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Luis Loza wrote:
Goblin Warlord wrote:
Anybody able to tell me if there will be any faith-themed feats in this book?
This book follows the same format as Inner Sea Faiths. The only rules content are new obediences for each of the deities and paladin codes for appropriate deities.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing the boons and info on the more obscure deities, then!

Anybody able to tell me if there will be any faith-themed feats in this book?

Across a rocky non-magical surface of difficult terrain, can a character with freedom of movement charge at an opponent without impediment?

It is a very nicely edited post.

I dont have any specific SLAs in mind, but was wondering if there was a feat or something I could present to players to change the attribute dependency of things like their obedience boons or class SLAs.

I would have no trouble homebrewing something into existence, but I wanted to know if anything like it existed already.

Are there any ways of modifying spell-like abilities to be based on a different attribute, for creatures or players that have low charisma?

Things like feats, traits or racial abilities. (even if from non-playable monster races)

I'm not looking for specific SLAs that are based on other attributes. I'm looking for ways to change SLAs that would normally be based on charisma, so that an alternate attribute can be used.

Wonderstell wrote:
I'd be more afraid of Pummeling Style Criosphinx flurries myself.

Post-nerf pummeling style worries me less. If it still gave almost guaranteed criticals that doubled the entire round's damage, then I might be scared.

Wonderstell wrote:
Wonder if the 1x Str clause on flurries is overruled by Horn of the Criosphinx?

I dont see why not, because I assume dragon style/ferocity works on flurries.

Anyway, thanks a lot guys.

I think lance combat from horseback needs a ruling on doubling your total damage due to the the nature of how those kinds of charges would realistically work and how absurdly abusable it was. Wheres this feat doesn't function much like lances on horseback given that it doesn't require mounted charges or attempt to double overall damage, it just scales the "handedness" modifier very much like dragon ferocity and other similar effects do.

On that note, I don't think i'd allow an monk with this feat to stack dragon style/ferocity with horn of the criosphinx. The effects seem to modify the same thing and don't seem additive.

So I'll rule for my games that horn of the criosphinx works as written and as you'd expect, BUT i'll keep an eye out in case they start trying to pull anything crazy or so much as casually mention buying a lance...

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Wonderstell wrote:


While it's hard to know the RAI of all charge effects, as they probably didn't account for PCs with pounce, RAW is pretty clear.


With the Horn of the Criosphinx feat, If I have the Greater Beast Totem rage power, do I do x2 str damage for the attacks on a charge?

Thanks I think I understand how it works better now.

On one of your extra turns during time stop, can you choose to take a delay action to drop your initiative by 1 and act after time stop ends?

Special Initiative Actions
Here are ways to change when you act during combat by altering your place in the initiative order.

By choosing to delay, you take no action and then act normally on whatever initiative count you decide to act. When you delay, you voluntarily reduce your own initiative result for the rest of the combat. When your new, lower initiative count comes up later in the same round, you can act normally. You can specify this new initiative result or just wait until some time later in the round and act then, thus fixing your new initiative count at that point.

Derklord wrote:

CRB pg. 141:

"Thrown Weapons: Daggers, clubs, shortspears, spears, darts, javelins, throwing axes, light hammers, tridents, shuriken, and nets are thrown weapons. The wielder applies his Strength modifier to damage dealt by thrown weapons (except for splash weapons)." [smaller]emphasis mine.[/url]
By the time you make the damage roll, the weapon has already left your hand, yet the CRB still calls you "wielder". Therefore, a thrown weapon must count as being wielded at least until the ranged attack is fully resolved.

Cool, even the CRB states thrown weapons are still wielded. You're good to go.

Weilding covers ranged attacks as well (except things like arrows, as its the bow being wielded), thrown weapons shouldn't be an exception to this. Theres no official rules that explicitly states this, but that may be because the definition of wielding irl extends to throwing weapons anyway: If a man walks into a bar and starts throwing shurikens at people then the headlines the next day may well read "Madman wielding ninja stars kills three".

