other games as GM or player.

We've used walls of stone to make a box around a downed ally to keep the bad guys from finishing them off. Zig-zagged a wall of fire across a large cavern so the opposition had to cross multiple lines to close with us. Wall of force in an 'X' shape to split the enemy into 4 groups. Wall of wind as sorta half pipe around the army rappelling down the cliff to protect them from archers. Etc... We even had a wizard that kinda specialized in walls for just some of these uses.

Have we been doing this wrong all along? Only a straight line or circle seems really limiting for a high level spell.

Weapon Shift:

Source Wilderness Origins pg. 9
Your melee weapons meld into your animal form.
Prerequisites: Wild shape class feature.

Benefit: When you use your wild shape ability, any melee weapons you are wielding and proficient with meld into your new form. Select one of these weapons; while in your new form, your natural attacks deal the same damage type as that weapon. Your natural attacks also gain all of the weapon’s properties (such as disarm), other than the double weapon property and the fragile weapon property; moreover, when using this feat to grant the trip property to your natural attacks, you gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks to trip an enemy, but you cannot drop your weapon to avoid being tripped due to a failed trip attempt. Weapon Shift does not apply a magic weapon’s enhancement bonus to your natural attacks, nor does it grant your natural attacks any of a weapon’s magical special abilities.

Seriously considering this for my druid build. So been thinking about what weapons I would want to use it with.

Additional reach would always be nice.
Disarm is fun for opponents with weapon.
Trip is a blast for opponents with legs.
Brace is situationally useful, though not terribly common.

Manople has blocking and disarm.
Sarissa has extended reach of 15'
Boulder Helmet, +2 to bull rush attempts and +2 to AC vs crit confirm
Gnome Pincher to disarm or steal
Sibat to grapple if your form doesn't already have grab.
Boar Spear, +2 shield bonus to AC when braced against a charge.
Whip has 15' reach, trip, and disarm! (Would you also get the no damage vs opponents in armor? If so I guess you could use the scorpion whip.)
Sai gives +2 to sunder a weapon
Nine-section-whip has blocking, distracting, and trip
Kusarigama for reach, trip, and grapple

Will any of these not work the way I'm thinking?
What would you pick?
Guess I'm leaning toward an exotic weapon proficiency for the scorpion whip.

Already warned of spoilers in the subject. And if you are in group "Bumble Grumble" please stop reading this.

Hey folks I'm GM for a group running through this AP.
Currently they are almost done with Fort Rannic. I am just getting ready to start reading book 4, so I don't know what is there yet.

I overheard a few of my players lamenting over the last few years there has been a lack of the legendary dragons as anything except maybe a young one as wandering monster or a boss fight. In the novels and tales, dragons are something you have to deal with, work for, outsmart, etc...

So I'm thinking about adding at least 1 (maybe more) dragons to the AP after book 3. Not just a monster that you storm in upon and cut down though. I was thinking about making it an NPC that the party has to make a deal with. Maybe bargain for info. Get some magical ability from. Convince it to side with them. Or at least make it break a deal with the other side. Something like that.

To those of you who have already GM'd or played through this, is there a good candidate for an NPC to transform into a dragon? Or a semi-empty place that one could be well placed?

Looking for suggestions.

We will be starting a new AP soon. Most likely the Giant Slayer AP with whatever mods the GM feels like making. Though please don't spoil anything for me.

I am considering a druid. I have played one a while ago that mostly buffed his animal companion and fought alongside it in humanoid form.

Now, I'm thinking of one that does most of his combat in whichever wildshape form seems most appropriate at the time. Does it work out well?

Some things concern me.
Lose weapons. Can eventually use greater magic fang for a +1 to everything for hours. But by that level, most characters have around +3 weapons. I think you could use the amulet for a bonus to say claws. But some forms don't fight with claws. Bite, constrict, trample gore, claws, spikes, etc...
Lose armor. yeah can cast natural armor on yourself. But that doesn't last forever and it doesn't compare with the AC most melee characters have by then.
Even though it lasts for a long time, can only change shape so many times in a day. After a couple of fights I may be stuck as my standard humanoid form or in the wrong form.

Am I off base? Does it wok out ok? How would you build it?

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Since PFS1 is no longer in production, I'm going to bring up this topic.

I know a lot of people have a real problem with people 'ruining' the gaming for others in the party by going for particular rewards that they might not know about. Plus they absolutely abhor the the thought of going on particular adventures just for the rewards instead of the story lines and role play.

