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Nefreet wrote:

Lol, I was like, "Our party did that, too!"

And then I realized you were posting with an alias ;-)

I believe we affectionately called it "Apocalypse Pony".

.... Thats right. The Apocalypse Pony. May it bring rainbows of death to all.

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Well, in an Emerald Spire game, the last level, we had another player buy a scroll of planar ally.

He managed to call, and convince the Valkyrie to help through the last level of the place. She did a little bit of work, but it was her summoned creature that did the work.... How was it described? Right, a rainbow death pony. It ran over everything and shot its rainbow of death at nearly every thing. Was interesting to say the least.

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A man lecturing a woman walks over to the courtyard of the Silver Crusade. He is clearly animated in explaining various topics to the neophyte that is following him with a tiny bird on her shoulder. They seem to be speaking in a language that seems rather out of place.

The man, who seems to be a half-elf, does a sweeping gesture to the surroundings. "Et hoc est quod a delubris dicata usque ad crucem argento. Coetus societatis bonum facere et dedicavit. Si quaeris, non quidem secundum normas omnes dignitates eiusmodi coetus commisi." He pauses as they reach the gathered group in the yard and he bows his head. "Greetings. My name is Gordan Sinclaire, and this is my protege, Azadeh." He gestures to her and she walks forward and bows her head as well. He continues. "I have been showing her around the Grand Lodge, and many of its local holdings. It would please me greatly if you could teach her a few minor tricks about combat. I have a feeling that-"

His words have been cut short due to the arrival of a woman that came by earlier. "Mister Sinclaire!" She runs up to him and stops to catch her breath. "I have been looking for you and the patient! Where have you been! She should be resting!" She would continue but she stops when Sinclaire puts a hand on her shoulder. "Ah, Carol. No matter. Azadeh is alright, see." He shows her Azadeh before continuing. "Since we clearly need to talk, lets talk back in that clinic. Alright..." He casts a spell, and before she can voice her concern, they disappear with a pop.

Azlanti or Linguistics DC 20:

You understand it as Azlanti that he was speaking in.


"Now this place is a lodge dedicated to the Silver Crusade. A group dedicated to doing good through the Society and such. If you ask me, they are not truly following the guidelines of such a prestigious group that we all have joined."

Spellcraft DC 20:

He has cast Teleport, and both of them went to the destination of his choice.

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Gordan slyly grins. "Ah... That is a spell I just acquired to my special new spellbook. Hehe... Erm...." He looks towards the woman then back to the aged Venture Captain. "I have not had used the spell before, nor have I ever cast anything like it." He sighs. "Well, to improve magical knowledge, one must venture out and experiment."

He walks to a nearby table and pulls out a large bright white covered tome from a bag that might be slightly too small for it. Looking through it, he finds the spell he is looking for, and begins to commit it to memory.

After ten minutes or so, he stows his tome away in the bag and turns back to the woman. He barks out for a chair, and one floats up to him. Him, and the chair move close to the woman and the chair is placed down nearby. Getting the woman to finally sit down upon a chair, he sits down on his own. "Nethys, may this experiment prove knowledgeable." Taking a deep breath, he begins to cast his spell and focus upon the woman. Not finding any resistance, he delves in.

Spellcraft DC 20:

Gordan has just cast Possession

And with that, it looks like the man that is sitting there just died.

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The Varisian Half-elven man nods at points of explanation. He raises an eyebrow when the old sage stares off blankly for only a couple seconds.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 26 ⇒ (17) + 26 = 43 Its an auto succeed, but it is nice to see such a large number. o.o

Ah... Psychic Asylum. I haven't seen it cast in person before. But read plenty about it. He thinks as he continues to nods in agreement to the aged Venture Captain when he resumes his theories.

The Varisian half-elf puts a hand onto his own chin. Looking a bit in thought, he glances a look towards the crystal embedded into the chest of the woman. Might help if that crystal was actual flesh before... Healing her. His eyes widen as he stares at the crystal. "Wait... If we cast Stone to Flesh and following it up with the esoteric psychic spell Psychic Surgery, we might be able to bring her back to fully functioning living human being!" He blinks a couple of times before continuing. "Hm, or the other way around. If Stone to Flesh is cast first, then maybe the woman might be able to avoid the shock of having a crystal in her chest. But if Psychic Surgery is cast first, she may have more of a chance of continuing since the crystal is sustaining her existence." He sighs and looks towards the wizened aasimar for his input.

