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As much as I like the great errata process for PF2 and the attentiveness to players, I find the corrections as it is posted on the website hard to reference at the table with my old crusty analog 1st printing hardbacks. I really like a printed page of corrections to stuff into the back.

With that in mind, I made my own Google Doc with all the CRB errata, indexed by the listed pages. It is 10 point lettering, two columns, and goes to 23 pages. I would love to share it with the community, but I don't know which way would be best or even if it is legal in Paizo's eyes. Does anybody know?

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Ya, as much as I am complaining about this "first world issue" of mine, the mixed up ordering of my digital library as a subscriber and a bundle purchaser irks me when I go to look for something.

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Passing around the heavy, physical hero point coins are one of the best parts of our in-person games. The physicality of the hero point is so much fun. I highly recommend the coins and am probably going to skip the hero point cards.

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Thanks folks for helping me work this out.

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See, ha ha, rabbit hole to snap our ankle in.

I think my main confusion was that the first printing of the rules marked the instrument as a focus and foci automatically have the manipulate trait.

The new errata for 2nd printing just cuts out the ability for the instrument to wholly substitute for the required somatic component. The new ruling just says the Bard does not have to put thier instrument away to affect a somatic manipulation.

I was just looking for the instrument to gave the manipulate tag, when it didn't do away with the somatic component at all.

But, like above? Does an instrument bonus affect spellcasting in addition to performance checks?

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Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:

(whoops, typed up a post last night and never hit enter)

I'm not sure, but with a bit of searching I found this line in the errata about the change bards using instruments:

Errata wrote:
In the Component Substitutions sidebar, replace the second paragraph with the following to avoid implying changes to action traits.
If I had to guess, it would be that the old wording implied that Verbal-substituted components could lose the concentrate tag when cast through an instrument.

Interesting, I was trying to figure out why they changed it. The rewording seemed to get rid of mentioning the instrument as a focus component and thereby getting rid of the MANIPULATE reference.

GM logic aside, is there anywhere that specifically mentions that playing an instrument is an "interact" action?

I suppose one of the rabbit holes of PF2E is that when you get used to rules specificity, you start looking for it everywhere to the sometimes suffering of common sense play rulings.

But at the same time, I am here because a player of mine said that MANIPULATE is nowhere RAW for Bard spellcasting, so that is that.

Thanks folks.

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In the first printing of the book, the bard playing an occult spell on an instrument used that instrument as a focus component substitution. And so use of this focus component substitution was subject to the MANIPULATE tag.

I see now that the 2nd printing errata removed this specification that the instrument was a focus component. How come exactly?

Can bards play their instrument while grabbed without the required flat save?

Also I am afraid to ask about what the official status on how many hands a bard needs to use while casting with said instrument? All musical instruments say two hands. But a war-kazoo could theoretically, be one handed right?

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I think the quick little adventures are great within or out of organized play. The free PFS sub is one of the big reasons I got the Advantage when PF2 started.

It's pretty easy to guess that the additional money is being given to the creators and production team. Unless there is some bigger "PDFing and serving" costs to defray. Good value and fun to recieve.

I just hope they kind of started to make the images easier to copy paste into VTTs. Since March I have become more pro at Roll20 formatting than I thought I ever would.

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My group started off with the Starfinder BB before we moved on to the core rules, and we were kind of disappointed with the differences between the two. We had to rejigger the characters a relearn stuff.
I hope the PF2 box is closer to core. Like the PF1 box was.

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Although I am wary of businesses out there only now making these statements of support for Black Lives Matter, I am more reassured by Paizo's ground level and cultural support for diverse perspectives in their art and publishing. I think those integrated actions are what are really usefull.

But it also must be said, in an ongoing refrain, Black Lives Matter. The more people that can say it and know what it means,the better off we will all be.
White supremacy must end. The construct of whiteness must be dismantled. Go Gamers!

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Awesome Diego, you rock.
Problem solved.
Have a sweet weekend.

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Thanks for the response Diego. I am still a little confused though.
Did you pop it into the sidecart by "hand"?

It shows it is going to be charged at full price without the Advantage discount.

And like the Bestiary on the rulebook subscription, the next Adventure Path subscription item listed that I have coming is #147 after I started on #145. Could you add #146 as a subscription item to the sidecart as well so I don't miss it?

This is all probably an automation problem with being able to select from two of the recent items in each of the subscriptions at the start.

As long as the discount and subscription PDF goes through for Bestiary and Path #146, I'm happy. They can all ship out on the next monthly date.

Thanks for the help Diego. Have a good weekend.

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Hey folks,

I am curious about how my new subscription works for items that are out "now".
I selected the 2E core book to start my rulebook PF subscription and the subscription shows that the Gamemastery Guide is the next title coming up for release. However, I would also like to get the Bestiary as part of the subscription as it seemed it was the title that followed the core book. How does that work?

My main concern is making sure I can get the bestiary hardback along with the PDF that subscription items come with. I hope this is clear.

Looking forward to getting a pile of stuff. Have a good day!