However, I no longer care. THHPPPBBBBTTTT..... ;)
I (like many people in my local) still prefer PF1 to PF2. But most of us have played, run, or heard about most every scenario and possible reward in them. So some of us have been looking at wierd things to do to help keep PFS1 interesting.
One of the fellows has a PC that takes only 1 level of each class. He's up to level 9 and I believe and still surprisingly viable.
Another is trying to play a melee martial character that dumped both dex and con.

I was thinking about some of the odd-ish rewards on some of the chronicles. A broken intelligent weapon. I think there at least 3 special familiars (pseudo dragon, floating mask, necro-puppet). A couple of special animal companions (owlbear, axebeak). Some technological items (energy whip, laser pistol). The ability to change your character's race to Oread. A few Mythic things from Destiny of the Sands. Some goblin traits. Some special Lissala curse/boons. Then there are some special event reward chronicle boons. Like playing a Dhampir PC. Etc...

I was thinking about trying to see how many of those I could plan out to get in use on 1 PC. Even if not terribly powerful, just still being able to use everything he gets. So if he has an energy whip on his chronicle, he would have to be proficient in whip and pay for the energy whip. If he can take a necro-puppet as an improved familiar, he would have to have enough equiv caster levels to qualify for it. Might have to take at least 1 level of druid to get the bugbear animal companion. Things like that.
Then I, as player, would have to schedule in all those scenarios in probably a fairly specific order.

What do you folks think? How many of these odd things could we plan out to get on a single PC by level 12? This is, by the way, probably the only case where I might consider slow tracking a PC throughout his career.

Does this actually work? I thought extracts could only affect the alchemist him(her)self.

What about if you have the infusion discovery?

Ok, looking at wierd builds.
Was considering a poisoner alchemist. But then I started thinking there are also some pets with poison. Familiars and animal companions of vipers, scorpions, wasps, spiders, etc... I'm pretty sure you can make an eidolon poisonous. But the saves and effects are pretty dismal. Rarely will a serious opponent fail the save or have many problems even if they do fail.

Is there any way the poisons from your pets more effective?

Anyone know if there has been any discussion of purchasing electronic copies of all the PF1 materials at a discount now that it has been out of publication for a while?

I've found a few paperbacks in the discount rack at various shops and used book stores. However, I don't like to lug all that stuff around. I vastly prefer to have all of it available on my laptop when I travel.

Since it is out of publication, I'm not going to buy any more of it for list price. However, if it were at a deep discount, I might consider it just to have all of it.

Liberty's Edge

I know it seems wierd, but I have a few friends that wants to start playing some PFS1 games.

Anyone have links to the last version of the Guide to Organized Play, Quick Start Guide, the forum threads that tell about playing in PFS1, Faction Reward sheets, and/or any other links I should give them?

The Exchange

I'm using explosive missile with a pistol.
I actually got a critical hit.

I know a bomb only gets the 1 die plus the static damage multiplied on a critical hit. But is it the x2 of a bomb or the x4 of a pistol?

Liberty's Edge

We have played through or are approaching the finish of 3 AP's in my home groups. Carrion Crown, Emerald Spire, and Iron God's. Just starting Rise of the Rune Lords.

As I understand it, if you have played through the AP, you can get the chronicle sheets and apply them to a PFS character. However, the question comes in that no one but me in any of those groups has ever played in PFS and they have no desire to start at this time. I don't think several of them even have a Paizo account. So the GM has no real incentive to figure out the PFS reporting to get me the chronicle sheets.

Can I somehow report the AP completions for them so I can get the chronicle sheets?

I have a 10 level Beast Blade magus that rides a giant flea into combat (120' leaping charge). He has been doing pretty good up until now, but lately has been kinda falling behind the curve. So I am looking for things I can do to eek out a bit more effectiveness.

1) Chill Touch - At this level will give 10 instances of 1d6 negative and a potential str damage. I can deliver touch attacks through my weapon. However, familiars can also deliver touch spells for the caster. So if I am understanding this, the first 10 attacks with my weapon or the familiars bite will all have the +1d6 negative and str.(We have improved share spells if this effects things.) This will help with a bunch of mooks that I can't fireball or I'm running low on powerful spells.

2) Dancing Blade - In a couple of levels, I will be able to give my blade dancing with the arcane pool, let it loose, and fight with another weapon. Can I use spell strike with that Dancing Blade?

