Glivus Foxglove's page

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Full Name

Glivus Foxglove


Half Elf


Slayer / 5



Special Abilities

Studied Target / Sneak Attack







Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13

About Glivus Foxglove

Glivus is 2nd cousin to Aldern Foxglove, a minor noble from Magnimar. A child of violence he was tolerated but never loved by his human mother. Sadly this did not lead him down the most wholesome of roads and he quickly fell in with a rough crowd. Glivus earned his way as small time muscle at first but his natural agility and ability to blend into shadows opened even greater opportunities as a break in artist and finally assassin.

The money became quite good and, despite his mother’s lack of interest in him, Glivus made sure that she was taken care of bringing her money on a weekly basis. She asked no question and so he told no lies as to where it came from and while there was never any love between them an appreciation began to develop. Given time this may have improved further but nothing of the sort would be allowed to happen.

Glivus next, and last job, sounded simple. A cleric of Desna had become a thorn in the side, converting some underworld elements and proving difficult to intimidate. Glivus was offered a large sum to eliminate the problem which he happily accepted.

Laying in wait Glivus drew back his enchanted bow and took his shot at which point something unexpected happened, the arrow deflected off a invisible shield. He drew back the bow to fire again but before he could let fly he was struck by a beam of searing light rending him unconscious.

When he came to he was he found himself unarmoed and securely bound with the older cleric sitting across from him smiling. “Well that did not go as you expected did it? I am Father Samuel, a traveler, adventure and believer in the great power of Desna and you my friend shall have a great opportunity. I know of you Glivus as well as of a great shame brought on your family by your cousin.”

“I offer this deal for I know at your core you are not evil, just without a place in the world. Travel to Sandpoint and meet a group that has recently come to its aid. They are heros and on a journey that could impact us all. Offer them your bow and earn your place in the light. In return I will not only give you your life but I will make sure your unloving mother is taken care of and knows of the man you will become.”

With that Samuel put a small blade into Glivus hand and told him the choice was his.

Shaken but interested Glivus left that night for Sandpoint.


+1 Studded Leather
+1 Corrosive Longbow
Dagger Shotsword
Standard Adventures Gear


Str 14
Dex 18
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 13

Bluff +8
Climb +6
Craft Bows +6
Disable Devices +5
Intimidate +7
Know Local +7
Perception +10
Stealth +15
Survival +2