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A Good solid start hopefully with more to come


This is a supplement too long in the coming. While I cant say its perfect, wanting to see a few more of the words available for witch's, alchemists and even summoner and magus. If I had one complaint and it is a small one they tried to emulate what its on the base spell list a little too much. This is a must have for those that loved the idea of word magic. I really hope there will be more to come.

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Great Idea Poor Execution


Ive got to agree with Caedwyr on all points hes made. this class feels like the textbook defination of a first draft. As a player class it seems realy weak but if a GM was intresting in putting in the time could probly rebuildind it in to something usefull. As a npc class
probly has more promise as a diffrent kind of opponet for players to face.

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A very good book but kind of falls short in Spots


chapter 1 Ecology of the Drake
good fluff give readers a good overvie of how drakrs a view with in the game word of midgard, my only complain isit didt reat exite me and i cant honestly tell you why.

Chapter 2 Players and Drakes
While the alternate sumoner class presented here (drake tamers) is neat and seems to be solid its the drake Companion rules and feats that come off as the bigest failseems alike it wast thrown in at the last minute. The Wilfull Companion is just poorly done the players isnt geting a compoinon with it but a mercinary and a mony pit with this feat. It has been done better in other forms
The Companion rule alsoe fail to tuch on familars other then a short nod drakes can be used as them.
the alterante class feature was and new spells was kind of hit and miss for me it seems like stuff was just being added fill up spass and other and some classed felt tike they there shorted out and had no clue what to give them Oricals and witches being two examples.
Spells seem ok angin seems like some classes got passed over becuse of not knowing waht to do with them.
The rule for drake plays though do seems to hold some promism come off as much more thought out then the Companions rule and alternate class featurs.
The rest of the book wast pretty was hit or miss
The offering new types of drakes is probly to gold mine of the book.The rules on creating your own for creaing drake of your own i cound cool at first but in the end disapointing. with out at way to recreat the baseline drake or even some ove the new drakes in the book It seemed incomepleate.
In summery good But far from the best resouce for GM's with some good tools to add to his or her games. For players (it kind of falls short bordering on trying to hard. Players with have to relie on a good GM to eather get feats to work,nerf current feats or use aternate rule, if your lookng to find your dranconic soulmate 8) Once ya get over the glitz of making your own drake or making a drake tamer It reats like a Alph print and needs work Not worth the 10$ sertanly not worth 20 and for a lover of all things dragons i could not find the love here.