3) Mounted with Lance - Lance while mounted is a 1 handed weapon. I have mounted combat and many ranks in ride to direct mount with knees. So I can still use spell combat with a lance since I still have a hand free to cast.

4) Combat with a mount - So if the mount charges, I get a charge attack. Can I use spell combat with that attack since I didn't actually use the charge action?

5) Combat with a mount - If the mount moves into range to attack, I still get a full attack action, correct?

6) Enlarge Person - Can I use enlarge person on a mauler familiar in battle form? I'm thinking not because they both increase size. What about Alter Self for the +2 to strength bonus.

7) Spell Combat - Could you set of spell storing and spell combat at the same time to hit a target with 2 spells at once?

8) Ginat Flea has a 120 Leaping Charge special ability. Does that need to have a target at the end of the Leaping Charge? Sometimes I have been using that to leap over the enemy to attack them from behind. Since I leapt over them, not going to the closest square, I figured the flea couldn't make a charge attack, but I did as the rider. Re-reading, I'm not so sure. How would you rule this.

These are all the ones I thought of so far.

Have a character concept in mind. He will be a primary caster (leaning toward arcanist) that will be a be to make several kinds of magic items. However, I want him to specialize in one type. Specifically ioun stones.

Is there any rules legal way to get better, faster, cheaper, higher quality, or whatever; at creating one specific subset of magic items?

The Concordance

Ok, we had a bit of argu... discussion about this. There seems to be a bit of confusion on this.

One of us is absolutely sure he read that the blessings are swift actions to activate.

Another is pretty sure that warpriests channel as a swift action, it just uses 2 of the channel ability.

The only thing I am finding is that they can use 1 fervor to cast a prepared spell as a swift action.

Clarify for us please?

Ok, so I don't know if this is cannon or not.

But I'm making a backup PC for an Emerald Spire campaign. It will probably be a Wyrwood arcanist. I seem to remember discussions that:
1) The Azlanti created the Wyrwood race (maybe accidentially).
2) The Wyrwood use Ioun Stones to procreate. Do different types of stones have any effect on the new Wyrwood?
3) Most/all of the old Azlanti deities were destroyed trying (and failing) to stop Earthfall. Are any of them (even minor deities) left?

Is the above correct? Any additional info on the subject?

Is there any info on Wyrwood society, habits, personalities, etc... other than what is in the Bestiary entry?

If there isn't, I will make something up. If there is, I would like to be consistent with what is already written.

Our group has been getting ambushed quite a bit. We have a couple of really clanky heavy armor types that make lots of noise. We also have a couple of pretty sneaky PC's, but they are leery of getting too far ahead of the group and getting caught on their own. Perfectly understandable.
So I'm working on a backup character and thinking about a 'sacrificial' scout. Sneaky, but we don't care very much if it gets whacked. First thought was to be a shadow dancer and have the shadow scout. But when I started to play around with the build I realized that the shadow is actually a terrible scout. A shadow doesn't even have a stealth (or perception) bonus worth mentioning. Plus they never really get better. It is really only useful for flavor and as a flanking buddy.
Looking at familiars, but familiars start getting expensive to constantly replace. Aha! Figment familiars come back the next day automatically.
Now with a figment familiar, I could have it scout a couple hundred feet in front of the group. I'm thinking it needs to be at least decently fast or a flyer to stay in front of the group when we are mounted going cross country. So something like a rat or slug is out. An owl in a cave seems... odd and out of place enough to attract attention. A bat would work except for outside in the daylight.
What animal type do you think would work best?
Can you combine the 'sage' with 'figment' archetypes? If not, I would just need to max stealth and perception. Not a terrible hardship anyway.
Can you combine 'figment' with improved familiars (once I get to that level)? Seems like a few of them can even change shapes. Could be less conspicuous in various circumstances. I think a couple of the evil ones at least have fast healing. So even if I can't do an improved 'figment' familiar, it would still be a bit more survivable. Which improved familiar do you think would make the best scout?

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So... I got invited to join a PF1 campaign. The players are fairly experienced, but not at all optimizers. In fact they tend to create fairly generic PC's. I know, nothing really wrong with that as long as they are having fun. However, I was talking with the GM and he thinks they never seem to really realize they could use build specifics to augment and match the personalities they have developed for their characters.
For example: The druid plays as really focused on plants, but hasn't taken any archetypes or feats that do with that. No archetype and staying with the pretty generic extend spell, improved initiative, and toughness feats. The barbarian kicks in doors, hits people with tables, throws crates at enemies, etc... But never even looked at the fact there are archetypes and feats to make those much more effective. Things like that.

