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Seeking some advice...

1) The Pathfinder product list can be kinda intimidating. I have the Beginner Box, The Core Rule Book, and we're playing the Hell's Rebels Adventure set. What guide book do you suggest I buy next? I can't decide if I want to buy the Player's Guide or the Gamemastery guide. I've found the equipment in the core rule book to be very basic so I've considered buying the ultimate equipment guide as well. I've also considered the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Cheliax since that's where our campaign is set. Any suggestions?

2) I can see how this would be a very expensive hobby very quickly. Do you guys have any suggestions for places on-line where you could possibly find used Pathfinder equipment? Even E-Bay is relatively expensive.

Doug, thanks. You were exactly right. Had to adjust my security settings.
Works like a charm now.

Anybody know of a program that works on Mac? I've heard good things abut PCGen but can't get it to work on my computer.