The woman continues to stare off into the distance. Which looks that she is staring towards the two dinosaurs.

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The man comes back to attention at VC Velinznrarikovich's inquiry. "Ah... Yes. This woman and the the man are both being housed at the medical ward within Skyreach. And both are being watched by a Iomedian cleric named Grim, and a young oracle that is named Carol. Among other healers of course." He simply shrugs as the woman continues to stare blankly onward from all the outside interaction.

"From the examination I was able to perform, she was once a mindless undead creature. But!" He points a finger upward. "Due to the Spire fragment in her chest, it has revived her body. As you can tell if you look into the crystal itself, it has taken the place of the heart. Other from that, she is a living human being, with a heavily... Destroyed mind." He rubs the bridge of his nose before continuing. "Since that Lich did his experiment, there was even a creature from the positive energy plane." He gestures a bit. "It claimed that... Ancient lich figured out the cure to death." He laughs slightly. "I doubt that a construct that mimics a physical body down to blood vessels and the like would be considered, 'Alive'."

He orders a chair brought to him, and a unseen force carries a chair over to him and places it down next to him. "She does seem to follow simple commands, like an undead creature. But... Well, just watch." He takes hold of one of the woman's hands and leads her over to the chair. He gestures to the woman and then to the chair. "Sit... Sit here... Sit on the chair." The woman simply stares at Gordan. He steps to the side and gestures to the woman. "See. She might be able to listen, but if you don't have magical compulsion, she isn't able to react."

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Might have minor spoilers of Emerald Spire. I have tried to trim out the spoiler's to the best of my ability. Enjoy.

The Varisian half-elf raises an eyebrow at old sage's comment of the 'passionate', and simply shrugs. He turns around, and directs something to go over to the journal and bring it to Sasha. The journal begins to float and hovers before the Venture Captain. It is singed and rather worn. Like it has been through an explosion. "Pardon the appearance of my findings. I had a terrible experience with being a subject of ancient Azlanti style fireball that was... Quite destructive." The man takes a deep breath to steady himself from that ignoble memory.

"Inside, there are treaties of How the Spire possibly came to be. To Extra Planar creatures and various undead. There were a few dragons, and creatures from the Darklands that were once thought to be no more when Earthfall happened. Little bit of clockwork knowledge is within as well." He pulls out a little green crystal and looks no bigger than an ioun stone and tosses it up into the air before catching it again. "Many creatures within the Spire seem to have their existence there due to the Spire's own magical energies. And a few came to be, because of the Spire itself! In fact... Excuse me one moment."

He intones a spell and he disappears in a flash and with nothing but a pop to signify he teleported.

Spellcraft 19:
He has cast Dimension Door.

And in about a minute, he reappears with the same pop. And along with him is a woman wearing nothing but rags that seems out of sorts, including having a fist sized green crystal embedded in her chest. Blinking and re-adjusting to his surroundings again, he nods and brings the woman forward. "An experiment done by a Azlanti Lich. Her information, along with another we managed to recover from the Spire." He snaps his fingers in front of her and she simply stares on blankly. "I was thinking, possibly, that once my exploration of the Spire is complete. Which should be soon. I will see about recovering her fractured mind. It will be a worthy endeavor."

He goes on and on about other creatures and information found in the Spire. From Aberrations to Xorn, he lists off what has been encountered. "And finally, I believe my team and I are near the root of the Emerald Spire itself! So you can no doubt understand my excitement at nearly completing the delve. At the beginning, when my team started, we found nothing that interesting except a green clockwork man's arm. And now it is nearly Over! Hah..." He dusts himself off and nods as he clearly has an air of being sure of himself at the moment.

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The man frowns and bends down to right a overturn table. Sighing a bit, he casts a spell and the table has upright itself as if by unseen force.

Spellcraft, DC 16:
He cast Unseen Servant

He then begins to gather the books around him as other books float over to the table and stacked neatly and orderly.