The GM thinks they would enjoy their characters even more with a little bit of build to personality matching. Therefore, the GM wants me to make a PC that has a wierd collection of odd abilities and powers. This is to be a kind of demo of what's out there to maybe get them thinking. This PC will be taking the place of the 'wandering madman (possibly) prophet' they have recently picked up. So any and all oddness is perfectly applicable and in character. He knows I enjoy playing characters like that. That should also help me from becoming too powerful and overshadowing the current players and PC's.

I'm looking for the largest collection of strange and (at least potentially) useful abilities, archetypes, and spells. Maybe even a prestige class if it fits well and contributes to the concept. Not interested in abilities like +2 to an ability score, save, or skill. Unless I make a big deal out of mentioning it all the time, it will never be noticed. But if I'm suddenly enveloped in swirling shifting shadows that make it so people miss me, that is a noticeable effect.

My first thought is 1/2 Elf, razmiran priest, sorcerer, cross blooded, maybe wild blooded (he allows), VMC oracle, and the eldritch bloodline series of feats.
1/2 Elf gets a free spell focus which will help with the eldritch bloodline feat.
1/2 Elf can get more spells known as a favored class bonus.
Razmiran priest would match with the (maybe) prophet and let him use some divine items.
VMC oracle gets a curse and a revelation.
Some of the sorcerer bloodlines get some really interesting abilities like laughing touch, hands from the grave, blobs of ectoplasm, entering dreams, frightening visage, etc...
Still a full caster.
Then instead of the standard spells like shield, magic missile, and fireball (boring); I would take something like eruptive pustules, murderous command, and garden of peril. Odd but still useful.

I think they are using 20 point buy and will be about 7th level when I join them. I will throw together a quick prototype build this weekend. But I thought I'd see if you folks have any better/different/unique ideas.

Note: the build does not have to be a sorcerer or even a caster focus. That is just what came to me first. The wandering spirit shaman gives not only wierdness, but changing wierdness. Some of the rage powers are also pretty wild. Like the swirling spirits of the dead that attack nearby people. So whatever you can think of that has lots of oddness to it.

Our group decided to clear a target a little out of our paygrade.

Doing reasonably ok. The only real issue has been condition recovery afterward. Diseases, poisons, curses, petrification, etc… With fairly high caster level checks to eliminate.

We will be working with the GM to see about developing rituals or something to help. But before we start ‘house ruling’ things, we always want to see what RAW allows. So what feats, power components, materials, magic items, spells, or whatever can help with caster level checks for condition recovery?

{reposted in the correct section}

Ok, I am in a heavily modified and homebrewed Emerald Spire campaign. My current PC is a risk taking magus. He’s come quite close to death a few times recently. So I wish to have a back-up character at least mostly ready (approx. level 9). I have a fair bit of the personality and background started, but I could use some help with the rest. Unusually for me, I don’t have a lot of the crunchy bits set so far. I’m looking for help, advice and suggestions.

Rest of the group (assuming no one else dies at the same time as me) is:
Standard human sword and board fighter. Very tanky and pretty decent damage.
Half-Ogre Monk fairly tanky and very high damage output.
Half-Drow Ninja quite sneaky and good damage when he can get the sneak attacks stacking up.
Aasimar Cleric of Abadar that focuses on healing (both in and out of combat) with some buffing.
Gnome bard/alchemist (I know weird combination) with song, weak bombs, a few sonic spells, and some buffs.

Got a scout. Healing and buffs are covered. They have 2 or 3 high damage characters, so evocation isn’t needed. So what I’m thinking is a wizard or arcanist diviner for the initiative bonus to get first spell off early. For combat, I’m looking at debuff and battlefield control spells. Things like walls, pits, webs, stinking cloud, enervation, waves of fatigue, etc… If I need to actually damage, I was considering toppling force spells and/or concussive sonic spells. Out of combat, trying to use divinations to see what is coming up, where to go, who to question, and which spells to prep. Also want to have all the knowledge skills (that others aren’t specializing in) as high as reasonable.

