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Class and Skills:
Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 7/Fighter (Lore Warden) 2 | Acro +19, Bluff +10 Climb +7, Inti +15, Stea +15


30 ft. (30 ft.) | Melee +18/+13 (+20/+15 vs. undead) (+2 bane rapier) Ranged +14 (dagger) Ranged +15/+10 (mwk composite shortbow) CMB +11; weapon cord attached: Yes (rapier)


HP 88/88 Panache 6/7 Stamina 8/10 | AC 28/18/20); 26/18/18 w/composite bow | energy resist: 2 negative, 5 fire | CMD 29 | Fort +6 Ref +12 Will +5 | Per +15, Darkvision 60 ft. | Init +7 (+9 w/swashbuckler initiative);






Neutral Good


Calledrym, the Eagle


Bright Tower


Common, Orc, Ancient Melron, Infernal

Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 8
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Garidan Vissir

Character in Valjoen_GM's Talanor, the Bright Tower campaign. Obsidian Portal Entry

When the world ended, Garidan Vissir was clutched in the chokehold of a fearsome orc warrior, laughing madly as the warrior's free hand approached his defenseless head...

General Stats and Senses:

Human Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade)* 7/Fighter (Lore Warden) 2

*Favored Class Benefit: +1 hit point/level
Human Stat Increase: +2 Dex

5' 6", 140 lbs.

Perception +15; Darkvision 60 ft., Blindsight 30 ft.; Blinded

Bound Soul
Half-Orc Stat Increase: +2 Cha

Bound Soul Racial Ability
Darkvision 60 ft.

Bound Soul Class
Fighter (Lore Warden)


Init +7, +9 with swashbuckler initiative
AC 28, 18 touch, 20 flat-footed (+7 armor, +2 buckler, +5 Dex, +3 dodge, +1 natural; 26/18/18 when using composite bow); 2 negative energy resistance, 5 fire resistance
HP 88 (9d10-9)
Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +5
Speed 30 ft.
Melee/Ranged +2 cruel impact sharding undead bane rapier +18 (1d8+9, 16-20/x2, 10 ft.) OR
Full Attack (Melee/Ranged) +2 cruel impact sharding undead bane rapier +18/+13 (1d8+9, 16-20/x2, 10 ft.) OR
Ranged dagger +14 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2, 10 ft.) OR
Ranged masterwork composite shortbow (+1 Str) +15 (1d6+1, x3, 70 ft.) OR
Full Attack masterwork composite shortbow (+1 Str) +15/+10 (1d6+1, x3, 70 ft.)
Base Attack +9/+4; CMB +11 (+13 to dirty trick, reposition, and steal, +14 to sunder, +16 to disarm and trip), CMD 29 (31 to dirty trick, disarm, reposition, steal, or trip, 33 to disarm while 1 panache is available)

Rapier attack bonus is BAB (+9) + Dex (+5) + Weapon Focus (+1) + enhancement (+2; +4 vs. undead) + Rapier Training (+1) - +1 buckler ACP (-0 per Weapon Finesse).
Dagger (ranged) attack bonus is BAB (+9) + Dex (+5).
Composite shortbow attack bonus is BAB (+9) + Dex (+5) + masterwork (+1).

Abilities, Feats, Traits, and Skills:

Ability Scores and Modifiers
Str 14 (+2), Dex 20 (+5), Con 8 (-1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 16 (+3)

Canny Tumble, Combat Expertiseb, Combat Reflexes, Combat Stamina, Dazzling Display, Deft Maneuvers, Dodge, Fencing Grace, Mobility, Point-Blank Shot, Power Attackb (-3/+6), Quick Draw, Shatter Defenses, Signature Skill (Intimidate), Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (rapier), Weapon Versatility (rapier)

Traits and Drawback
Armor Expert, Dangerously Curious, Silent Hunter; Attached (ioun torch, -3/-4), Doubt

Adventuring Skills

Swashbuckler Ranks/Level: 10 (+1 Human, +4 Class, +2 Int, +1 Campaign [Knowledge only], +2 Background)
Fighter Ranks/Level: 10 (+1 Human, +2 Class, +2 Archetype [Int-based only], +2 Int, +1 Campaign [Knowledge only], +2 Background)

Acrobatics (9 ranks) +19, Bluff (4 ranks) +10, Climb (2 ranks) +7, Diplomacy (2 ranks) +8, Intimidate (9 ranks) +15, Knowledge (arcana) (2 ranks) +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) (2 ranks) +7, Knowledge (local) (2 ranks) +7, Knowledge (nature) (3 ranks) +8, Knowledge (planes) (2 ranks) +7, Knowledge (religion) (2 ranks) +7, Perception (9 ranks) +15, Sense Motive (5 ranks) +9, Stealth (4 ranks) +15, Survival (6 ranks) +10, Use Magic Device (9 ranks) +21

