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Great session! Great write-up! Thanks, NobodysHome!

I will clarify one point, though, Neirida does NOT have a crush on Winter. She's not that kind of girl. Her player does. ;)

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NobodysHome said wrote: should have run away. But they're always written to stay and fight for at least a round or two, and melee combat isn't their forte.

They run away when reduced to 20 HP or less. Dual-wielding ranger with mega-buffs typically does 40-50 HP per round. Good luck with that.

*sulky face* ;)

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
As a skilled chef you could get any result you wanted from filet mignon to burnt to a crisp.
Saldiven wrote:
Not super related, but tangentially related, her's a video of a trained women's muay thai fighter going into a gym and punking the trainers there by acting like she doesn't know how to fight. It's not hard to act like you don't know what you're doing, as long as you can keep the smug look off of your face:

Here's how I see it: To deliberately fail if you have a skill, make a skill check. You're rolling to see whether you can get the results you want, whether what you want is a perfectly cooked Beef Wellington or a soggy, overdressed mass of wilted greens with delusions of saladhood.

If nobody's watching, you're golden.

If someone is watching, succeeding in an opposed skill check of the same skill could tell them if you know what you're doing, and Sense Motive could tell them if you're trying to hide your glee at your deception (or your fear of being consigned to the kitchen). That's where the Bluffing would come in.

If nobody's watching, but you're questioned about it later, then Bluff vs. Sense Motive.

If Nobodys Home is watching... well you're on your own there.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. NH! ;)

Now cut the cake!

*Edited link to work... thanks, Drejk! :P

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Orthos wrote:
I really love GaMetal, not sure if I ever mentioned that =)

OMG, thank you, I really needed to know about that! :D

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The ultimate halfling mount is... the dire corgi!

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I want to play too! :D

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Misroi wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Even more unfortunately, the noise from the battle with the dretches attracted even more unwelcome company in the form of several cultists of Baphomet. Even more fortunately, NoPrey decided to stop trying to fight and instead Greased the ground under the cultists. The fumbling, bumbling, tumbling cultists were cut to pieces by Jake and Merissa, aided by Anevia's arrows, Kariss' spells, and NoPrey's inspirational dancing. (Yeah. Whatever. He took it. I gotta give it to him. An inspirational bird dance. Yeah.)
So, it's the Chicken Dance, right?

He also performs at weddings ;)

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Favorite moments, hmm? Well, first, I’d like to say that my favorite moments have all been due to my amazing fellow players and our outstanding GM! I am lucky to be a part of such a great group! Playing Rae’Sheleth was such a rich experience; she was conflicted about so many things and yet managed to become an exemplary paladin blessed with the best allies anyone could wish. I feel truly privileged to have gotten to play such a paladin with the kind of players who would not only allow, but encourage me to play her to the hilt!

Also, thanks so much to everyone who’s commented here! Knowing that others were reading our adventures was just an incredible surprise and honor! Thanks for making me feel like a stony-faced, drow rockstar!

Ok… on to favorite moments.

1) Our opening stories. Having the characters already played and in the world prior to the campaign starting was just so immersive. The impact of this can’t be overstated. It was epic.
2) Raesh’s first-ever smite evil. She still carries the black silk hankie made from Erylium’s tiny dress.
3) Shiro eating the lich fungus. At the time it was horrifying, yet also hilarious. It was a defining moment of Shiro’s character and entirely to his player’s credit the way he rolled with it!
4) Yippie the bunyip.
5) Building alliances with the giants at Jorgenfist and leading them into battle against the evil factions. It was so rewarding to create a lasting peace in the region.
6) Every single time Raesh managed to redeem someone instead of killing them. It never got old and always felt like a triumph.
7) Our party’s overall diplomatic approach and the way NobodysHome played the world with it. We were able to fabricate many alliances and treaties and almost always left a region feeling that we had made it better in ways that would last for generations.
8) Rescuing Ayruzi. Raesh was willing to lay down her life to not kill the angel and betting that Hi and Shiro would be able to figure out a way to save them both. She won that bet.
9) All the NPCs everywhere. Our GM plays such an amazing world and all the people in it!

Least favorites? There weren’t many of these. Overall, Rae’Sheleth learned and grew from pretty much everything that happened to her, the bad as well as the good. There were a few moments, though, that are worth pointing out:

1) My absolute least favorite thing our GM did… and one of his favorites. Making all the clones in the wing of pride take identical actions. The notion of “take the damage from seven damage spells and try to survive” or “save seven times vs. feeblemind and hope you don’t roll a 1 on any of those” just felt cheap, not compelling.
2) The execution of Orik Vencaskerkin. Poor Raesh tried so hard to do the right thing, and she took such pains to turn Orik over to the proper authorities so they wouldn’t have to execute him. Finding out he was unjustly executed by what should have been the proper authorities was greatly disillusioning for her. She’s still quite peeved at the government of Magnimar for allowing it to happen.