Background/personality. Samsaran who is getting some visions that he was an Azlant in a distant past life. High strung and obsessed with anything and everything Azlanti. Up until recently a mostly academic scholar who has been cataloging things for the Dark Archive of the Pathfinder Finder Society. That is how he learned about the newly discovered Emerald Spire. He pushed to be part of team sent to investigate. He was informed that, at this time, the Society is not willing to chance offending Cheliax by challenging the Hellknights currently in control of the region. Immediately walked away from his job and headed to the region to investigate on his own. Plans to learn all that he can from the Spire and make it a focal point to re-establish the enlightenment of the Azlanti culture.

Seem reasonable so far?

Learning about a lost civilization, the past lives, etc… seems very ‘Occult Book’ to me. But I didn’t think that fit very well with the Azlanti. As I understand it, they were more the traditional arcane casters. So I’m on the fence between wizard and arcanist, which do you recommend and why? What about the Lore Master PrC? Which metamagics are most suited to debuff and battle field control? Which deity is most appropriate for someone learning about and wanting to recreate the Azlant culture? Any other suggestions or advice?

A friend and I were looking at these items. But some of the items don't quite make sense to us. Like:

Set 6
Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes, Monk's Robe, and Necklace of Serenity. That's 2 body slot items.

Set 7
Cassock of the Clergy, Deathwatch Eyes, Ring of the Grasping Grave, Spirit Blade, and Staff of Souls. That's a one handed magic item and a 2 handed magic item. Plus a caster needs a hand free to cast spells.

Are we missing something? How would you handle it?

Not sure most of the sets are really worth 2 feats. But I might consider a few of them.

set rules

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Been working on this with some friends and they suggested I put it here and see if any of you folks are interested or have suggestions.

General Character and Party Building Guidelines

The examples I have are all from PF1 or other games, since I have only just started playing a little bit of PF2. So if you have suggestions or examples that apply more to PF2, let me know.

It is currently in outline form rather than paper form. I find it easier to find and keep track of particular points when formatted like this. When it is closer to finished, I can put it into a more readable format.

So, let me know what you think.

Is there a new guide to the classes guide like there was for 1st edition?

I've been re-reading all my Diskworld books by Terry Pratchett. I'm gonna really miss that guys work.

Anyway it has me really wanting to make Nac Mac Feegle -ish character for some future game (or if one of my current PC's die).

- So usually GM's want you to use one of the fairly standard races. So Gnomes seem the most Feele-ish of the usual small races. Though maybe the Fetchlings being originally from the 'boring' plane of shadow could work even better.
- I'm kinda leaning toward brawler as a class. Though they all have some magic, so maybe bloodrager would be a better choice.
- The always have a claymore, but usually use a headbutt or a good kicking with heavy boots instead. So maybe a boulder helm? Is there a boot weapon? Or just gauntlets and describe it as kicking? Or should I go for unarmed combat?
- If I wanted to go as a gonnagle some sort of bard. Is there a bard archetype with offensive singing/music/poems?
- Armored kilt sounds perfect.

Anything else you can think of or suggest?

Small group wants me to run a game for them on Roll20. No problem, love to. However, I have limited bandwidth in RL. I'm already DM'ing another group and a player in 3 others. So I don't have the time right now to make up my own campaign whole hog (even though I would like to and have a concept that I've been wanting to try). Roll20 has RoTRLAE all prepped for me for really a pretty decent price. So that is where I'm leaning.

My group has only 4 players, but they are experienced and decent character builders. I've usually found that purchased materials mean I have to really crank up the difficulty to challenge the players. I'm guessing only 4 will mean I don't have to do that too much. Seem reasonable or will they still curb stomp it as written?

The players in this group are actually pretty different from each other. So I need some fighting, some social, some intrigue, etc... A little bit of everything. They don't do well with a campaign that just focuses on one thing. Does this have a good variety for several different types of players?

I don't like running a game that is too much of a railroad, but this group tends to have trouble if it is too much of a sand box. They tend to just dither around not knowing what to do. For example, I would not expect them to enjoy Kingmaker. What is the railroad to sandbox ratio like in this AP? Do players have very much trouble figuring out what to next?

A few things have come up, so I gots questions for y'all.

1) Exploring a dungeon that we may make into our base of operations. There is a portal to the Plane of Water. Is the Plane of Water salt water or fresh water? It would be useful to have an uninterruptable source of water. If it is salt water, is there a spell or magic item to de-salinate the water?
Could it also be a source of food? Are there normal fish swimming in the Plane of Water that could be lured, fished, netted, or caught?

