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Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out a good way of running the module parts of Iron Gods with PFS. So far I have a idea on how to start it, but not necessarily how how to implement it.

Start off with two evergreen scenarios, then Murder's Mark. Afterwards, the first module part of Iron Gods. But I am not sure what to run after that. So any help and advice would be great.

Dark Archive

It is a decent day within Absalom. Not many clouds, or blustery winds. People are moving about, doing what they were told to, or doing what they wished.

A covered wagon pulls up to one of the loading areas within Skyreach Citadel. A regular every day porter of the Society drives the wagon. And next to him sits a dark haired Chelaxian woman in dark robes. Once the wagon is pulled in, the woman pulls out some paperwork and hands it to the porter. He nods and glances towards the back with a grimace. "Right. Looks like you git your work cut out for you. Them guards..." He shakes his head. "Them things... Shouldn't be here. But, we git paid ta do the haulin'" He waves at a couple of laborers and they get to work unhitching the horses and they move to the stables, leaving the woman with the wagon.

The woman sighs and leaps down from the wagon onto the ground. She walks around to the back and grasps her hands in a right fists before waving them out. She smiles as she speaks in a commanding voice. "You are under my command! You will listen to me and Obey! Now stand!" And when she finished her words, something big slowly gets up. It staggers as the canvas covering it. Also can be heard a clicking of bone, and a jaw of an animal snapping shut. "Right... By the orders of the Society, I can't use you anymore. But I can at least donate you to the Archives as guardians. And who knows, maybe other... Undead users will be able to perfect their school knowledge with you." The canvas slips off the lumbering giant of a creature, it is clearly dead and rotting. Next to it is a skeleton of a wolf, completely clean of flesh. "Alright. Come."

The Giant Undead Creature Kn. Local 18:

The giant undead creature is clearly what was once an ogre. It has rotted and clearly is sickening to look at.

Bought a Robe of Bones and used up quite a few patches. But these two lasted to the end of the scenario. So might as well use them for other things.

And yes, the Robe of Bones is also in the Core Rulebook

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A rough looking man walks forward to a crowd gathered.

"Right then. I see many here, that is good! The charter that was sent into the Stolen Lands needs a couple more good men and women!" He pulls out a large scroll and reads it. "We need a person knowledgeable of healing, and another that is simply knowledgeable! All may apply, but only a few can join! I will stick this on the tree and you can see what is required! Right, with that is done, I'll be waiting in the nearby Inn for ya. Also, whom will apply, will need to be self-motivated!" He takes the unfurled scroll and pulls out a dagger and stabs the scroll onto the tree.

Here what the scroll describes.

  • 20PB
  • Two Traits, one being a Kingmaker trait - Can take a drawback for an extra trait
  • Unchained Background Skills okay
  • Only Pathfinder material
  • Start at Second level
  • Start with Second level gold

Post your character build here and backstory. If you are chosen, you will be directed to our discussion thread.

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I have an idea for a platform that in fluff, was made by a rather powerful Wizard that followed Irori. He made it to test, and train future monks at the monastery he lived at. Now, I am trying to figure out how to implement it as a functional magic item. Care to help me?

So far, here are the ideas I have so far.

  • The platform itself would be 50ft, by 50ft.
  • It would react depending on how each 5ft square was entered. Say, what would happen if one stealthed across versus using acrobatics, or just muscling through.
  • Would have various reactions based on the method of crossing. From maybe a dummy popping up from an adjacent square, to having a splash effect happen. Or even ejecting the target off the platform, to dropping them into a... Not too deep pit.
  • Might include pushing or pulling effects into other squares with other skills required to overcome.
  • And of course, the non lethal damage would have to be based on percentage, and not by level so that anyone, has a chance to not be K.O.ed when trying to cross it for the very first step. Unless it was a very unlucky percentage roll.

So what do you guys think? Care to help me figure out how to do this?

The Exchange

I have been looking for such rules for my PFS alchemist character. I can't seem to find it and if anyone happens to have a link to it, I would be very grateful for your help.

I believe I remember reading that mundane alchemical items are 1/3 the price due to the PFS Alchemist crafting rule, which I can't find right now. But do they get to make potions under the rule, or similar to it? I would really like to find out.

Hey everyone. I am curious, what language might be close to Kelish? Or for that language, what do you guys think the regional languages out here are similar to?

Grand Lodge

TLDR - Go to bottom of this post
As you make your way through Skyreach, the home of the Society, you manage to find the department of Chronicle Receiving and Organizing. You see within the rather large room quite a few desks, and many rows of shelves of books and paperwork of various agents of the Society before they are sent to different departments for further study, or added to the latest edition of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

At one of the desks you notice a gnome with bright red hair reading a journal that seems a bit large, with quite a few more around her in stacks on the table and on the floor. She seems engrossed in the story and doesn't notice you there for a bit, but she looks up not before long, closes the journal, and excitedly greets you.

Ah! Hello, Hello! Are you here to see about bringing more chronicles to one of the other departments? Or maybe bring them to the printing room? No? Oh well, since you looks like you seem like you want to learn, I'll teach ya something! This is the Department of Chronicle Receiving! Where all of the chronicles you produce after every mission comes through here. Most of which look like little couple paged pamphlets. Others like this big thing;
She lifts the journal and shakes it slightly before putting it down.
This thing is a Campaign Journal. It is a bit different, as it shows adventures not done by the Society, or maybe it does. Rather confusing, huh. Like some of them list a group from Sandpoint, either going through Varisia, or others that depicts them going across the crown of the world for some reason! And many others that may be agents of the society and many that are not! So weird! Hm, maybe you might be able to explain a theory why they are different? Or not, who knows! Anyway, whats up? Oh, by the way, hello if I forgot to greet you.

This is basically a question of, when getting credit for sanctioned APs in campaign mode, what things were changed for it, or what was allowed? Or even in module format, if anything was changed to help with the narrative.

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Hi there, Spencer is the name, player of PFS, and lurker of these fourms.

I have come to admire the development of this game and I am wondering, would there be a official Pathfinder Society Lodge in the River Kingdoms, or would someone try to start up a lodge for them?

Since it is mostly Pathfinder Society Members that find all the nifty relics out there, how would they get into the fun?