Again, just my understanding of the word.

If fearcypher is correct when they say "nowhere in the rules that specifies that throwing is not wielding", then you should be good to go.

The attack action is a specific type of standard action used to make an attack. Some things like the vital strike feat are able to be used alongside an attack action specifically.

Other things like the standard action used by the cleave feat are a different type of standard action and do not use the attack action, meaning things like vital strike cannot normally be used alongside it.

Lelomenia wrote:
what is it about the archetype that you are specifically looking for? Could you just be a non-archetype iroran Paladin?

Wanted something that could just outright ignore spellcasters by having both crazy high saves and high touch AC while being able to quickly heal off any damage. Seemed like a good fit.

Still being able to mini-smite neutral or good foes and being able to make my own code was also a bonus.

Thanks for the long post, ive soaked it all in and will consider my options.

I havnt yet made the character, I was mostly curious to see if i dropped everything but charisma i could still make it relatively decent. The lack of feats is because I was considering taking things to improve lay on hands and give other utility and realised I had very few left. I'll probably just not dump strength if its a hassle to work around.

(and yes if I could i'd have jumped at the divine fighting technique)

Wonderstell wrote:

Do you at least have okay-ish charisma?

Pick up Oath of Vengeance and rely on your Smite Evil.

Buy a cracked Opalescent White Pyramid ioun stone for 1,500 gp and gain proficiency with the Battle Poi if you want to use TWF.

Dabble in alchemy and craft Flame Fountains to hit touch AC while smiting.


So Flame fountain in one hand, Battle Poi in the other, TWF-ing and smiting.

With Str 12 at level 6, you'd have the following attack routine while Smiting:

Flame Fountain +5/+0 (1d8+6) vs Touch, MWK Battle Poi +6 (1d4+6)
Add Charisma to Hit.

They dont get smite evil and also cant take oath of vengeance.

Got anything else that I could gain access to thats charisma based or decently good damage potential without relying on stats or lots of feats?

What would be a good way for an Iroran Paladin with very few feats, low strength and dexterity to stay relevant in combat WITHOUT dipping into other classes?

Not looking to be the best, just reliably ok.

Java Man wrote:
Conan the Librarian?

Haha im stealing that.

He's playing an old "scholarly barbarian" and decided he wants to have better intelligence, dex and con than strength, but still wants power attack to stay relevant in fights. He might be building towards something weird in the long term, but for now it seems ok to let him.

Thanks again.

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You wield this blade-like beam as if it were a scimitar... The blade deals 1d8 points of fire damage + 1 point per two caster levels (maximum +10).

Yes, you create something that is functionally a weapon and is wielded as a weapon that has damage dice of 1d8 (+1/2 caster level). Only the 1d8 gets multiplied, though.

Option 1: Just go full viking archetype fighter.

Link: Viking Archetype

It gives you rage, keeps the fighter bonus feats for whatever you want and even gives you bonuses specifically for using a shield. It also allows for some nice intimidating, which you didn't mention, but is pretty nice. Theres nothing in the archetype that locks you into roleplaying it as an actual viking, so you can fluff your character however you like. You even keep the fighter's capstone if you ever get that far.

Option 2: Otherwise you could just be whatever fighter archetype gives you what you're looking for, then take the barbarian variant multiclass, which takes away 5 of your normal feats, but you're a fighter so you will have more than enough to accomplish anything you like.

In return you get just about everything iconic to barbarians, including greater rage, uncanny dodge and DR, without detracting from any fighter abilities.

Option 3: Another option would be to take whatever fighter archetype gives you what you're looking for, then take the Ulfen Guard prestige class, which gives you greater rage and non-fatigue rage and other things far quicker than normal barbarian multiclassing could.

Lucky for you, fighters have a stupid number of archetypes to fit any weird desire you have, and rage is something that is pretty easy to gain access to. There are far, far too many combinations to list if you start with fighter. On the other hand, Barbarians are sometimes slightly better at what they do, but what they do is generally less flexible.

