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Hello everyone.

I am starting up this AP in about a week from now and I wanted to lead up to the events with a festival at noon having various games for Players to participate in and learn a bit of Nirmathi culture / information. This is what I had in mind and I'm wondering what others may have done or any suggestions to what I am planning. Each of the games are sponsored by various influential people within town that have each donated a prize for the winner(s). It also gives some of the NPCs some face time incase people don't ever visit them.

Edit: For some of these you will have to make some random rolls with modifiers to have benchmarks representing NPCs participating.

Aubrin: Pin the Tail on the Ass: A large plank of wood has been set up leaning against a stand. A drawing of Markwin Teldas, the Imperial Governor and High Commander of Molthune’s armies is bent over picking up a shield. His rear is illustrated as comically large, with a bullseye at the crack protruding from his sagging britches. The objective is to throw a feathered dagger as close to the mark as possible. Whoever has the closest shot at the end of the event wins a handcrafted Composite (1) Longbow made by Aubrin. You have three tries from 20’ away. (-2 for range). Highest attack roll wins. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker is done from 40’ away.

Jet: Surrounded! A popular drinking game on special occasions to all Nirmathi. Everyone sits down at the table surrounded by various sorts of alcohol that signify the neighbors of Nirmathas.

>Casks of sour Chelish wine go to the south, representing Molthune as a more distasteful version of their Chelish roots.
>Blood-orange vodka bottles are placed for Nidal and their unholy pacts
>Pleasant spiced meads are used to represent Varisia
>The orcs of Belkzan are presented as a bitter and distasteful Grog
>A hearty shot of scotch is taken in honor of Lastwall

Participants take a turn spinning a bottle on the table and when it stops, they must face the alcohol indicated by the direction the bottle is pointing. The last person ‘standing’ wins a fine bottle of Drumish Wine imported by Jet and worth 20gp.

(Success on a roll means the contestant may stay in the game and the next player spins the bottle.)
(Failing any roll by up to 4 results in the contestant being sickened for the following round.)
(Failing any roll by 5 or more means the contestant is nauseated for a few minutes and bows out of the competition)
Chelish Wine and Belkzan Grog have a base DC of 12 Fortitude save
Blood-orange Vodka has a base DC of 10
Lastwall Scotch and Varisian Mead has a base DC of 6
Every round the DC goes up by +1

Kining: Log Splitting: Each contest has to split three logs, one for each type of tree within the Fangwood; Spruce, Maple and Fir. Whoever can split their three logs the fastest wins the masterwork Great-axe being used for the event and crafted by Kining herself. The benefit to this competition is using all of the split wood for a massive bonfire at midnight. (Though before this happens Kining will try to steal some of it away for her forge).

Each log has hardness 5.
The first log takes 5 damage to split.
The second and third logs takes 10 damage to split.

Vane: Castles and Catapults: Participants are all given a handful of sticks, twine, pebbles and a few other nick-nacks to assemble miniature castles and catapults. The castle must have a banner displayed with an artistic design to represent each crafter and the catapult must be able to fire small projectiles. The point of the game is to use your catapult to knock down your opponents banner before they can knock down yours. The game was initially designed by Vane Oreld nearly a decade ago and is a popular one in Phaendar. The winner receives a custom set of masterwork Artisan's tools.

>Anyone with a craft skill can participate in this, as there are all sorts of ways to construct your offense and defense. Rounds can work out as opposed craft checks between any players and NPCs involved but I imagine I will have a series of craft opposed craft checks getting slightly harder per round (DC: 10, 12 and then maybe 15) unless other players are involved then you can have them face off against each other in the final round if they both make it.

Noelan: Knowledge is Divine: Father Noelan runs a trivia contest, quizzing teams comprised of locals and tourists alike on various forms of knowledge about Nirmathas (geography), Phaendar (history), The Fangwood (nature), Erastil / Desna (religion) and the Chernasardo Rangers (local). The team that scores the most points after the five rounds wins a rare tome that Noelan recently acquired from a passing Varisian caravan. The tome is titled: ‘The Nirmathi Encyclopedia’ and grants a +2 circumstance bonus to any knowledge check made about a topic within Nirmathas while studying with it for an hour.

There are three other teams competing in this event. Each round roll a d4+10, d6+10 and a d8+10 to represent the other teams.

First place in a round wins 3 points, second place wins 1 point.

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I've just started Hell's Bright Shadow last Sunday actually, and done a few minor changes. More to come as we go, probably.

1) (As per insights on this forum) I've bestowed a large chunk of Rexus' story to a PC (human female mesmerist) that is fairly interested in linguistics. So far, so good. Rexus is still in the story as her younger brother, though his attitude growing up in his highly charismatic sister's shadow made him turn out slightly differently than the AP. He never attended the Academy (she did). He left home several years ago to pursue a role in helping the people and has associations with various like-minded people throughout the city (i.e. Strea Vestori) that he tries to help using his family's ties and wealth. Since the night of ashes (PC was returning home as Rexus would have), PC has been looking for Rexus and worried sick since he is all she has left.

2) On that note; I will use Rexus less as a philosophical, peace keeping adviser and more of a haphazard, freedom fighter that puts his older sister and her companions a little too far over their head with posters, vandalism, etc (My PCs are fairly cautious and need a shove from time to time). A bit of an extreme example would be at the Salt Works. Depending on how things go, he may hang back and drape a Silver Ravens banner over the gate, or burn their wagons, crates and barrels (Hopefully supply them with a bit of Notoriety as they are going to be avoiding it at all costs).

3) Since our Skull and Shackles campaign we've had a scummy Dwarven 'tribe' known as the Saltbeards that serve as pirates, mercenaries and drunkards. Making Kossrani a member for our own personal amusement.

4) Going to now call the 'C.C.G.' either the Loyalists or Queensmen. Either is amazing, so thank you for that! C.C.G will now be the outsider's term for them with "Group" probably being replaced with "Goons".

That's all I can think off of the top of my head, though I'm sure I've modified more little bits and pieces that aren't very relevant to everyone else. I tend to GM more improvised, so I just try to familiarize myself with the city and the over-arching story and let my players take it from there. I guess I can update any changes they make to the game for me.

One thing I am wondering about is the usefulness of securing caches. I understand the idea of not getting caught with goods on you but with the caution my players go to, they seem almost like a waste of an action. Anyone made any changes or have insights to that that I may have missed?