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Useful for both beginning and experienced GMs!


This encompassing collection of tables, plots, haunts, pirate ships and NPCs is quite useful for both beginning and experienced GMs. It can be used on a whim when the party does something unexpected, if they suddenly start asking questions about their surroundings or if you like to run your games more free form. They can also be very useful when preparing your adventures, either to give you a handy description of the landscape, buildings, NPCs etc. your PCs will encounter or even as an inspiration for your new campaign, for a side-trek adventure or if you're just stuck for ideas mid-way through a campaign.

Just be prepared for your PCs to want to hear more about the interesting NPC they just encountered or if they want to investigate that winged shadow that crossed the moon during the night!

Many of the terrain or weather features also include rules for movement, vision/detection and so on in those environments (without double-checking all these rules, they seem to conform to the standard Pathfinder rules for such situations).
If you're not used to incorporating these kinds of descriptions into your games be aware that too many of them, while certainly entertaining and interesting, can easily act as red herrings or derailments of your already planned adventures.
Some of the tables are replicates of earlier tables in the book and could be omitted in further editing passes (if any such are forthcoming). Granted, this is a minor nitpick and is probably indicative of the compilation process of many previous publications.

A quick rundown of the sections in the book reads as follows (other reviews have already gone into further detail about what each section contains, so I'll just give a brief overview):
* Features & Events (contains chapters about campsite, castles, ruins, haunts, extreme weather etc.)
* Folk (bandits and various travellers)
* By Land (contains chapters about desert, farmland, forests, frozen lands, hills etc.)
* By Sea (contains chapters about coasts, sea voyages, shipwrecks and pirate ships)

In closing I would say that this is a massive reservoir of useful tidbits, many of which can easily be used as the starting point of interesting adventures, big and small. So even if you don't plan on using it to put minor events or interesting camp sites into your adventures, it's a good investment just for the many, many adventure ideas - you could run entire campaigns just by using this book.

This product was provided for me for the purposes of doing this review.

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Great art...


But it would have been even greater at about 4 times the size. I know this is labeled as an "Art Print" instead of a poster... yet it would have been awesome as a poster too.