After picking up a few books, he leaves his spell going as he walks over to Sasha. "Venture Captain Velinznrarikovich. I have brought my latest findings from the Emerald Spire. This time about the dichotomy between Law and Chaos. It should provide valuable insight into their connection and conflict between the two metaphysical forces." He pulls out a journal and places it on a nearby table.

Looking up at the enlarged woman, he simply frowns. "Madam, while I can understand the interest in safeguarding knowledge... But we preserve it and organize it here. So, if you don't mind, please assist in cleaning up the mess you caused. And I doubt we have any louts here that would let their... Companions loose on these grounds needlessly if they were harmful to their surroundings." He gestures to the to the two well-behaved dinosaurs nearby to attempt to drive home a point. "And trust us, when I say that. We don't have anyone like that..." He gestures his hand in a circle in front of him, looking like he is trying to come up with a polite word to describe someone. "Boisterous wildman here like they do in 'Liberties Edge'." With saying his piece, he goes back to the table, as there is already a large stack of books neatly organized.

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A half-elven man of Varisian decent appears in the room with a small 'pop'.

Spellcraft DC 23:

He has appeared as if he had casted Dimension Door

Taking a moment to adjust to his new surroundings, he looks around. Seeing books and furniture strewn about, he exclaims; "By Desna's Starry Nethers! What in Golarion happened here!?"

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Gordan ponders a bit before pulling out one of the scrolls from his haversack and looks it over. "My experience has shown while different methods exist, doesn't mean it can't be pulled from the same source." He puts the scroll back into the sack before continue. "The Mana Wastes for example. It blocks all forms of magic. You could say it blocks all forms of mystical energy in reality from the basic of natural life." Gordan then shrugs. "Or it makes crazy chaotic things happen that is not able to be accountable to any sort of school or method of thinking."

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"Ah, I see." As Gordan replies while nodding his head. "The energies of the Spire tend to warp the surrounding area. But for this case, someone sent me a Sending spell to let me know. I made sure to asked someone within the grounds here to keep me updated for anything interesting. Also.... I assure you know of various divination spells as well." He lets out a sigh before continuing. "But that Tapestry works quite well when you have to get info and other things around."

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A slightly invisible and tiny object floats pass the doorway before returning and hovers in front of it. A few seconds later, a loud pop happens and there is a man in neat explorer's outfit with various items attached, and within a nice haversack. *Cough*"Excuse me. You are Grundersnutt? I heard you wanted to see research about planar eddies and such, right? I have just returned from my exploration of the Emerald Spire and its various magical effects within. I have many journals worth of information of all that I have encountered so far in the delve of the site." He walks forward to a table and begins to pull book after book out of his handy haversack and places it on the table. One looks like it has been soaked, one looks like it has been singed, and possibly one is glowing with otherworldly energy. "There. All penned by me. Gordan Sinclaire. In clear flowing script that should be easy to follow. Oh, and don't mind the appearance. They only look that way due to exposure to planar energies of the Spire."

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Yes, having many scrolls are very useful. Too bad I didn't decide to go scrollmaster wizard for this character. But the Pathfinder Savant helps alot at its level 3 ability. Being able to cast any spell at your caster level is very useful. I tend to focus more on buffs and utility spells on scrolls, or spells that deal damage by caster level and with no DC, like Magic Missile!

Another thing that is useful for scrolls, is taking the cypher scroll feat, it lets you cast any scrolls at +1 its level. And being a half-elf has its perks too. >.>

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Honestly. There are many different kinds of scrolls and such out there and not just wands! Wands are simple to use, just need the right word, which most of the time, you'd know. It is scrolls that can be challenging. I, myself find spells that enhance oneself or improve are more useful. Don't forget riffle scrolls since they are considered higher level spells. Can be useful for spells that relies on minutes and not hours.

So say you have enlarge person on a riffle scroll. It is considered a 3rd caster level scroll due to having the silent metamagic on it. So instead of only lasting a minute, its lasting for 3! Or if you want to see more oomph from your scrolls other than just riffle scrolls, check out scrollmaster wizard, Cyphermage PrC, or Pathfinder Savant PrC. Each one can, in a way, get scrolls at their caster level.