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Gotal of Umbara




Veteran Jedi







About Gotal of Umbara

Name: Gotal of Umbara
Race: Umbaran
Age: 33
Physical Description:
A Quote:


Dexterity 4D:
Heavy Weapons
Lightsaber 6D
Sleight of Hand

Knowledge 3D+1:
Alien Races
Planetary Systems

Mechanical 2D:
Beast Riding
Repulsorlift Op.
Starship Piloting

Perception 4D:
Hide/Sneak 4d6+1

Strength 3D+2:

Technical 1D:
Comp Prog./Repair
Droid Prog./Repair
First Aid
Repulsorlift Repair
Starship Repair

Force: 4D

Init Bonus: -6
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Body Points: Max / Current
Character Points: 33 / 4 spent (Sneak/Hide)
Drama Points 2

Dodge: 12
Block: 11
Parry: 18
Soak: 11 (+6 Armor)

Force User (3)
Strong with the Force (2)

Personal Code (Will not attack an unarmed opponent)

50 Credits
Jedi Armor (+6)
Lightsaber (6D)
Blaster Pistol (5D)

Force Powers:

Telekinesis: (TN 5 (1 Kg), 10 (10Kg), 15 (100Kg), 20 (1 Ton), 25 (10 Ton), 30 (100 Ton), Resist Might, Range 150m, Move object 10 meters per round)

Persuasion: (TN: 15+2 for each additional target, Resist Wits/Force, Range Sight, You distract the enemy or persuade them to change their mind.)

Accelerated Healing: (TN 10, The target is allowed to make an extra healing roll once per day)

Concentration: (TN 10 if relaxed, 20 if aggressive, Concentrate for one round granted +4D on next skill check.)

Sense Life: (TN 15, Range: Force Skill in Meters, Allows the Jedi to detect live sentient beings in the area.)

Resist Elements: (TN 19, Duration 1 hour, Range 30ft, Gain +1D resist vs one element type [fire, cold or electricity].)

Detoxify Poison: (TN: Dependent on Poison (See GM) Range: Touch Resisted: None Concentrate for 5 minutes to clean the body of the poisons.)

Dark Vision: (TN 12, 1 hour)


Strong in the Force - The Force is strong in you. You begin play with a two Force Points. In addition, at the beginning of any adventure if your character has less than two Force Points they instead begin the adventure with two Force Points. However, because of your deep connection to the Force, the Dark Side calls to you more often and you feel its power more easily. Whenever you gain a Dark Side Point, you roll 1D twice when determining if your character turns to the Dark Side and must take the worse of the two rolls.

Jedi Battle Armor, Robes, 50 Credits

Gotal Star Wars Saga Version:
Hit Points 22
Threshold 12

Strength 8
Dexterity 15
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

Base Attack +1

Melee Attack +0
Lightsaber Damage 2d8

Ranged Attack +3

Damage Bonus +1

Reflex Defense +14
Fortitude Defense +12
Will Defense +15

Force Points 5/5

Acrobatics +2
(Trained) Endurance +6
(Trained) Initiative +7
Jump +2
(Trained) Perception +9
Persuasion +2
Stealth +2
(Trained) Use Force +9

Use the Force Skill Note, can take 10 but not 20 with this Skill.

Force Trance - Full round action, enter a force trance - DC 10 on check. Remain aware of surroundings, each hour in trance regain hit points equal to character level. Emerge from trance as Swift Action. If remain in trance for 4 straight hours considered fully rested (as if 8 hours slept). Can go for 10x as long without food and water in trance.

Move Light Object - As a move action, I can Telekinetically lift and move a relatively light object within 12 squares of my line of sight.
DC 10: 5kg object up to 6 squares in any direction.
DC 15: Standard Action use the object as a projectile weapon. If Use the Force check exceeds Target's Reflex Defense object deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Considered a ranged attack.

Search Your Feelings - Full round action, make a DC 15 check to determine whether an action will have favorable or unfavorable result sin the immediate future (within 10 minutes).