2) Encountered a few swarms of crabs underwater. Holy crap! Need area of effect, but the only AoE spells I have are fire and mind effecting. What do you think would be he best 1st or 2nd level Magus spells for such a situation?

3) Monkey fish gives you a swim speed of 10ft. If you have a swim speed, you can breath underwater. If you can breath underwater, you can cast spells without penalty underwater. Is all that correct?
Does the swim speed also give you a steady base to make piercing weapon attacks without the penalties for being underwater?

4) Tried the spell Blood Transcription on a creature that was using magic on us. However, turns out the creature isn't casting spells. It has an Ex (extraordinary ability) that is the same as the spell. Should Blood Transcription work? What if it was a spell like ability?

So I might be making an occasional appearance in a campaign. I'm supposed to make a character the usual group won't really like, but won't hate enough to murder and wreck the campaign. Powerful, useful, and never completely trusted. But also nothing that will eclipse the main party. Maybe more powerful in her specialty, but not outside of it. Will start at probably 6th or 7th level and advance in parallel with the group. Maybe a level behind them.

If you have read the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews, there is an old woman named Victoria Tremaine. One the world's most powerful and ruthless truth seekers. She can tell when anyone lies with no effort. And if she needs info from someone, she has no compunctions about cracking their mind like an egg to get what she wants. With zero regard to what is left afterwards. Her own mind is the most powerful of vaults.

I'm thinking about making a character based on that. Now PF1e has a lot of abilities like that. Oracle's brain drain revelation. Inquisitor's detect lies. The detect thoughts line of spells. The occult book (I have very little experience with that) has a bunch of straight mental attacks and defenses.

They use 20 point buy.
Most any race that is usual can be considered for PC's, but I don't think the concept would work with too monstrous of a race. It is supposed to be a monstrous personality in frail old grandma.
Any PF books.
VMC is allowed.
Unlike most characters, I'm really not worried about general usefulness in most situations or general combat ability.

So, what is the build that can get me the most of those abilities and spells at useful DC's.

Friend wants help with a new PC.

He has most of the personality set. Unpleasant fellow that life has not treated well, so he does his best to return the favor.

He wants to try something he has never played before. A primarily debuff caster. But most of the debuff spells he looked at have no effect if the target makes its save.

No this player has kind of a history of making fun of people the super min/max their character. So he doesn't want to be a complete hypocrite; max the casting stat and take a bunch of feats to push his spell DC incredibly high.

He's wondering if it is possible to find a spell list that has enough debuff spells that have no save or at least still have a decent effect even if the save is made.

I've never looked for that type of list, but I figured one of you folks may have done so. Any suggestions?

Wondering if there is any official or at least common agreement on what skills can be assisted with the masterwork tools.

HeroLabs allows you to select Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Climb, Craft (any one of them), Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Fly, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (any one of them), Linguistics, Perception, Perform, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight if Hand, Spellcraft, Stealth, Survival, Swim, and Use Magic Device.

I'm not sure how they came up with their list. Besides which, I kinda disagree with some of it. There are already:
Masterwork Artisan's Tools for the craft skills.
Saddle for ride.
Fins and snorkel for swim.
There are Kits for Disguise and Climb.

Also, I'm having trouble imagining 'tools' for some of the others.

So if there is no semi-official list, what have you folks used?

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Quick question.

Is there a rules legal way to cast buff spells on a contestant (ex: ablative barrier) so someone can't tell with Detect Magic?

Hey folks, I'm in a campaign that is going very well and I'm having lots of fun. But just in case I die, I always try to have a backup concept in place. I have 2 wildly different concepts in mind. One I already have the build pretty much set. The other is quite a bit more nebulous.

The groups is pretty large. There aren't really any roles that are completely missing. So there isn't really anything really needed as in a gap of capabilities.
We are currently about 6th level, so this PC would be starting at 6+ whenever needed. The GM is using 25 point buy and might be open to moderately powerful races. VMC is allowed.
This is a highly modified Emerald Spire; so a lot of it is indoors, under ground, or otherwise tight spaces. So I don't think I want a guy that grows large in order to fight.
Also since the group is large, I don't think I want a build that summons lots of creatures to do the fighting.
Several of the players are fairly/totally new to PF1. So, I'm not too worried about my character being able to keep up and contribute. I am good at that.
We are playing online using Roll20. There is a fair amount of in-character conversation on Discord during the week.

