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As stated in my title, I'm very curious about the use of acrobatics. What interesting way did you use acrobatics to spice up your character interactions? This question applies to both player and GM.

Java Man wrote:
You are overthinking this, bracers are not medium or heavy armor. Done. They are specifically allowed to take armor special abilities, but no where is there any mention of bypassing any further requirements.

I figured. Thanks

As stated in my subject title, can bracers of armor add anything as per the rules as long as it is not a flat cost? I bring up this question because of the magic special ability mind buttressing. It says medium or heavy armor only. Is there a contradiction or am I over thinking it? Are bracers classified or not at all... rule advice please.

Bloodrealm wrote:
Emotion is a spell descriptor. Look to see if the spell has the Emotion descriptor and, if it does, you're immune to it. Note that this even includes buffs with the Emotion descriptor.

I found what you were talking about. Next to the mind affecting descriptor is emotion. But the SRD makes it hard to find them since they are not in the filter. I'll just have to take it case by case to specifically look them up, especially in a evil campaign. Thanks for the help

I plan on playing an android and I'm not sure what else counts under emotion. I know calm emotions is pretty obvious but what else? Would dominate count? Can I ignore the enchantment school? Is there a list of spells or abilities out there that can tell me "immune to this effect?" It feels like after reading on it on my own that I'm left evenmore confused by mind effects vs complusion for not every spell or ability that effects the mind can effect emotions directly because illusions cannot.

Derklord wrote:
Thankfully, the new handwraps help for that, too!

Nice! That certainly makes it easier for me. Could use cold iron shrapnel weaved in between the wraps like it states. Future enhancements on them...I look forward to it

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

No, and neither can a character with a +5 sword.

Bypassing DR does not stop regeneration, you need to meet the specified condition for that.

Well that sucks. That means I will have to stop pummeling a mutated fey just to prick it with a cold iron weapon.

It seems that monk is riddled with problems. Thankfully, most have been patched like the ki strike being considered a magic weapon against incorporeal debate:

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:

Ghosts and spectres have been haunting the Paizo offices today. Out of sheer fright, we've released this FAQ (save us monks!)

FAQ wrote:

Incorporeal Creatures and "Counts as Magic": Say I have an attack that counts as magical for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction, such as from the monk's ki pool (magic). Does that mean I can't harm an incorporeal creature at all, since the attack doesn't count as magical for that purpose?

Such attacks should also be able to harm incorporeal creatures as if the attack was magic. This will be reflected in future errata.

However, I'm bringing another question to the ki pool. Can it also stop regeneration? For example: A 7th level monk fights a monster with DR 2/cold iron; regeneration 2 (cold iron). That means he can overcome the DR but what about the regeneration? Does it stop? I've scoured the FAQ and the Paizo community and couldn't find anything related to it.

Kayerloth wrote:
SuperJedi224 wrote:
3.5 has a few metabreath feats for modifying breath weapons, though I don't think they've ever been officially ported over.
The Dragonomicon in particular had quite a few of them.

Holy crap! Thank you both for your input. I'll ask my friend for a copy of the dragonomicon. I'll just have to ask my GM if any cross over.

Is there a way to improve a breath weapon without using 3rd party? I've scoured the net and the best I could find was shape breath weapon on the d20PFSRD site. I'm sure they're out there like metamagic feats but I'm lost.

Any armor will make me lose all things monk as far as I've seen. I was just planning on having my wonderful friends mage armor me with a wand. I'm thinking of picking up a monk's robe if my DM will allow it

LordKailas wrote:

the only tetori build I have is for a stench build.

Feats: Racial Heritage[Ogre](1st), Great Fortitude(3rd), Corrupted Flesh(6th), Improved Stench(7th), Pungent Stench (9th)

Suggested Gear: Dan Bong, Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver[Grappling], Pauldrons of the Juggernaut
Key Features:
• At 9th level You have Stench (60 ft, DC 16+Con mod, 15 rounds)
• Your Stench ability will nauseate opponents and sicken them. Sickened applies a -2 to most actions and nauseate will prevent them from being allowed to make a grapple check to break free.
• You get your monk level in place of your BAB in terms of determing your CMB and CMD.
• Can start to grapple multiple opponents at 4th level and higher.