Sense Force - Automatically sense disturbances in the Force. Location strong in the dark Side can be sensed as far a 1 kilometer. Companion or close friend in danger can be sensed as far as 10,000 light years. Great disturbance can be sensed anywhere in the same Galaxy. DC 15 check to determine the distance and general direction of the disturbance.
Full round action actively sense other Force users up to 100 kilometers including how many, approximate distance, direction and if I have met them. They can conceal their presence by making an opposed check, if they equal or exceed my check cannot detect them at all. Can choose to detect Dark Side users only if specified.

Sense Surroundings - Swift Action make a DC 15 check to ignore the effect of cover and concealment when making Perception checks to detect or observe targets until the start of my next turn, increase DC by 5 for targets with total concealment.

Telepathy - Standard Action establish telepathic link with a distant creature. Exchange emotions or a single thought such as Go, Help, Danger. Target must have intelligence of 2 or higher.
Distance DC
Same Planet 15
Same System 20
Same Region/Quadrant 25
Different Region/Quadrant 30
Unwilling Target must exceed check DC of Target's Will Defense or cannot establish contact again for 24 hours.


Force Sensitivity, Weapons Proficiency Lightsaber & Simple Weapons, Force Training, [spoiler=Future Feats]Skill Focus - Use the Force


Adept Negotiator With a Standard Action you can weaken the resolve on an enemy with your words. The target must have an Intelligence of 3 or higher and it must be able to see, hear, and understand you. Make a Persuasion check. if the result equals or exceed's the Targets Will Defense, it moves -1 step along the condition track. The Target gets a +5 to Will Defense if it is higher level than you. If the Target reaches the end of the track, it does not fall unconscious instead it cannot attack you or your allies for the remainder of the encounter unless you or an ally attack it or its allies first. Mind controlling power.

Future Talents:
Force PersuasionUse the Force modifier instead of Persuasion modifier when making Persuasion checks.]/spoiler]

Force Powers:

Force Disarm - Disarm an opponent using Force to pull weapon from their grasp. Standard Action. Target one creature within 12 squares and within line of sight. If successful can choose to let the weapon drop or have the item fly into your hand.
Special - Use Force point and declare intent to destroy the weapon instead. Damage equal to Use Force Check result.

Force Slam - Pound one or more creatures with the Force. Standard Action. All targets within a 6' square cone and within line of sight. Roll vs Target Fortitude Defense if check equals or exceeds Target's Fortitude Defense, they receive 4d6 Force damage and are knocked prone. If result less than Target's Fortitude Defense, take half damage and not knocked prone. Target's larger than Medium add size modifier to Defense. Area effect.
Special - When using this power, can spend Force point to deal additional 2d6 damage to Target's in area.

Mind Trick - Use Force to alter a Target's Perception or plant a suggestion in its mind. Standard Action. Target one creature with Intelligence 3 or higher within lie of sight and within 12 squares.
If check equals or exceeds the Target's Will Defense can choose one of the following effects:
1. Create a fleeting hallucination which distracts the Target and enables me to use Stealth even if the Target is aware of me.
2. Perform a feint so my next attack against a Target ignores its Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense.
3. Make a ridiculous suggestion seem reasonable, Target will not later think what they did was outrageous. Cannot threaten the Target and must be able to communicate with them.
4. Fill the Target with terror forcing it to flee for 1 minute. Does not work if the Target is of equal or higher level.
Special - If making a suggestion, spend a Force point to improve Target's attitude by one step plus one additional step for every 5 points he check exceeds the Target's Will Defense.

Move Object - Telekinetically move a Target up to 6 squares in any Direction using the Force. Standard Action. Target one character or another object within 12 squares and within my line of sight. The result of the check determines the maximum size of the object I can lift. If the Target is a living being, check must exceed the Target's Will Defense. Can hurl the Target or drop it on another Target if the check exceeds the second Target's Reflex Defense. Both Targets take damage determined by check result:
DC 15: Move object up to Medium size (deal 2d6 damage).
DC 20: Move object up to Large size (deal 4d6 damage).
DC 25: Move object up to Huge size (deal 6d6 damage).
DC 30: Move object up to Gargantuan size (deal 8d6 damage).
DC 35: Move object up to Colossal size (deal 10d6 damage).
Special - You maintain your concentration targeted object to continue to move it from round to round. Maintaining the concentration is a Standard Action and a new check must be made each round. If I take damage while maintaining the power, I must succeed at a Use the Force check DC15+Damage to maintain the power.
using move object against a hovering or flying target requires an opposed check with grapple as the reaction. If the Target wins, the power fails.
Force point may be spent to increase maximum size of the object by one category and deal an additional 2d6 damage (max 12d6).