Gray Warden wrote:

I wrote a whole reply with a bunch of options and links, but somehow the browser crashed and I lost everything T_T Sorry, but I'm not going to do it again.

In summary:
- since you're already taking Additional Traits, there are other non-Magic traits that add +1/+2 CL in certain circumstances. For example, Missionary (Campaign) adds +1 CL to 3 spells you decide when picking the trait, a trait adds +1 CL to divine spells cast on you (so your own buffs), another adds +1 to [good] spells, and so on.
- Alchemical Reagents can be used as additional material components when casting spells to increase their CL by 1, but only for the purposes of specific effects (for example duration, range...), although in certain cases it's a full +1 CL
- Magical items are expensive but they exist: Orange Ioun Stone is a plain +1 CL with no conditions, but it's 30k. The Karma bead from a Strand of Prayer Beads adds +4 to the CL of divine spells for 10 minutes. Other items may exist, but do not expect anything cheap.

Thats a real shame that the browser crashed on you, but ill try searching for the other traits you mentioned. I assume if I have magical knack and two other things that increase CL by 1 that i can apply magical knack first then the other two, meaning i'd be at caster level equal to my level +1? Or would magical knack be applied at the same time, preventing the bonus from going above my level?

It always bugged me that the urumi didnt have the monk property, so I figured it was pretty damn safe to assume another 18-20 weapon having a similar restriction was also an intentional decision. But if not even Isabelle Lee knows, then nobody knows!

But yes, even if its not able to be min-maxed as effectively as another option, its still pretty powerful and it isnt unreasonable for it to have a tiny restriction that effects a minority of builds.

Does an Iroran Paladin need to worship Irori or can they select a different deity?

Gray Warden wrote:
blahpers wrote:
There's always Spell Focus, I guess?
Since when Spell Focus has anything to do with caster level?

He probably meant Varisian Tattoo.

I was hoping for a feat that could grant +3 cl up to HD, considering traits are supposed to be 50% of a feat I thought that would exist. Or failing that another trait that gives +1cl up to HD that stacks with magical knack.

Ah I assumed you needed to permanently meet prereqs, I never saw the brawler FAQ or considered the "fly skill approach" or borrowed items. I think rage qualifies as something he can reliably do every day so thats convincing enough, or if he borrowed an item to get the feat and rage allows him to requalify then thats also fine.

Thanks for the answers.

What are the easiest ways of getting the paladin's caster level up to his class level?

Anything similar to or better than magical knack? (even if it was a feat that increased it by +3 instead of magical knacks +2 i'd consider it worth it because i'll have to take the extra trait feat to get it anyway.)

Yeah, I was just giving a possible reason. Regardless of what their reasons were they seem to have wanted the waveblade to fill a similar kind of niche as the urumi by giving them seperate groups and properties. I never said if they hadnt then it would be the best monk weapon from a min-max perspective, but they have proven to be hesitant to give monks unrestricted use of 18-20 weapons. So the waveblade being part of the close group and not the monk group makes sense.

A DM could house rule a change to the weapon group if they are asked nicely though.

Can you use the strength bonus from rage to qualify for feats that require a certain amount of strength? My old DM, who is now a player is convinced his character with 10 strength can take power attack because he is able to use his barbarian rage to qualify for it as he only uses it during rages. He's often aware of little rules that others arent, is this one of them?

Intentional. The "monk" fighter group and the "monk" property are different. The Urumi, for example, is in the monk fighter group but lacks the monk property.

The Waveblade is simply the reverse of the Urumi. Having an 18-20 weapon be in the monk group and have the property would cause it to outshine too many other monk weapons. Not by a lot, but the decision for both weapons to be excluded from the group or the property was likely done to balance their crit potential with certain things like ascetic style and effects that require the monk property.

Guess there is nothing?

Is there anything (classes, archetypes, feats...) that would allow me to activate an item (one normally limited to being used only once a day) more than once a day?