The primary disadvantage to this build is that your stench ability is "always on", which could make rp situations more challenging. Also, while it will technically affect your allies. No one creature can be affected by it more than once in a 24 hour period. Basically your allies will go "noseblind" to you in the morning and won't have to worry about it until next morning.

You my friend have the most interesting fun rp build for a grappler. Got a funny story to tell with that?

Rok - Celestial Dire Tiger wrote:

That looks fun.

Something I like about Grappling is that because it is very powerful, you have the room to play with oddball options.

Focus on action economy (grab, snapping turtle clutch, greater and swift grapple), it is easy to make a grappler that overpowers a single target but is useless against the second target.

This is my Druid/Tetori.

That ac! Oof...I can tell your build would hurt. Yea I'm liking it!

BadBird wrote:

This will probably sound rather bizarre, but one option is multiclassing one level of Wizard and creating a STR/INT Tetori. Three main reasons:

1. Arcane Discovery: Knowledge is Power. You may add your INT to all combat maneuver checks. You now have two ability scores to put into grapple, and since once is physical and one is mental, it's easy to double-up item bonuses on them as well. A STR/INT Dual Talent Human works well for this, but isn't necessary.

2. Foresight School: Prescience. This basically grants you a reroll on any grapple check in a round - except that you roll the "reroll" die first, so you know what "reroll" you'll get. Great insurance policy against crap rolls, which is a very sweet deal for a grappler. Wizard level has zero effect here; only INT for uses/day.

3. True Strike. +20 to your next grapple, ignore concealment. No somatic component.

None of these things are affected by things that cause normal Wizard spellcasting problems, so there's no issue there.

You can also use arcane wands and scrolls - Wand of Mage Armor being a big obvious yes.

Wow that's a nice addition. I'll note this stuff down. Sadly though, it doesn't fit fluff wise but I'm down for using your suggestions in the future

avr wrote:

A tetori monk is pretty simple to make and play which may be why there isn't a guide. Paizo hasn't done a martial arts handbook BTW, though there are bits about martial arts in a dozen books.

Most people don't put every ability point and then some into physical stats for a monk. They do have some use for Wis.

The reason to get snapping turtle style isn't for the +1 AC, it's because it's the prereq for snapping turtle clutch which you could and should have already if you're going for that style. Although... with no AC to speak of you might reconsider going for snapping turtle style & clutch.

Thank you for input! Yea that makes sense why I haven't found a Tetori monk guide. I'll add that clutch into my build. To add Paizo is releasing a player's companion book called martial arts handbook. I hope they add more grappling techniques. It comes out November 14th. Here's the ISBN 9781640780927

In a few months I'll be in a pathfinder campaign. It will be offical books only. So all bases are covered. We got a longbow Hunter, a tower shield tank, and an alchemic gunslinger npcs that will be rotated in our group throughout the campaign. My friends have picked a summoner, a bard, a mesmerist, and some type of two handed melee specialist. So I had the idea of playing a monk. However my friend already has a speed dps on the way. So what's left but to grapple and keep annoying knuckleheads out of battle. I'm not all that familiar with monks because they have been hilariously bad when I've looked at them but I really want to try something different. So I've searched a lot of forums for guides specifically on the famous Tetori. The most I've seen is from a handsome and beautiful tetori monk by the name of Bruno Breakbone. Good stuff and I think I've piecemeal what I could but then my DM drops a bomb on me about pathfinder releasing a martial Arts handbook. New book means new stuff to play with but I want to make sure I have the foundation right for my lvl 5 half orc. In the end, I want to be useful to party, grapple anything, and possibly become an Linnorm slaying hero to my home town Avereka. End level is unknown for now.

Grimgar 20pts:

Lawful Neutral Medium Half-Orc Monk 5;
Init 5; Senses Darkvision; Perception: +8
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 12
hp 25
Fort 6, Ref 5, Will 4
Speed 40 ft.
Str 20, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk + +3; CMB +10; CMD 20
Feats Improved Grapple; Improved Initiative; Improved Unarmed Strike; Snapping Turtle Style; Stunning Fist; Stunning Pin; Toughness;
SQ AC Bonus; Break Free; Counter-Grapple; Evasion; Fast Movement; Graceful Grappler; Ki Pool; Maneuver Training; Purity of Body; Still Mind;
Skills Acrobatics +9; Climb +13; Perception +8; Swim +13;

I added no equipment for now since it's still early. Nothing on allowable traits but suggestions are welcomed