Background Skills

Craft (alchemy) (8 ranks) +18, Craft (armor) (4 ranks) +9, Craft (weapons) (4 ranks) +9, Knowledge (history) (1 rank) +6, Sleight of Hand (1 rank) +8

Daily Abilities Tracker:

Panache: 4/5 per day
Special Panache: 2/2 per day
Stamina: 8/10 per day

Armor Spell (Bountiful Banquet): 0/1 per day
Armor Spell (Invisibility): 0/1 per day
Armor Spell (Message): 1/1 per day
Shield Spell: Cloak of Winds (CL 8th)
Ivory Scroll Spell:
Scroll of Conjuration: Adhesive Spittle (CL 1st, DC 14), Obscuring Mist (CL 1st), Stumble Gap (CL 1st, DC 14)

Bone Cage: 1/1 per day
Charmed Life: 4/4 per day
Disarming Parry: 2/2 per day
Favored Enemy (gnolls): 2/2 per day
Light Shaper: 1/1 per day
Speed Surge: 0/2 per day
Strength Damage: 1/1 per day
Studied Target: 3/3 per day
Vital Strike: 1/2 per day

Mylesar's Potion Flask: 1/1 per day
Ampoule Ability (Held): 1/1 per day
Ampoule Ability (Triggered): 1

Campaign Boons:

Essence Count (Self): 5 LE, 2 EE, 1 elemental essence
Essence Count (Rapier): 9 EE (3 bonus, 6 ability)
Essence Count (Breastplate): 5 EE (1 bonus, 4 ability)
Essence Count (Buckler): 2 EE (1 bonus, 1 ability)
Essence Count ('Ruza): 1 LE, 1 AE

Gift of Teysura: The gratitude of the goddess grants +1 bonus to all saving throws.
Life Essence (Goblin Sorcerer): +1 increase to Dexterity. In addition, when Garidan successfully uses Riposte, he can choose to inflict an extra +1d6 points of fire damage to the target.
Life Essence (Flame Drake): Gain Dodge as a bonus feat. In addition, a measure of the speed and vigor that the drake had in life is now granted to Garidan, allowing him to use Speed Surge 1/day as a swift action to gain an additional move action in a round. Finally, the damage from his Flaming Riposte is increased to +1d8 points of fire damage.
Ethereal Essence (Flame Drake): Makes Garidan's bonded rapier a magic weapon with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. In addition, when Garidan performs a successful riposte while flanked by two or more opponents, he can choose--as a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity--to either take a 5-foot step into any unoccupied space or switch positions with the opponent who was struck by the riposte.
Ethereal Essence (Screaming Skull): Grants Garidan's rapier the bane property against undead. In addition, when confirming a critical hit, the rapier emits an ear-piercing scream that is audible over 100 feet and deals an additional +1d4 points of sonic damage to the target. The target must be able to hear the scream in order to suffer this additional damage.
Ethereal Essence (Gnoll Sorcerer): Grants Garidan's rapier the cruel property. In addition, when confirming a critical hit, the rapier delivers a minor shock to the target, dealing an additional +1d4 points of electrical damage.
+2 Ethereal Essence (Bone Golem): Grants Garidan's rapier the impact property, increasing its base damage to 1d8. Additionally, when Garidan succeeds at a parry attempt, he can immediately attempt a disarm combat maneuver against that opponent. The disarm attempt gains a +2 bonus, does not provoke an attack of opportunity, and is usable 2/day.
Ethereal Essence (Bone Golem), Ethereal Essence (Geist): Grants Garidan's rapier the sharding property. 1/day, Garidan can make a special attack with the shard that increases its first range increment to 30 feet and, with a successful ranged touch attack that does no damage, surrounds the target with cage of bones. The cage has a duration of 10 minutes per character level, 15 HP, 21 AC, DR 5/adamantine and bludgeoning, and provides cover against attacks from inside or outside the cage. Additionally, any time normal shards are used, Garidan may take a swift action to feint the target with a Bluff check (which receives a +5 bonus to the check). If the check succeeds, the target's Dex bonus to AC against Garidan's attacks is negated for 1 round.
Ethereal Essence (Geist): Imbued directly into Garidan's body, this essence grants a +5 competence bonus to Craft (alchemy) checks. Further, the essence grants a +2 bonus to Garidan's initiative.
Ethereal Essence (Ghoul Huntmaster): Makes Garidan's mithral breastplate magic armor with a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. In addition, he gains negative energy resistance 2.
Gift of the Great Chestnut: Inhaling the smoke produced by the burning wood of this magically-enhanced tree grants a +1 natural armor bonus.
Life Essence (Gnoll Slayer): Gain Weapon Versatility as a bonus feat. 1/day as a move action, Garidan can use studied target as per the slayer ability, with his character level treated as his slayer class level for determining his studied target ability's bonus only. If he already has the ability--or later gains it by taking levels in slayer--the bonus is increased by +1. Finally, his base movement when using Speed Surge is increased by 50%--to 45 feet of movement; this base speed increase grants Garidan a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump while the Speed Surge is active--and the fire damage of a successful riposte is increased to +1d10.
Fire Element Essence (Gnoll Priest): Garidan gains fire resistance 5. In addition, when Garidan's ioun torch uses it's innate spell ability, the spell gains the [fire] descriptor and any target of that spell that is damaged or otherwise affected by a detrimental effect--and that fails it's save against that spell's effect--will suffer additional fire damage equal to Garidan's Cha modifier.
Ethereal Essence (Storm Hag): With the use of this essence, Garidan's breastplate gains the spellscribed feature, and may have a maximum of 6 spells, each up to 6th level, inscribed upon its surface. Garidan may activate these spells with successful Use Magic Device checks as though he were casting from a scroll. Unlike normal spellscribed armor, however, the means by which Garidan adds spells to his armor differs;

