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Looking down the corridors, there are no more of the creatures you saw down either one, at least that attack you. There are a number of open doors along the corridors that split off, something to bear in mind for later, maybe the package that Ambassador Nor is in one of those rooms.

Entering the bridge, a wide transparent aluminum window stretches across the forward wall of this control room; twinkling lights in the distance are all that can be seen of Absalom Station and the ships of the Armarda surrounding it.

In front of the large window, are four consoles, all with blank screens and on standby.

As your looking around, three more of those creatures you saw on the ship lurk on the ceiling and roar to make their presence known before leaping towards you all.

Time for everyone to roll initiative, and here is your positions on the map at this time.

Unidentified creature initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

As Shelelu finishes her meal and bows her head, she excuses herself and makes her way out of the tavern. About an hour passes before you are interuptted again.

This time, by a young woman who approaches Masdok directly.

"You were in the group that dealt with the goblins the other day right? I'm Shayliss, daughter of the propritor of the general store here. Unfortunately, my father has been a bit distracted recently.

My sister, Katrine has shacked up with one of the workers at the lumber mill, and so his been ignoring our pest problem. You see, we have a bit of a rat problem, just one, but it's a big one. Size of a goblin it is.

My father hasn't been listening to me, so maybe someone with a weapon like yours and the skill you showed during the festival, you can come back with me to kill the rat? I don't want to intrude on all of your time, as there's only a singular rat - nothing more than one person is needed for," she says.

You continue down the corridor towards the bridge and the front of the ship. There is a corridor that crosses over your path to the Port and Starboard of you, about 20 feet before the door to the bridge.

Looking down the hall, the doors are all open, towards the aft of the ship, you can see the dim engine that is currently flickering with very low power. To the port and starboard are the airlocks, along with a door in each corridor both open, and to the bow of the starship has two further corridors before a door that looks like it leads to the bridge.

"Me? Nothing, Hemlock already has given you something, hang about - I'm going to scout and see if I can find something so that you don't have to search five individual goblin tribes to find out where their all gathering. That's what I'll be doing while Belor is away, your job is to keep the townspeople calm during this time - after all, without a sheriff in town all sorts of things could happen," Shelelu tells you all simply.

Atrios summons three missiles and releases them towards the creature, each making impact. The creature looking rather badly hurt by the attack as it begins to look worse for wear.

As the creature bites into Miles again, this time Miles takes a slash with his knife, but unable to get through it's hide, the creature is unaffected by the attack.

Netharan attempts one more time and this time the creature fools for the false attack, as it dodges out of the way of the strike intended to miss, Netharan manages to make contact with the creature, shooting it, just barely managing to hit it and then the creature falls to the ground unmoving.

"The ones that attacked may have been stronger, but they aren't these so-called heroes. I say "heroes" but I don't mean good ones. Heroes to their fellow goblins. Some of the goblins that have done some terrible actions, or survived for longer than most, but usually have earned respect among their kin," Shelelu begins to explain.

"There are currently only six that have been named heroes by their kin. First is Big Gugmut, an unusually muscular and tall goblin from Mosswood. The goblins say that he had a hobgoblin for a father and a wild boar for a mother - and his attitude definitely suggests such things," Shelelu begins, speaking of these special goblins.

"Koruvus would be the second, if his still around. He was the champion of the Seven Tooth tribe, as well known for his short temper as he was his prized possession - a magic longsword sized for a human that he would never let go of, even though it was far too big for him to use. He vanished a few months ago, but the chatter among the Seven Tooth suggests that he's still out there somewhere, either as a ghost or something worse, waiting to murder any other goblin that finds his secret hideout.

"Vorka is another one of the goblin's that most others know. A cannibal who lives in the Brinestump marsh, though the Licktoad Tribe don't like him, his considered a hero by the rest of his goblinkin.

