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You don't have to be an Animal-Druid to choose Call of the Wild and Primal Summons. Or do I miss something?

Reach Spell & is really a great combo. I also like Reach Spell & Electric Arc.

I also like the Animal Companion but I think I will just choose Storm Druid-Feats an no Order Explorer (maybe Familiar).

Thanks for your help!

Then I will dedicate to casting, maybe something like that:

1: Storm Born
2: Reach Spell
4: Widen Spell
6: Storm Retribution
8: Wind Caller
10: Overwhelming Energy
12: Primal Focus
14: Timeless Nature
16: Effortless Concentration
18: Invoke Disaster
20: Hierophant's Power

Maybe choosing a Familiar instead of Reach Spell or Widen Spell.

We have five Players. Three of them are frontliners, one Caster (support) and me (druid). So there are many frontliners. But a flanking buddy would be good for our Rogue.

That was my idea. Casting a Spell and use the third action for my Companion. I would build something like:

1: Storm Born
2: Order Explorer (Animal Companion)
4: Mature Animal Companion
6: Storm Retribution
8: Incredible Companion
10: Wind Caller
12: Primal Focus
14: Specialized Companion
16: Timeless Nature
18: Invoke Disaster
20: Hierophant's Power

So I have to renounce Feats like Reach Spell, Widen Spell, Steady Spellcasting, Overwhelming Energy and Effortless Concentration.

Hey everybody :)

I want to play a Storm-Druid in our campaign an I'm not sure how to do it and have a question:

Is a Animal Companion worthy? I'm thinking do choose the Order Explorer-Feat at second level to gain a Companion. But I think a Companion eats a lot of Class-Feats so I can't choose Feats there are useful for casting.

Otherwise I wouldn't choose the Order Explorer-Feat or go into the Leaf Order (Familiar for regaining a Focus Point).

Do you have a opinion or any experience with Storm Druids?

Thanks for your help :)