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I am not very good at searching these forums, so perhaps I have overlooked this simple question. For a Kineticist using the Draining Infusion it says;

"You can drain elemental energy and matter from your foes to strengthen your next attack. When you use this infusion, your kinetic blast affects only creatures with a subtype matching your kinetic blast's element (for instance, a fire blast would damage only creatures of the fire subtype). Against such creatures, your blast targets touch AC (if it requires an attack roll) and always allows spell resistance. Because you are draining energy from the target, your blast doesn't always apply your elemental overflow bonuses or Con modifier. The target can attempt a Fort save to take 1/4 the normal amount of damage. Draining infusion ignores any damage reduction, resistances, and immunities the creature might possess. If at least one creature fails its saving throw against your draining infusion, you can reduce the total burn cost of any one blast wild talent used before the end of your next turn by 1, or by 2 if you have the supercharge ability. If you use draining infusion again before applying this reduction, you still deal the damage from that draining infusion, but the burn reductions don’t stack."

My question is this, if the target fails it Fort save, does it take full damage past the immunity/resistance? Or is it taking the 1/4 on a fail and using its immunity on a success?

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GM Wulfson wrote:

New Year, New Game

I'm opening up recruitment for a new Iron Gods campaign and I'm looking for at least 5 players to join me. Recruitment will remain open until 5:00 PM (CST) on Monday, January 8th.

The Rules:
Races: All standard races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook will be allowed plus Androids. Any other PC race will be considered on a case by case basis.

Classes: All classes from any Paizo publication will be allowed as well as any archetype for those classes. Chained or Unchained classes will be allowed, except for the Summoner, which must be of the Unchained variety. Any 3PP material you wish to use will have to be approved by me prior to acceptance.

Alignment: Characters can be of any Good or Neutral alignment. No evil alignments will be allowed.

Abilities: Characters will be based on the High Fantasy (20 point) buy, found in the PFRPG Core Rulebook on page 16. No ability can be raised higher than 18 (prior to racial modifiers). Only one ability may be lowered below 10 and that ability cannot be lowered below 8 (prior to racial modifiers).

Feats: Any feat from any Paizo publication will be acceptable. Any 3PP material you wish to use will have to be approved by me prior to acceptance.

Skills: Background skills will be used.

Traits: Character's will start with two traits, one of which MUST be from the Iron God’s Player's Guide. One Drawback can be taken for a third trait.

Hit Points: Characters will start out with Maximum hit points for their class at 1st level. Thereafter characters will have the option to roll for their hit points or to accept the average for their class (rounded down on even levels, rounded up on odd) whichever is greater.

Starting Gold: Characters will start with 75% of their classes Maximum starting gold. Example: A Fighter starts with a maximum of 300 gold pieces so a Fighter player character would start with 225 gold pieces (300x.75=225).

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things so please feel free to post any questions you may have here or PM...

Is this were we submit our characters? Do you still have room available? Can I still submit one here?

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Nefreet wrote:

Good question. I know there's been errata to some of those variant channeling abilities over the years.

I'll go ahead and flag your question to be moved over to the Rules Questions Forum so it has the best chance of being answered.

Thank you very much

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Ultimate Magic on page 31 states, "Heal-the illumination level in the area increases by one step, and creatures gain a channel bonus on saves against blindness and light-based effects." How long does this increase last and what area does it cover?