"Rendwattle Gutward is the obese chieftan of the Brinestump goblins, a corpulent monster who, they say, never leaves his throne. Managed to build an entire tribe, all from the laziness of royalty - and a lot of goblins think that an accomplishment. Personally, it makes me sick," Shalelu says with a significant amount of distaste in her voice about it.

"Finally, there's Bruthazmus, an infamous bugbear ranger in the northern Nettlewood. You'll usually finding him trading with the five tribes items that his managed to steal from caravans for alcohol, news or magical arrows. He has a particular hatred of elves, and I've had more than one run-in with him. So far, none of us have managed to get the upper hand, but I swear that I will not be the one to fall first between us. Out of all of them, his the one I don't like the most," she says with a scornful voice.

As the creature runs towards Miles and takes its strike, Atrios now next to it attempts to provide Harrying fire giving Miles an opportunity to stab with his starknife. The Starknife makes contact with the creature as it has resistance but almost seems to be like jelly as it cuts through. The creature takes the damage with no issues, however. Miles takes a step back, leaving Tetch in Melee range with the creature.

Netharan notices the creature and looks to see where it will be headed next before taking the shot, taking this preparation beforehand means that when the creature goes for it's next move and Netharan shoots, it isn't expecting it, however it is unable to pierce the hide of whatever this creature is.

Tetch then tries to feint the creature, that even though the creature is unable to tell Tetch movements, no other benefits of the clever feint come into play Missed the DC. As Tetch moves away, the creature attempts to bite into the shirren.

Creature's Bite Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12
Based on Tetch's Dex and Armor, I believe 12 hits their AC
Creature's Bite Damage: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Tetch's Fortitude Saving Throw: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

Tetch manages to resist the disease that is transmitted with the bite of this creature as they move back. The creature then moves up to Miles once again and attempts to attack as the closest target.

Creature's Bite Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Creature's Bite Damage: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Miles Fortitude Saving Throw: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

Once again resisting the effects of the bite, but the bite does make impact.

The latest positioning can be found here

"Well, looks like I'll share the bad news," Shalelu says before reporting the same information that she did to the Sheriff.

"But I can give you some information that might help, starting with the tribes. In the Sandpoint region, there are five major tribes. The closest to the town are the Birdcrunchers. They live in a network of caves along the western edge of Devil's Platter, but out of the five clans, these are typically the least aggressive," she begins as she takes a sip of the ale now placed in front of her by Ameiko, who places another down in front of each of you.

"To the south, you have the Licktoad goblins of the Brinestump Marsh, excellent swimmers but pests none the less. To the east are the Seven Tooth goblins of Shank's Wood. They secured their place by raiding the town's junkyard and using the junk they find there to make armor and weapons. Going either farther east, you'll find the Mosswood goblins, probably the largest tribe. It's hard to tell as families of that clan seem to be feuding with themselves more often than not.

Finally, there are the Thistletop goblins. They live on the Nettlewood coast atop a small island that some say holds a passing resemblance to a decapitated head," Shelelu goes onto explain. "And currently, there are six goblins that would be considered "heroes" among their kin, which is very rare due to their short and violent lives," she adds before taking a moment for any questions.

"I'm a friend of Sheriff Hemlock, as Grulyn is aware, he'll be out of town for a few days - I'll be heading back out to find out more about this goblin thing. But first, I'm hungry, mind if I join you all for a meal? Ameiko, my usual will do," Shalelu says as the rest of you join Grulyn. "No worries, Shalelu, in for long this time?" Ameiko asks "Not this time, will be heading back out soon though," she replies. "So, back to the goblins," Shalelu says, turning back to you all.

The creature leaps towards Miles as he looks over the Goblin body, biting into him.

creature bite attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

The creature pierces into Miles dealing 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 piercing damage, and Miles can feel something more to the bite

Miles' Fortitude Save against Void Death: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

He manages to shake off the feeling of something more to this bite, but there is one thing for definite - Miles probably doesn't want to get bitten by one of these again.