  • First, Garidan may feed his armor an ethereal essence taken from a spellcasting creature to permanently add one spell known or memorized by the creature at the time of its death. The spell's caster level and DC to resist its effects are set by caster level and ability score of the creature from whom the essence was taken. Inscribing a spell on his armor with this method allows Garidan to cast the spell once per day, but at the cost of permanently occupying one of the armor's available spell slots; the spell cannot be removed from the armor inscribed, but can be upgraded to an available greater/improved version with the use of another ethereal essence.
  • Second, a spellcaster with either the Scribe Scroll or Brew Potion feats can add a spell to the armor as though they were scribing a scroll. The spellcaster sets the caster level at the time of scribing, and the DC is set based upon their ability score. A spell inscribed on the armor using this method disappears once Garidan casts it, making the spell slot it occupied available once again. Further, the particular variation of Garidan's spellscribed armor means that the normal costs of inscribing a spell with this method don't apply; instead, it requires the use of special reagents that are currently unknown.

Additionally, Garidan gains a +2 bonus to Acrobatics and Stealth checks.
Ethereal Essence (Storm Hag): This essence grants Garidan's spellscribed armor the ability to cast invisibility once per day with a caster level of 10th, at the cost of permanently occupying one of his armor's available spell slots. By feeding another ethereal essence--used for this express purpose--into his armor, Garidan can upgrade this spell to function as greater invisibility. To use the spell, Garidan must first succeed at a DC 30 Use Magic Device check. In addition, Garidan may gain the effects of the Vital Strike feat for a single round, 2/day.
Ethereal Essence (White Wolf) x2: Increases the enhancement bonus of Garidan's rapier to +2, and Garidan can apply the rapier's enhancement bonus to Intimidate skill checks made to demoralize targets when the weapon is unsheathed and in hand. In addition, when confirming a critical hit, the rapier coats the wound with a layer of ice, dealing an additional +1d4 points of cold damage to the target.
Life Essence (Gnoll Ranger): Gain Point-Blank Shot as a bonus feat. In addition, 1/day as a swift action, Garidan may tap into the power of this essence to gain a greater understanding of gnolls; for a number of rounds equal to his character level, he gains the benefit of favored enemy (gnolls), treating his character level as his ranger class level for determining the bonus of this ability. Finally, his extra fire damage on a successful riposte is increased to +2d6, his Speed Surge is improved to 2/day (with a total increase to his base speed of +100%), and his Studied Target is improved to 2/day.
Ethereal Essence (Gnoll Bard): This essence grants Garidan's spellscribed armor the ability to cast bountiful banquet once per day with a caster level of 10th, at the cost of permanently occupying one of his armor's available spell slots. To use the spell, Garidan must first succeed at DC 30 Use Magic Device check. As a secondary benefit, this essence allows Garidan to tap into the lingering wisps of magic left by its source to cast message 1/day (caster level equals character level, no Use Magic Device check required).
Ethereal Essense (Flame Staff): Imbued directly into Garidan's body, this essence grants a +5 competence bonus to Use Magic Device checks. Additionally, 1/day, when successfully confirming a critical hit, Garidan may choose forgo all damage and instead inflict 1d6 points of Strength damage to his target.
Life Essence (Hill Giant): Gain Combat Stamina as a bonus feat. In addition, Garidan gains an additional +2 stamina to his stamina pool. As his fourth life essence used to gain a bonus feat, Garidan also receives an additional bonus of a +1 increase to the ability score of his choice (Dexterity). Finally, his extra fire damage on a successful riposte is increased to +2d8, his base movement when using Speed Surge is improved to +150%, and he gains an additional daily use each of Studied Target and Favored Enemy (increasing to 3/day and 2/day, respectively).
Ethereal Essence (Tikbalang): This essence grants Garidan's spellscribed armor the ability to cast fly once per day with a caster level of 12th, at the cost of permanently occupying one of his armor's available spell slots. To use the spell, Garidan must first succeed at DC 32 Use Magic Device check. As a secondary benefit, the lingering remnants of the tikbalang's magic allows Garidan to conceal his armor's true appearance as though it possessed the glamered armor property, but only once per day and for 10 minutes per character level.
Ethereal Essence (Ursikka): Makes Garidan's chestnut wood buckler a magic shield with a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. In addition, he gains an icebound ward, which provides cold resistance 5 against cold-based melee attacks or spells targeted directly at the wielder; cold-based area-of-effect spells or other effects that do not directly target the wielder are not affected by the icebound ward.
Ethereal Essence (Cliff Giant): With the use of this essence, Garidan's buckler gains the spellscribed feature, and may have a maximum of 1 spell, up to 3rd level, inscribed upon its surface. Garidan may activate this spell with a successful Use Magic Device checks as though he were casting from a scroll. Unlike normal spellscribed armor (or Garidan's spellscribed breastplate), however, the means by which Garidan adds spells to his shield differs;

