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Full Name

Grinwald, the gruff


| Athletics +2, Perc +3, Survival +2


| Active Conditions: raging


N/N male dwarf barbarian/1 | HP: 8/24 | AC/TAC: 16/13 (-1 raging) | F/R/W: +lvl +4(2)/+2(0)/+4(2) | Speed 20 ft

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Grinwald

Resource Tracking:


Involved in Rose Street Revenge scenario


Main Stats:

Grinwald (141936-1502) N/N male dwarf barbarian/1
Ancestry Dwarf
Background Barkeep
Class Barbarian

Str 18/+4 (10 +2[dwarf] +2[barbarian] +2[barkeep] +2[free])
Dex 12/+1 (10 +2[free])
Con 16/+3 (10 +2[dwarf] +2[barkeep] +2[free])
Int 12/+1 (10 +2[free])
Wis 12/+1 (10 +2[dwarf])
Cha 8/-1 (10 -2[dwarf])

Senses Darkvision
Traits Dwarf, Humanoid
Speed 20', Unburdened, Sudden Charge (2 actions)
Perception lvl +2 (+1[wis] +1[expert])[/smaller
Hitpoints 26 [smaller](+10[dwarf] +3[con] +13[barbarian])

Hero Points 1
Languages Common, Dwarf


AC 15 (10 +1[dex] +0[trained] +4[chain mail])
TAC 12 (10 +1[dex] +0[trained] +1[chain mail])
Fort lvl+1 (+1[expert])
Ref lvl+0 (+0[trained])
Will lvl+1 (+1[expert])
Special Saving Throw Bonuses:
  • +2[ancient's blood]

  • Offense:

    Normal Attacks
  • +5/1d12+7 Dwarven Waraxe with rage [crit x2; S) (+1[trained] +4[strength] +2[rage] +1[Draconic Rage] +4[strength]), electrical, arcane, and evocation traits
  • [dice=to hit Dwarven Waraxe]1d20+5[/dice]
  • [dice=damage Dwarven Waraxe]1d12+7[/dice], electrical, arcane, and evocation traits
  • +4/1d12+4 Dwarven Waraxe [crit x2; S) (+0[trained] +4[strength]/+4[strength])
  • [dice=to hit Dwarven Waraxe]1d20+4[/dice]
  • [dice=damage Dwarven Waraxe]1d12+4[/dice]

  • Skills:

    Skill Ranks 5 = ((3[barbarian]+1[int]) * 1[class level]) +1[barkeep])

    Acrobatics* +lvl-2 (+0[trained] +1[dex] -3[ACP])
    Arcana +lvl-4 (-4[untrained] +1[int])
    Athletics* +lvl+1 (+0[trained] +4[str] -3[ACP])
    Crafting +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[int])
    Deception +lvl-5 (-4[untrained] -1[cha])
    Diplomacy +lvl-5 (-4[untrained] -1[cha])
    Intimidation* +lvl-1 (+0[trained] -1[cha])
    - alchohol* +lvl+1 (+0[trained] +1[int])
    Medicine +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[wis])
    Nature +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[wis])
    Occultism +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[int])
    Performance +lvl-5 (-4[untrained] -1[cha])
    Religion +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[wis])
    Society +lvl-3 (-4[untrained] +1[int])
    Stealth +lvl-6 (-4[untrained] +1[dex] -3[ACP])
    Survival +lvl+1 (+0[trained] +1[wis])
    Thievery +lvl-6 (-4[untrained] +1[dex] -3[ACP])


  • Gear:

    Max Bulk: 9 (5 +4[str])

    Chain mail (60 sp, +4 AC, +1 TAC, -3 ACP, -5 speed, noisy, 2 bulk)
    Large Dwarven waraxe (50 sp, 1d8+S/1d12+S 2hd, sweep, 4 bulk)
    Backpack (1 sp)
    Knotted silk rope and grappling hook (11 sp, LL bulk)
    Bedding and tent
    Food and water for one week

    Feats and Class Abilities:

    Ancestry Feats Ancient's Blood (+2 ST, -2 Resonance)
    General Feats
    Barbarian Feats Sudden Charge
    Barkeep Feats Hobnobber

    Class Abilities

  • Rage: (1 action)
  • - 3 rounds
  • - add 3 (1[lvl] * +3[con]) temp HP
  • - Gain a +2 conditional bonus to damage rolls. This bonus increases by 1 at level 3 and every 4 levels thereafter.
  • - Take a –1 penalty to AC.
  • - You can’t use actions that have the concentrate trait unless they also have the rage trait. The Seek basic action gains the rage trait while you’re raging. After you have stopped raging, you lose any remaining temporary Hit Points from using the Rage action, you can’t use Rage again for 1 round, and you are fatigued for 1 round. You can’t voluntarily stop raging. If you stop raging before its usual duration expires, you are fatigued and can’t Rage again until after the end of your next turn.
  • Draconic Totem Bronze/electricity
  • - Anathema: Defying a dragon of your chosen type or letting a personal insult against you slide is anathema to your totem
  • - Draconic Rage Totem Ability
  • -> May make bonus damage electrical and add 1 to damage
  • -> Attack gets electrical, arcane and evocation traits
  • - Raging Resistance Not until level 7!