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Useful, but approach with caution.


NotNW's Marchen Der Daemonwulf had some questionable design choices, like forcing what is supposedly a player character-worthy class into a berserk state fully half the time, but overall it was a good supplement if you used some forsight, like restricting forced transformations to full moons or whatever.

MdDWII is the same way. There are scores of playable feats with a sprinkling of feats that will make the inner Gamemaster in you twitch with horror. Not the good kind either! Most of the feats work and are very flavorful, like the Alpha Gaze chain that can instill fear, paralyze, of inflict Wisdom damage, but puts the Alpha at equal danger if he looses the staring contest. Others like the Hybrid Fury chain just pile on the number of attacks to seemingly insane levels. Luckily the few bad feats can be separated out with little problem, giving your werewolves tons of new options.

The Pack Lord prestige class I generally regard as a misfire. It seems too powerful. It uses the Leadership mechanics to create werewolf packs without the number limitations inherent in the feat.

There are also five new werewolf monster types to play with. This section is pretty well done.

Overall I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. I loved it but have to advise caution for any GM letting his players use it. There are a few bugs you need to keep an eye on.

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Endzeitgeist did a very thorough review so I'll just say that I found this to be a very good and flavorful purchase with a few minor problems that can be handled easily enough. If you are looking for very complete werewolf rules, including a 20 level core class, then you don't need to look any further. This is one of Necromancer's best products to date.

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Excellent update to 3.5 Expanded Psionic's Handbook!


Dabbler has already done an good review so I won't do more than add my agreement that this is an excellent product.

If your a fan of the original Expanded Psionics Handbook than Psionics Unleashed is for you. Almost all that elements that have made the EPHB a favorite fo fans have been retained and mostly unaltered except to update it for Pathfinder standards and to correct old problems.

And following the Pathfinder philosopy a lot of new bells and whistles have been included in races, powers, and more importantly, classes. The Soulknife gets the royal treatment too...its now a fine class that can hang with the fighters and barbarians.

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I liked some of the races presented in this book...the kobolds and Least Djinns were the most memorable. But the actual construct races so weird that I didn't feel they would make good PCs. Certainly as a strange encounter they could work.

Anway this book is a mixed bag and more enthusiastic than polished. You will find something you like but thats pricey at 5 bucks.

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Good successor to 3.5.


Pathfinder RPG is a solid continuation of D&D 3.5. The biggest differences are the tweaking of some badly designed mechanics (I'm looking at you Grappling), simplification of buying skills (I much prefer this new system), and a whole lot of new bells & whistles in the form of expanded class options and filled in levels. Many ideas only touched upon in 3.5 get the royal treatment such as the idea of bloodlines for the sorcerer.

One area of concern I had was the Monk. At first glance it looked like nothing special had been done for it besides a small number of changes. But those changes combined with the new Combat Manuever system added up to a significant increase in power. I ended up happy with what I saw when I made some example characters. Go Monk!

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Modest success.


This product has a broad approach to arcane magic hitting everything from numerous spells to new sorcerer bloodlines to familiars. The spells are workman-like but there are some beauties like the 9th level spell Nevermore that erases all memory of the target's existence from the world. Moving onto sorcerer bloodlines we find an ecletic collection. Some are silly or step on territory covered by previously published bloodlines but they all appeared to be balanced. I like the new familiars presented. They are what you would array of small animals but some are clever. The familiar constructs offer something innovative for those bored with the traditional familiar. The authors offer a word of caution about the feats in the book and I would take them at their word...the new feats are often drastically powerful and can upset a game. Overall I liked the product but you need to keep an eye out for what you let in your game.