  • Anyone with the Scribe Scroll or Brew Potion feats may add a spell to the buckler, the former by writing out the spell formula with a bit of charcoal and the latter by rubbing magic-imbued oils into the wood. The normal costs associated with adding a spell to the buckler using these feats is waived, unless the spell requires a rare or costly material component.
  • Additionally, druids may simply add any prepared spell, up to 3rd level, by writing on the buckler using their secret language without the need for the Scribe Scroll feat.
  • Unlike Garidan's spellscribed breastplate, the buckler will not accept any essence that is added in an attempt to fix a spell into it. Only spells added by either of the above methods will take hold and be usable.

The wood from which the buckler was made, recovered from the remains of a mighty chestnut exposed to centuries of nature magic, still retains a trace of the power infused into it. A druid spell from the Wood element inscribed on the buckler receives a +1 bonus to its caster level.
Life Essence (Animate Dream): Absorbing this life essence into her vessel grants 'Ruza the Share Sight and Essence Shaper abilities.
Arcane (Transmutation) Essence (Ox Horn): Absorbing this arcane essence into her vessel grants 'Ruza the Visionary Magic ability.
Ethereal Essence (Animate Dream): Imbuing this essence into himself grants Garidan a +1 resistance bonus to all saving throws, as well as a +2 bonus to Perception checks.

Unused Essences:

Ethereal Essence (Equine Idol)
Ethereal Essence (Leather Lamellar)
Ethereal Essence (Breastplate)

Possessions and Encumbrance:

Cold-weather outfit, cushioned inserts, +2 cruel impact sharding undead bane bonded rapier, weapon cord, dagger, masterwork composite shortbow (+1 Str), 15 arrows, 4 elven bane arrows, 6 raining arrows, +1 spellscribed bonded mithral breastplate, +1 spellscribed bonded wooden buckler, bonded ioun torch (dull gray sphere), ampoule of sagurim, belt pouch (with flint and steel, griffon feather, 2 wandermeal biscuits, 2/2 days of trail rations), canteen (full), bandolier (x2 flasks holy water, flask acid, flask shard gel, x2 stormstones, Mylesar's Potion Flask, ivory scroll case)

Weight: 51 lbs. (Light)

