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GMing Starfinder Society with a regular group of players and in character creation the Android Mechanic asked two questions that I'll put here with my answers. but it would be nice to get confirmation that I made the right calls.

Q1) "Can I have his Custom Rig installed into his Android armour slot?"
My Answer) Yes, the Mechanic Custom Rig can be installed on any armour slot and the Android slot says it can take anything that can fit into Light Armour.

Q2) "Can I put Tensile Reinforcement into my Android slot and gain extra hit points and Hardness?"
My Answer) No, you are not an item.

Just checking if I have the order right for running scenarios for my local group, please met me know if I have the order wrong.

1) #1-00: Claim to Salvation
2) Quest: Into the Unknown
3) #1-01: The Commencement
4) #1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet
5) #1-03: Yesteryear's Truth

Basically asking where the Quest comes in as the raw #1-XX is very clear.

First I would like to preface this with that I am new to organised play GMing (running first scenario this coming Tuesday). I have a few questions regarding a few encounters in Starfinder Society Scenario #1-00: Claim to Salvation.

Heat & Armour:
The Fort save required to resist the heat has a -4 penalty if the player is wearing heavy clothes or armour. However, if a player opts to seal their suit would it negate the environmental hazard completely?

Encounter B1:
The text on page 12 states "Lighting throughout the structure is currently off, shrouding most of the goblin settlement in darkness.". Am I correct that since room B1 is in darkness that players would have the Blinded condition (50% miss chance, athletics or fall prone, etc.) unless they have a form of light emission like a torch or a form of Dark Vision? This combined with the range they have to shoot against the goblins on the walkway 40 feet up could make it a nightmare to hit anything.

Encounter B4:
In the tactic mentioned on page 17, it says they prefer doing an attack and a spell when possible. Would it make sense to do this while they have someone in melee as the AoO would have a good chance of wasting the spell each time. The problem remains with the alternate strategy given with the ranged attack provoking the AoO, so they would get shredded if engaged in melee. Additionally, it does not state how high the walkway is that the players enter on, so I am assuming it is 40 feet high with an 80 foot roof like the floor above?

I will soon be doing my first few games GMing for Organised Play (Starfinder Society specifically) and have a question regarding how to properly rewards quests.

Lets pretend this is the rewards for a 5 stage quest:

1- 100 credits, 1xp, 1 fame
2- 200 credits, 1xp, 1 fame
3- 300 credits, 1xp, 1 fame, 1st boon
4- 400 credits, 1xp, 2 fame
5- 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 2nd boon

If my players complete all 5 stages, which would they receive?

A) 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 2nd boon
B) 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 1st & 2nd boons
C) 1500 cedits, 5xp, 7 fame, 1st & 2nd boons

Initially I was going to ask this of the forums, but found the answer myself and thought the community would benefit from the answer if they have a player ask the same thing.

The Legacy races in Chapter 11 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook (pp.506-511) are not considered always available as the Starfinder Society Guide states "The choices offered in Chapter 3 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook are always available" (p.20). This indicates that by omission, Legacy races are NOT Starfinder Society legal without a Personal Boon granting otherwise.

Has anyone else noticed the funny spelling error in this booklet on page 14 (Sarcesian entry) where it states their Tactical Sniper Rifle damage as being 1d810+5? That's a nice hard hitter for a CR5.

My guess is it was supposed to be d8 or d10 (being a sniper rifle, my guess is d10).