[spoiler=Future Force Powers]

Cloak - You can bend light around your body, rendering yourself invisible to anyone looking in your direction. Standard action. Target self. Use the Force check variable result:
DC 15: Considered to have total concealment against all targets until the beginning of my next turn.
DC 20: Ac DC 15 and I gain +2 Force bonus to Stealth checks until the beginning of my next turn.
DC 25: As DC 15 except I gain a +3 Force bonus to Stealth checks until the beginning of my next turn.
DC 30: As DC 15 except I gain a +5 Force bonus to Stealth checks until the beginning of my next turn.
Special - I can maintain the Cloak power from round to round extending the normal duration. Maintaining the cloak is a standard action and I must make a new Use the Force check each round. If I take damage while maintaining the power, I must succeed at a Use the Force check DC15+Damage to maintain the power. I can spend a Force point to increase the Bonus to my Stealth checks by +5.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide Page 50.

Ionize - Call upon the Force to overload electronic systems and droids, damaging r even destroying the unit. Standard Action. One Target within 6 squares and within line of sight. Use the Force check vs. Reflex Defense of Target. If the check equals or exceeds their Reflex Defense the Target takes damage as determined by the result of the check:
DC 20: Target takes 4d6 Damage.
DC 25: Target takes 5d6 Damage.
DC 30: Target takes 6d6 Damage.
Special- Spend a Force point to increase the ion damage dealt by the Force power by 2d6.
Knights of the Old Republic Page 51.

Negate Energy - Spontaneously negate a single attack that deals energy weapon damage such as a lightsaber of Blaster. Reaction. Target is one attack against me. If the check equals or exceeds the Damage dealt, the attack is negated and I take no damage, if the check fails the power fails utterly.
Special - Must be aware of the attack. Can spend a Force point to regain hit points equal to the damage f the negated attack up to max hit points.

Vital Transfer - Use my own life force to heal another living creature. Standard Action. Target. On ceature touched.
Use the Force Check:
DC 15 - Target heals HP = 2x its character level.
DC 20 - Target heals HP = 3x its character level.
DC 25 - Target heals HP = 4x its character level.
When used, take half a much HP healed as damage, rounded down. Cannot heal self.
Special - Spend a Force Point to avoid taking any damage.

Racial Abilities:
- Darkvision, Stealthy (reroll any failed Stealth roll but must keep second result)

Language - Basic, Umbarese. and Bocce

Starting credits - 580 (Credit Chip, Energy Cell)

Starting equipment - Lightsaber (Blue Colored Blade)

Gotal was born on Umbara in the Year 52 BBY. Found by the Jedi order at a young age he knew very little of his parents or his heritage.

Gotal took well to negotiations as a youngling and his powers were directed in the area of Diplomacy and problem solving.

Gotal works closely with Alderaan as one of the more peace loving planets in the Republic and negotiates many deals on their behalf. Some say that Gotal favors the Alderaanians improperly but he pays little attention to such rumors.

On Gotal's 30th birthday, Emperor Palpatine declares war on the Separatists and the Jedi become embroiled in the Clone Wars.

Gotal is recalled from Alderaan to assist, he spurns the Jedi Order once the War begins. He sees the Jedi involvement in the War as abhorrent and refused participation.

As the Clone Wars end, Gotal is horrified at what happened and is suspicious of the "Empire's" explanation for what took place. As a Jedi not part of the Order, he would not have been "in the line of fire" when Order 66 took place. Having pulled away, he would not be aware of Kenobi's message.

During the last week of the War, Gotal was on Alderaan negotiating a Corporate contract for a development company seeking to assist people who were ravaged by the War. In the intervening months Gotal has left Alderaan where he is a known Jedi and journeyed to the outer rim posing as a spacer. Where he goes from here he is not certain...