Handy haversack (pouch #1 [20/20 lbs.]: bedroll, blanket, grooming kit, soap, mess kit, explorer's outfit, 5 doses peptus salix, coinage [8sp, 3 cp]; pouch #2 [20/20 lbs.]: 10 days trail rations, 20 wandermeal biscuits, 58/60 servings dreamer's star tea; body [80/80 lbs.]: 50' silk rope, everburning torch, alchemist's lab [makeshift portable], alchemical ingredients [1,470gp], 3 1/2 vials of Oil of Vra'lithe, 3 vials of Ursikka saliva, 3 doses golden maple leaf, 5 doses of black pesh, 5 pouches dimmer dust, 2 packets flash powder, 3 fungal stun vials, 3 flasks acid, 2 flasks bottled lightning, burst jar, flask ghast retch, tanglefoot bag, thunderstone, armorsmith's tools, weaponsmith's tools, whetstone, scrivener's kit, 2 journals, 40 sheets parchment, 4 vials of ink, 5 vials of colored ink [assorted], 1 vial of invisible ink [good], 6 quills, waterskin [empty], waterskin [empty], waterskin [full])

Weight: 5 lbs. (Light when combined with worn gear)

Light: 58 lbs.
Medium: 59-116 lbs.
Heavy: 117-175 lbs.


Uses ioun wyrd as the base for her stats. This has been further improved by increasing her Dexterity score, natural armor, and granting her base saving throws equal to a fighter of Garidan's character level.
Goruza ('Ruza) Vissir CR *
Female half-orc (ioun torch)
NG Tiny construct
Init +5; Senses Perception +2; Blindsight 30 ft., Darkvision 60 ft.

AC 22, touch 17, flat-footed 17 (+2 size, +5 Dex, +5 natural)
hp 10 (1d10+0)
Hardness 5
Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +6
Immune: construct traits

Speed 0 ft.
Space 0 ft.; Reach 0 ft.

Str 4 (-3), Dex 20 (+5), Con - (+0), Int 5 (-3), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 10 (+0)
Skills: Fly +13, Stealth +16
Languages: Common, Orc
Special Qualities: mending (1/day), prestidigitation (at will), telepathic

Special Abilities

Mending (Sp): Once per day, 'Ruza may use the mending spell to repair damage that she has taken, though the spell repairs all damage she has taken, up to her maximum amount. The spell may also be used only on herself. It otherwise functions exactly as the mending spell.

Prestidigitation (Sp): 'Ruza can use the prestidigitation spell at will.

Light Shaper (Sp): 1/day, 'Ruza can cast a single spell with the [Light] descriptor from the sorcerer's spell list, using Garidan's Charisma modifier and Garidan's character level -2 as 'Ruza's sorcerer level for determining which spells are available and their effectiveness. The spell requires no components, is cast on Garidan's initiative count during a round, and consumes Garidan's swift action for that round.

Cantrips: Dancing Lights, Flare, Light
1st Level: Dancing Lantern, Flare Burst, Snapdragon Fireworks
2nd Level: Burst of Radiance, Continual Flame, Flickering Lights
3rd Level: Daylight, Spotlight

Telepathic (??): 'Ruza is capable of seeing and hearing, but not of audible speech. Instead, communication from 'Ruza is done in the form of telepathic contact limited to sending only. Only Garidan can be the target of such contact.

Gift of Teysura (??): While 'Ruza's ioun torch is in Garidan's possession, she shares the benefit of his Gift of Teysura boon, gaining a +1 bonus to all saving throws.

Gift of the Great Chestnut (??): While 'Ruza's ioun torch is in Garidan's possession, she shares the benefit of his Gift of the Great Chestnut boon, gaining a +1 natural armor bonus to her armor class.

Share Sight (??): Empowered by a life essence, 'Ruza gains the ability to share her visual senses with Garidan while in the latter’s possession.

This includes standard vision, low-light vision, and darkvision to a range of 60 feet. She also gains the ability to share with Garidan her Blindsight, with the same range of 30 feet that she has. However, Garidan must take a free action each round to use the ability, so only gains the benefits during his turn. Finally, ’Ruza’s method of sharing her sense of sight means that Garidan is harder to flank, and enemies only gain a +1 bonus when flanking him.

However, this new status as Garidan’s sole means of sight has made ’Ruza all the more vital to him, and the penalties of his Attached drawback are increased by -1. This is increased by an additional -1 for every arcane Divination essence that 'Ruza absorbs.

Essence Shaper (Ex): The life essence absorbed into her vessel has empowered 'Ruza, giving her the limited ability to reshape select essences to better suit her needs. She may, upon absorbing an arcane essence, treat that essence as Divination arcane essence. If the essence is extracted later from 'Ruza, it will revert to it’s naturally attuned school.

Visionary Magic (+1) (varies, see text): Whenever 'Ruza absorbs an arcane Divination essence, she gains a number of specific benefits;

  • (Ex) A +1 resistance bonus to saving throws made against gaze attacks, as well as sight-based spells and effects. This bonus is shared by Garidan while he is using 'Ruza's Share Sight ability. This bonus stacks with the resistance bonus granted by any other arcane Divination essence that 'Ruza has absorbed.