So just for giggles (and to start in-character conversations), I was thinking about going for a build that is high on 'ick' factor. Spells and abilities that make people say "What the heck just happened?!?"
Touch of slime
Garden of peril
Eruptive pustules
Touch of idiocy
Crawling hand
Lip stitch
Fleshworm infestation
The undead bloodline skeletal hands that erupt from the ground to attack
There are a few really odd improved familiars.

Weird spells that are rarely used.
Odd class abilities.
Things like that.

Wizard has the biggest spell list.
Druid does have a few of those really odd spells on it.
Alchemist and sorcerers have some really bizarre class/bloodline abilities.

I'm pretty open to suggestions. So what do you think?

I've been told that humans can get the half-elf and half-orc alternate racial traits. However, humans don't have the things being replaced. So do they get them or not?

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Ok, so we finally finished the first half of a two part campaign (we really managed to drag it out with a lot of in-party bickering and indecision - all in good fun). We are about 10th level and managed to restore the LG sun god Allowan from sorta almost kinda dead status.  (This is not on Golarion.) We are all due an individual major reward from said deity before we begin part 2. I'm having a hard time picking something that seems appropriate.

The group paladin/hellknight asked for a holy avenger. Didn't quite get that but is getting a hammer with the holy property and several other enhancements. So that is the ballpark power/rarity range. Not a holy avenger, but better than a +3 weapon. So pretty dang good for 10th level.

My character is changeling sound striker bard. So sonic attacks. Not a weapon user. Worships a deity known as 'The Far One' which is the neutral god of magic (similar to Nethys).

Now I was considering a magic item. But for something as once in several lifetimes as a reward from a deity, it seems silly to just ask for something I could probably just purchase in several levels.
Considered holy guide improved familiar. But it seems like the kind of familiar the LG sun god might give me would not be appropriate for the neutral follower of the magic god.

I'm looking for suggestions.
If you were due a reward from the LG sun god (but not of his worshipers), what might you ask for?

New campaign on custom world. Campaign is starting at level 3 and will begin with capturing some of the dangerous jungle wildlife then probably exploring ancient recently discovered ruins. We don't know after that. But it won't just be staying in the jungle forever.

I'm going for a build that the party is hiring a local primitive guide on site. Ranger is the obvious choice, but ranger just doesn't have enough spells for me. Unless I come up with a way to add lots of other special abilities to it. Just my personal quirk, but I have a hard time playing a game built around magic and then have a build that doesn't use it pretty often.

So I'm thinking either hunter or inquisitor with one of the domain/inquisition/deities that would give an animal companion or familiar to help me scout. Thought about an arcane trickster, but the group seems very low on any divine capability and it just feels like a 'primitive local guide' to me.

For race I was kinda leaning toward a goblin or vanarran. Not set on that though.

What animal companion do you think would be best for scout/guide to find creatures and explore ruins?

What familiar seems most appropriate?

Any other suggestions you can think of?

So a friend mentioned that there is treant PC race somewhere. My first thought was Wierd, who would want to play a tree?

But then it hit me this morning. GROOT!

So how close do you think we can come to Groot (and by extension) Rocket Raccoon? If I have to go to the GM with race points or some minor rules tweaks I can, But I would like to see how close we can get within the rules.

So what are your ideas?

I have a ratfolk magus riding a giant flea mauler familiar into combat. More than a little wierd and highly risky. I expect I will have to pay for replacing the familiar fairly often. But I am having fun with it. Since the build is focusing on this aspect. I want to do as much with the familiar as I can figure out how to effectively manage.

1) Vermin familiar only get belt and eye slots for magic items. Belt of giant str so he can carry me as a light load is mandatory. None of the eye slot items I remember really stand out as all that helpful. Is there one I'm not thinking of that would work well?

2) I wanted to combine the belt of giant str with the muleback cords. The +2 belt is 4k and the mule back cords are 1k. Combining to functions adds 50% onto the cost of the cheaper item. That would be 5.5k total. OR. Do I first have to double the price of the muleback cords making them slotless (they are normally shoulder slot) and then add 50%, making 7k total?

3) There is no prohibition on familiars having slotless items as long as they don't have to activate it. Correct?

4) Any other not too horrifically expensive magic items that seem like they would be good for this?

