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Scarab Sages

A tall Half-Orc wearing a holy symbol of a sun disk with horns clears his throat, and then speaks.

Those that make a Knowledge (Religion) check can identify the holy symbol is that of the Ancient Osirion God of Ra.

"Grakk come from Osirion desert. Near cliffs of Kusha-ta-Pahk. Grak wander desert for many years. Grakk explore ancient tombs for survival. Discover shiny gold sun disk. When Grakk pick it up, hear voice in his head. Voice say he ancient god of Osirion. Asked me to deliver gold sun disk to group deep in desert. Grakk do that."

"Grakk train to become Cleric of gold sun disk god. Grakk do not know how he can help Scarab Sages, but gold sun disk god tell me must help. So tell Grakk how he help find new Jeweled Sages for Scarab Sages. Grakk no understand, but Grakk do. Grakk good at doings, not understandings."