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Atome wrote:
Bully for you i work for the Government and was up at 5, do i win a prize?

Depends if you can do something about my Tax bill? :) LOL

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Guurzak wrote:
Chidar wrote:
If i am right in that is the fight you refer to.
Apparently we're not talking about the same fight at all; I'm no longer confident we're even talking about the same game.

Yes, Chidar is referring to last night not the original hand showing that started this thread.

As a UK player too, I imagine our paths will cross more than once but to say it was "past your bedtime" so shortly after engaging in PVP seems very weak. After hunting round Marchmont and then its surrounding hexes for you, I made 3 separate (and encumbered) treks out from Marchmont and back again before my "bedtime" ;)

Yes, I work, run my own business, and was up by 7:00 am to get my kids ready for school.

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Doc || Allegiant Gemstone Co. wrote:

SENSOU ganked several ranked Golgothans at the bank last night in Marchmont, and then chased the Golgothans around town for about 10 minutes after they removed their armor upon respawn. When more Golgothans showed up SENSOU departed.

I knew everybody involved by name, so no, they were not new players.

Appreciate your outside view on this Doc but referring to "ranked Golgothans being chased after removing armor" isn't a full disclosure of what took place.

3-4 members of Sensuo actually killed a Golgothan player who was AFK, the ranked Golgothan you refer to was waiting for the killed player to bring resources on another character to transport from Marchmont to Golgotha. Rather than simply flee, the ranked Golgothan ran them round while 3 members rallied to their aid.
After grouping at the bank (and by grouping I mean actually trying to form a group despite the horrible need to type entire names properly then waiting to see if the command had been processed) we sort to seek out the attackers who where last seen huddling round the New Player spawn area. However they where not to be seen. We assumed they had fled from our now evenly matched numbers but like you say they may have just left.
Shortly after the "naked" Golgothans (all who had banked gear to help carry resources) continued helping with the resource move.

Again, appreciate your view but try to keep to the facts. ;)

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*cough*SENSUO*cough* ;)