  • (Sp) The ability to add a spell from Divination school to the list of spells that she can cast. The spell can be cast 1/day and must come from the sorcerer's spell list, and 'Ruza uses Garidan's Charisma modifier and Garidan's character level -2 as her sorcerer level for determining which spells are available and their effectiveness. The spell requires no components, is cast on Garidan's initiative count during a round, and consumes Garidan's swift action for that round.

    A spell with a level greater than 1 requires a arcane Divination essence and a number of ethereal essences for each spell level above level 1 (i.e., a 2nd-level spell requires one arcane Divination essence and one ethereal essence, while a 3rd-level spell requires one arcane Diviniation essence and two ethereal essences, and so forth). Alternatively, in lieu of adding a new spell to her repertoire, 'Ruza may instead gain an additional daily cast of an existing spell granted by a prior arcane Divination essence.

  • Upon absorbing the arcane Divination essence required to activate the Visionary Magic ability, 'Ruza gains a single spell from the sorcerer's spell list. This spell may be of any level that 'Ruza can cast--using Garidan's character level -2 as her sorcerer level--and does not require the additional ethereal essences that a Divination spell with a level greater than 1 would normally require.

    3rd Level: Perfect Placement

  • 10-Minute Background:

    Step 1: Appearance and Background
    1) Garidan Vissir is a young man with a slight, frail body, a slightly tanned complexion, and curly brown hair. A narrow face with a sharp chin and cheekbones hosts a ready smile and alert green eyes that seem to miss nothing that passes before them. His movements are controlled, precise, and with no wasted motion; exactly the right amount for whatever he is doing, no more and no less. During his mother's pregnancy with him, both of them were infected with an unknown disease that left them severely weakened and vulnerable to other ailments. Shortly after his birth, Garidan's mother succumbed to the effects of the disease, while Garidan himself managed to cling to life, though the disease marked him as well with a sickly body prone to quick exhaustion.

    2) In his younger, wilder days, Armant Vissir--father of Garidan and, later, Goruza--was an scholarly bard of some repute. He was in high demand as a guide and researcher for anyone seeking out the mysteries of the past, and his adventures amassed him a small but tidy fortune over the years. During his career, Armant often found himself encountering Alezra Sharpwit, a female orc sorcerer with similar interests, and the two developed a friendly rivalry that could have become more had Armant not been in an arranged betrothal. When Armant's wife become ill during her pregnancy with Garidan, she sent word for Alezra to visit her, and the two women spoke daily for the remainder of the former's life. What precisely was said during these conversations Alezra never revealed, but after the death of Armant's wife, Alezra stayed in the valley to help care for Armant and Garidan both. Eventually Armant's grief faded, and the long-buried feelings for Alezra made themselves known once more, resulting in the two getting wed and shortly thereafter, welcoming a daughter into the world.

    3) As a growing child, Garidan's lack of endurance and susceptibility to illness left him confined to his home for long stretches, though this was no hardship to the boy. For whatever Garidan may have lacked physically, he more than made up for mentally, and his father and step-mother found him a joy to teach. As he grew older, he was pleased to learn that he wasn't entirely lacking in physical gifts either, developing a surprising level of grace and agility in his movements. He even took up fencing with his birth mother's heirloom rapier, and displayed an almost preternatural level of skill in the weapon's use. Further, Garidan found that the lessons from his parents meshed well with his fencing, instilling a mindset that encouraged clear, decisive thoughts and deeds.

    Educated by well-traveled, experienced, and scholarly parents, Garidan--and later, Goruza--was encouraged to find a path in life that made the most of the resources available. Though neither child followed in the footsteps of their parents, they still managed to pick up at least some useful tricks. From his father, Garidan learned how to speak and sneak effectively, while his step-mother showed him the best ways to terrify his enemies with sheer presence, as well as how to safely unlock the capabilities within magic items of all sorts. (Trait: Armor Expert, Trait: Dangerously Curious, Trait: Silent Hunter)

    4) When the world ended, Garidan was trapped in a chokehold administered by his sister Goruza, laughing uncontrollably as she prepared to deliver a savage knuckling (noogie) to the top of his head. Their parents were sitting on the porch of their home, watching with exasperated amusement as their children carried on. Before any of them realized what was happening, the expanding rift claimed their lives, along with every other living thing in the small valley they called home.