5) I've been looking through the books I own and can't find any archetype or template that can be added to a mauler familiar. Is there one that I am missing?

6) The familiar's feat is Escape Route so we can bounce all over the place without AoO. I was considering Taking a single level of Beast Bonded Witch so that I could add feats to the familiar instead of myself. Not sure if it is worth it or not. Opinions?

7) I intend to get Improved Share Spells feat after 10th level so I can split my buff spells with the familiar.

8) Any suggestions I haven't covered?

My Ratfolk magus has a mauler giant flea familiar. He is riding him as a mount and they both have the escape route teamwork feat. The character's personality, build, and actions will be kinda focused on the familiar. Mostly just because I find the idea of a Ratfolk with a flea that is bigger than him just hilarious.

As I understand it the only thing I can do with the Improved Familiar feat is take one of the alignment templates. Celestial, Infernal, Entropic, or Resolute.
My character is currently true neutral, but part of my plan for him is to eventually become chaotic good. So I figured I would take improved familiar and give him the entropic template.

Now is there any rules legal way to eventually give him both the entropic and celestial templates?

If not, any other suggestions on what I can do with mauler giant flea familiar?

What sort of name would a Ratfolk give to a flea?

SPOILERS – You were warned, so no complaining if you keep reading.

Alrighty then. We are very nearly at the end of book 2. Stopped in the middle of what I think is the final fight.

There is a very excellent chance my PC won't survive this combat. I have no problem with that. He is behaving in character and there are consequences for what he has done. It's all good.

But I'm planning out my potential replacement character. Now since our group has done an excellent job of making friends/allies of nearly every (I think) sentient group encountered, the GM and I discussed and it seemed very appropriate that maybe one of them would want to send someone along to see what the colony is getting up to in its activities. GM wasn't sure about dealing with the flying Stryx or the intelligent constructs. He's not sure how that would effect future game headaches. I'm having trouble coming up with a fish man personality that I like. So that leads me to the Monkey Goblin tribe.

So the monkey goblins just strike me as hilarious. Especially since they don't seem to be actually evil (though still quite chaotic) or at least that is how he was portraying them.

Now the group is 7th level and has a sorcerer, slayer, gunslinger, and rogue. All amphibious races. So operating in the water is no problem at all for them. I don't want to be an 'anchor' for the party (pun intended). I still need to be able to operate in the water for extended periods of time without too much hassle.

I think we need a bit more of a melee presence. The gunslinger has often been standing on the front line and taking melee attacks just because he has a very high AC. Ranged damage has been handled by the gunslinger and blaster sorcerer. The rogue has a very high stealth and disable device. Reasonably high acrobatics and perception.

This is leading me to first level as barbarian and the rest as druid. GM agreed the Kraken Caller archetype seemed very appropriate for a tribe living on a small island even though he is worshiping Zogmugot. The Goblin goddess of drowning, flotsam, and scavanging.

Druid's wild shape for hours would of course let him operating in the water. I'm planning more on the melee aspect than the spell casting aspect. Long term buffs for himself, his animal companion, and maybe even the party after he starts trusting them. Plus he has the condition removal spells on his list that he could prep the next day when something comes up.

The level of barbarian was almost mostly character personality development, but a bit of rage is always nice in melee and martial weapon proficiency isn't useless. Though I suppose he might be mostly fighting with natural weapons when wildshaped.

I'm struggling a bit on animal companion.
- I absolutely loved the idea of the Gliding Turtle! Just hilarious picturing a goblin riding a slowly descending turtle into combat. However, we have had exactly 2 combats where it might have even been possible to get up somewhere high and glide into combat. Though I suppose we're approaching the level where I could start using air walk on it. But it also isn't at all aquatic and doesn't seem very Kraken Caller-ish
- The snapping turtle would definitely help with a tank-ish melee presence. It is at least semi-aquatic. It has a swim speed and can hold it's breath. But doesn't seem too likely for the arboreal Monkey Goblins.
- A squid would be most appropriate for the Kraken Caller. But of course could only be used in the water. Not all encounters have been underwater and I'm not sure how useful it would be in the future. Hosteling armor enchantment would let me carry it around when not in the water.

I guess I'm leaning toward either the squid or the snapping turtle. Not entirely satisfied with either though. Can you think of some other amphibious/aquatic animal companion that would be appropriate for a Monkey Goblin Kraken Caller?!?

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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