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NobodysHome wrote:
OMG! You made Raesh post! I think you just won the intranets!

*stony face*

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ZZTRaider wrote:

Well, if nothing else, it means I can stop checking until then :P

Seriously though, I appreciate you taking the time to actually post this. It has been a wonderful read, and has given me plenty of good ideas to use in my own campaign.

My frustration that I can't just stay up all night to finish reading the story (as I'd normally do with a good book) is really just a testament to the quality of both your sessions and your write ups.

Thank you, ZZTRaider. Such kind comments certainly help to alleviate the sense of drudgery associated with putting my experiences to paper (so to speak). I shall endeavor to keep up with the pennings of the dauntless NobodysHome with some alacrity.

May the sun shine brightly on your back and never in your eyes.

- Rae'Sheleth

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The last time someone said that to me, the result was a beheaded demon. Writing is less pleasant.

*resigned sigh* I shall fetch a pen...

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This one is self explanatory... and the irony is sweet & tasty.

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Greetings, appreciated readers!

As the GM of this venture, I thought I should pipe up... NobodysHome and UsePlanB both put me to utter shame as a poster! ;)

Second Darkness is my first foray into GMing Pathfinder, so hopefully things will not go too far astray, although so far so good if I do say so myself!

I know we have some very prolific posters in our party, and we also have some PCs who you will probably never see post! With that in mind, I thought a brief intro to our cast of heroes would be in order (and yes, there's a lot of them)!

Alderaan: Elf wizard; While classically trained in the art of magic, he utterly neglected the art of social skills. He knows for a fact that he is the only one smart enough to figure out the mystery of the Blot.

Aneurin: Half-elf fighter; not much is known about this mysterious fellow, save that he wields a blade with great skill and enthusiasm.

Carmen: Varisian rogue; Carmen has been working in Riddleport gambling halls for years, only recently employed at the Gold Goblin (now known as the Glorious Goblin). She is a fast-talking, tough-as-nails rake who will take your money and have you thanking her for doing so.

Leilani Silverfalls: Aasimar life oracle; raised on the Celestial Plane she is quite new to the Material Plane. Quite outspoken, she is frequently mistaken for an angel due to the large, beautiful wings she inherited from her mother. Sadly, they do not appear to function on this plane...

Lian: Half-elf rogue/bard; Lian is somewhat quiet and shy, although his recently acquired bardic skills have brought him out of his shell. He and Taleck have a history of working together.

Sansquah: Barbarian; Although Shoanti by culture, not much else is known of this mysterious character. He is by turns fierce, taciturn, and occasionally awkward. His visage and form are always hidden by a mask and a cloak. He has a new hammer.

Taleck: Shoanti barbarian; the younger brother of a barbarian from another campaign, he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Having taken on the role of Leilani's bodyguard, he performs this duty with stern resolve. He usually works with Lian, watching out for him like a little brother of his own.

Vorne Gallowcast: Varisian wizard; Vorne was educated here and there, wandering at will, and yet, much to Alderaan's dismay, has picked up just as much facility with magic as a more formally-schooled mage. He has a propensity for spending gold with little care and is fascinated by the riddle of the Cyphergate and the Blot.

Zokrim: Fetchling ranger; Truly neutral at heart, Zokrim acts only according to his own whims. He is as mysterious as he is bloodthirsty, but seems of a mind to stay with the party... at least for now.

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Someone said wrote:

NobodysHome wrote:

But (and I'll let her pipe up if she disagrees) I think she'd be flattered if you took the idea and ran with it...

I've been tinkering with a build the last couple hours. The only problem I've run into has been with the drow's "Poison Use" ability. Doesn't really fit a drow character that has been raised amongst another race (let alone Sarenrae worshipers). Been trying to come up with something to replace it.

So glad you like Rae'Sheleth! I'm having a blast playing her! :)

When I created her, I didn't take Poison Use specifically because I figured that was cultural rather than an inborn talent. Drow seem to get enough racial bonuses anyway, so I didn't feel like I needed a replacement trait. Maybe your GM would let you take Blade of Mercy instead of Poison Use? Seems like a reasonable trade to me... I gave her Common and Celestial rather than Elven and Undercommon as starting languages to reflect her having been raised by humans in a temple setting (hence her having to learn Elven from Shalelu now). I should also mention that, as NobodysHome mentioned, we are not powergamers, so my build is for maximized roleplaying rather than combat advantage.

Good luck! I hope you have as much fun as I have been! Oh, and if you need more inspiration, check out some of the paladin threads, especially the ones involving babies of evil races... that's where I got the idea for Raesh in the first place -- what *does* happen to one of those babies if you save it? ;)

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Your life insurance is up to date, isn't it, hon?