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As dinner begins a number of entertainers show up to provide distraction and entertainment. a few bards tell various tales of war and heroism. There's a bit of pandering in most of the tales as they tend to focus on freeing slaves or in one case a noble group of mercenaries.

Finally a heavier set man an uncomfortably fashionable outfit arrives. Something of his look offends the eyes but when he speaks his basso tones lend an authority and performance to his words that only truly talented bards possess.

Once upon a time, when the world was new, before dwarves and orcs crawled out of the earth and decided to live under the sky, there dwelt a special fey maiden deep in the Margreve. The veil between our world and the shining first was thin and fey frolicked back and forth in far greater numbers than seen today, and some few housed themselves in our world in a way idle rich humans might have a country home.

Hidden deep in the woods was an idyllic meadow next to a hot spring that filled the air with a scent as sweet as rosewater. Next to the spring was the cottage home that housed a Nympth maid named Narissa. Narissa was not just an ordinary Nympth, for hers was a beauty that surpassed all others of her kind. It is said that she had such a pure heart that it radiated out from her in a way that personified the vitality of youth and the simple beauty of innocence.

Alas, such things never endure.

Titania while beautiful beyond comprehension, had become the personification of the Mother and Queen. Hers is the beauty of a woman bearing a new life, which is different than the beauty of a maid. Summer fey feel emotions stronger than those of mere mortals, such that even a seed of jealousy can become a mighty redwood. Narissa had something Titania could no longer, the radiance of youth.

Naive of her effect on Titania, Narissa often danced skyclad so that the sun could kiss her skin. They say her meadow responded to her dance with a music so beautiful it would shatter the minds of mortal men. It was the music they say that brought the attention of Count Rainec Oberon, Knight of Summer and consort of Titania.

In the same gradual manner in which jealousy eroded Titania's compassion and reason, so did lust wear away at Oberon's resolve. As is the nature of Saytres lust overrode caution and he contrived a manner in which to secretly seduce Narissa.

There are times when the moon passes before the sun and for a short time darkness overtakes the day, humans call this a solar elclipse. For the Queens of Fairy this is signifigant as a moment in which Summer is momentarily blinded in the mortal realm. Rainec choose an eclispe to make his move appearing to Narissa as a handsome young elvish knight. The details are lost, and presumably elcipses were longer, all that is know for certain is that when the eclispe was ended the girl was no longer innocent and in fact pregnant with 3 children.

The tale might have ended there had Rainec been a true elf. With her innocence lost the aura of youth in NArissa faded. She still was beautiful but once again beneath Titania's concern. The meadows no longer sang for the girl as her belly became fattened with children.
After a month Titania decided to throw a ball to celebrate. All of the eldest and noble of fairee were invited, even winter. As was custom the Queen would dance with her consort to open the ball. As Titania took Rainec's hand and he began to move a song sweeter than any orchestra overwealmed the musicians of the court. The song was a familiar one to jealous Titania…