    5) Garidan awoke, weeping uncontrollably for his sister and parents, on the floor of a chamber in what he later learned was the famous Bright Tower of story and song, Talanor. Finding no other trace of his family in the tower's confines after a desperate search, he eventually returned to the chamber in which he had awakened to learn how he had come to be there, and why. Throughout the explanations and preparations that followed, Garidan could swear he heard his sister's voice, faint but distinct, offering advice in a familiarly lecturing tone. More oddly still, his previous style of fighting seemed to have somehow incorporated elements of Goruza's own style. However, the greatest shock to Garidan was the first time he ventured outside of the Bright Tower without a light source, and realized that the darkness was no impediment to him whatsoever. As strange as it seems, some part of his sister came back with him when he was restored to life, and that has made it easier for Garidan to face what is left of the world. Unfortunately, his previous confidence has still taken a hard blow, leaving him prone to severe periods of self-doubt when he falls short of success on some tasks. (Drawback: Doubt)

    Step 2: Goals
    1) Do whatever he can to aid the Hazard in sealing the rift for good.

    2) Restore the shattered world to something habitable, if not somehow undoing the calamity itself.

    2) Find the unknown monster responsible for this atrocity and exact some measure of revenge. Not justice, no, because no mere mortal law can encompass a punishment sufficient for a crime of this scope.

    Step 3: Secrets
    1, Known)

    2, Unknown)

    3, GM-assigned) ????

    Step 4: Friends and Enemies
    None. The world has come to an end, and anyone who could ever have been counted as friend or enemy to Garidan before that calamity has likely perished; it is a certainty that his family is gone. As far as Garidan is aware, only the Hazard and these rescued strangers remain of the old world, and while the latter may yet become friends or enemies of their own accord, it is too soon to tell for certain.

    Step 5: Mannerisms, Memories, and Quirks
    1) When Garidan is deep in thought, he becomes completely still, his face loses all expression, and he appears to be totally unaware of the world around him. This behavior has been known to cause severe frights when, after a long period of statue-like immobility broken only by shallow breathing, Garidan suddenly begins moving again with no warning.

    2) The best memory Garidan has is the day his sister was born. He was utterly enthralled by the girl, and took to the duties of an older brother with gusto. As Goruza grew up, the gap in their respective robustness grew ever more pronounced, though Garidan never gave in to his weakness, always striving to be the brother she needed.

    3) Garidan lay claim to a small, discarded ioun stone he found in one of the Bright Tower's storage rooms, and has taken to playing with it, nudging in along with his fingers as it circles his head. Worryingly, he has also begun talking to it, addressing it by his sister's name and acting as though it were speaking back to him.

    Role and Advancement:

    Garidan is an agility-based front-line combatant, relying on maneuverability, well-timed acts of aggression and deception, and allies to deal damage most effectively in battle. Outside of battle, he offers a decent array of useful Knowledge skills to aid his party, along with the ability to scout alongside a trap-locating rogue, trigger magic items in a pinch, and even get along in the wilderness (though that last point isn't quite as useful, all things considered).

    Swashbuckler Bonus Feat Progression
    1st: Weapon Focus (rapier)
    4th: Mobility
    8th: Circling Mongoose
    12th: Staggering Critical
    16th: Critical Mastery
    20th: Opening Volley*3

    Fighter Bonus Feat Progression
    1st: Combat Reflexes
    2nd: Deft Maneuvers*4, Shatter Defenses

    Character Bonus Feat Progression
    1st: Fencing Grace, Quick Draw (Human)
    3rd: Dazzling Display
    5th: Signature Skill (Intimidate)
    7th: Canny Tumble
    9th: Spring Attack
    11th: Critical Focus*1
    13th: Bleeding Critical
    15th: Precise Shot*2
    17th: *2
    19th: Close-Quarters Thrower

    Feat Replacements
    *1 Replace Critical Focus with Bleeding Critical, Bleeding Critical with Staggering Critical, Staggering Critical with Close-Quarters Thrower, and Close-Quarters Thrower with (?).

    *2 Replace Point-Blank Shot with Precise Shot, Precise Shot with (?).

    *3 Replace Opening Volley with (?).

    *4 This feat replaces the granted archetype Combat Expertise bonus feat, which is itself available for free as a campaign bonus feat.

    Life Essence Feats
    Critical Focus, Opening Volley, Hurtful, Distance Thrower, Cut From The Air (Smash From The Air),

    Possibly invest in Improved Feint (Greater Feint).

    Also consider Signature Strike Style (Improved Called Shot).

    Also consider the Kirin Style chain--Improved Unarmed Strike, Kirin Style, Kirin Strike, and Kirin Path--to complement Garidan's use of the cunning weapon ability and his potential development as a light-weight scholar focusing ever more on monster killing lore.

    If Valjoen approves Spheres of Might for use in Talanor campaign,
    take Extra Combat Talent feat to select Alchemy Sphere (Alchemy Package [salve formulae]).

    Antagonize is another choice for manipulating foes.

    Bonded Item & Essence Enhancements:

    Prospective Essence Enhancement Ideas
    Life Essence (+Int): When making a Knowledge skill check, roll twice and take the better result.

    Rapier: Make ranged ripostes against creatures with reach.

    The following is a list of possible enhancements suitable to Garidan's rapier. The list begins with a number of weapon special abilities, divided into three categories based on their general purpose.

    Next is a list of magic items whose features are particularly suited to Garidan.

    Swashbuckler-specific Enhancements:
    All of the following weapon properties are meant for use with (or require) swashbuckler class features.

    Answering, Confounding, Flamboyant (included Greater), Fortuitous

    General Enhancements:
    The following weapon properties are either general use, or take advantage of a feat, class feature, or skill that Garidan has to generate an enhanced effect with the feat, class feature, or skill.

    Cunning, Dazzling Radiance, Dueling, Exhausting, Impervious, Speed, Greater Transformative (to become bow)

    See if Valjoen will allow a special application of a non-life essence to grant the Armor Adept feat specifically to Garidan's breastplate, then apply the Nimble and Slumbering modifications to the armor and use the feat to negate the drawbacks of those two modifications.

    Ioun Torch
    For Garidan's bonded ioun torch, look into improvements that affect or alter its light generation to light manipulation, grant 'Ruza the ability to physically interact with the world--via controlling an unseen servant as a puppet--and improve Garidan's skill checks (directly, or by allowing 'Ruza to make aid another checks). See if skill-enhancing feats can also be added, affectng either Garidan directly or allowing 'Ruza to make improved aid checks. See if an essence can be used to allow 'Ruxa to act as a masterwork UMD tool to decipher written spells and activate scrolls, fluffing it as her exposure to spell formulae giving her an insight on the subject.

    See if Valjoen will consider allowing 'Ruza to have daily uses of her Light Shaper ability equal to her effective sorcerer level, possibly added/increased via essence. As an expansion to this, metamagic feats that 'Ruza has can be applied at the cost of daily uses for each added spell level from the feat(s).

    Craft Reference & Progress:

    Unchained Craft Rules

    Spontaneous Alchemy
    Recipes Known
    Alchemist's Fire: 12 magnesium + 22 spirit of wine/congelation; DC 20, 10 minutes, alchemist's lab.
    Longbeard Lambic: 3 gold + 5 quicksilver + 4 spirit of wine/fermentation; DC 18, 1 week, brewer's kit.

    Talanor: Components

    Talanor: Collecting Parts; Living and Dead

    Foraging (Note that Garidan may use the rules for foraging to locate alchemical raw materials and reagents, subject to the terrain being foraged.)

    Weapon Modifications

    Alchemical Concoctions

    Alchemical Goods

    Alchemical Tinctures

    Alchemical Weapons

    Houserules for New & Existing Alchemical Items
    Exemplar Weapon Salve: Applied to weapons and ammunition only, craftable (DC 30).

    Tanglefire Bags: Craftable item (DC 27) requiring a tanglefoot bag and a flask of alchemist's fire to create. When thrown, a tanglefire bag functions as a tangleburn bag, save that it creates a splash of fire damage on impact identical to that of a flask of alchemist's fire.

    Alchemy Progress Tracker:
    Making a dose of wild-blood, for which the DC is 15. Using UC crafting rules, I use 25 gp worth of ingredients and the item's complexity is normal, so I make 2 gp worth of progress each day with a successful Craft check (with checks of 5, 10, 15, and so on over the DC increasing progress accordingly).

    Craft Progress: Wild-Blood
    DC 15 (normal, 2 gp/day progress); 100 gp
    Checks Made: 6 (2 doubled, 3 tripled, 1 quintupled); Progress Made (in gp): 36/100.

    Party Supplies

    Rules Relevant to Garidan:

    Undead are immune to the effects of Intimidate, and by extension the Dazzling Display and Shatter Defenses feats. See here for latest ruling.

    Using this version of the lore warden archetype, not the updated version.

    Garidan may, at Valjoen's discretion, use Charmed Life for percentile-based rolls to avoid dangerous situtations. Each point of Charisma bonus applies a -5% reduction to the percentile roll's target threshold.