OK everyone, over to you as this thing moves over to just next to Miles

As the priest walks over, Amele breaks down in tears and just looks over to you with a sorry look in his eyes, as he then comforts the woman. Finding out that the sheriff will be out of town does interest Jubrayl, and he gives you two gold pieces for the information.

When you all gather with Shalelu, she begins by introducing herself to the rest of you. "So your all with Grulyn right?" she asks the group of you.

Looking over the body, the space suit makes it difficult to tell immediately what race it is for Miles, but Tetch can tell that this is the body of a space goblin. As your looking over the body however, Tetch also notices that the group of you are not alone. Coming down the corridor out of one of the doors is a creature that looks like flowing water but forms a quadrapedal shape as it clings quietly to the ceiling of the corridor.

Here's the updated map. Also, everyone is gonna need to roll initiative, and you can also make Life Science checks to identify what this thing is

Creature's Initative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

"Unfortunately, I'll be headed to Magnimar with a few of the town guard to see if we can get some reinforcements," Sheriff Hemlock replies to Grulyn's report. "Especially with this latest news with the clans getting together, we'll need to be prepared for another attack and we lost some good watchmen during the last attack. If we are attacked again, with our current militia I don't think we'll be able to hold onto the town. I'll be gone for a few days - and the people of Sandpoint have come to seeing you and your group around as a comfort, I would request that you continue to do so," says the Sheriff. "And hopefully, I'll see you when I return," Belor says before heading out the door.

Shalelu then turns to speak to Grulyn "Before I head back out, I'd like to meet the rest of the goblin-slayers. I have some information I can share with you all that you might find useful. How about over some food at the Rusty Dragon? Ameiko always makes a good salmon dishes," Shalelu says to you after the Sheriff takes his leave.

As you continue down the single corridor to the junction, the central corridor seems to run most of the length of the ship from bow to stern. There are signs of battle clearly visible in the walls and floors. Bullet holes, scratch marks and drops of blood surround the area. A small body in a space suit lies sprawld across the floor to east of the Junction. As your wondering through the halls, all the interior doors are stuck open from the loss of power.

Updated map here

"You mean the ones you were with before? Has something happened to her?" Belor asks, not knowing if the incident with the goblin or the things the group found there.

Same view, just all black and white

This map is from the view of Atrios, who has the best sight in dim light (and distance) of the group, the interior only lit with Dim Light, so just something to bear in mind, but you can find what you can see at the moment here

You all get ready for whatever lies beyond as the Hippocampus makes contact with the starboard airlock. With a hiss, the doors open and you are led inside.

Flickering lights do little to dispel the darkness inside the now derelict ship, and the sense of abandonment is only heightened by the apparent lack of any movement or life inside its airless corridors. The Artificial gravity is still functional, however, so you don't feel yourselves becoming weightless, so there must still be power to run essential systems. That means it might be possible to restore life support and atmosphere to the ship. Unfortunately, there are still no obvious clues as to the fate of the Acreon's vanished crew. The corridor contiunues for thirty feet before reaching a crossroads continuing onwards in the same direction, and turning left and right.

"As I mentioned before," Hemlock replies. "She's an unofficial guard of Sandpoint," at which Shalelu replies "You keep telling yourself that darlin'."

Hemlock looks over and they give a playful smirk at each other. "Well, Shalelu has been a thorn in the goblin tribes in the area for years now, and if anybody knows about the goblins - it's her. You see, Sandpoint isn't the only place that has been subjected to these raids recently. There's actually been an increasd in goblin-related raids all along the Lost Coast, but especially in the dale between Nettlewood and Mosswood. In fact, a farm south of Mosswood was burnt to the ground yesterday," Sheriff Hemlock goes on to describe.

"That's right, thankfully I was nearby. I couldn't save the farm, unfortunately, but the family were saved and the goblins driven away. They managed to find a nearby farm to stay in, but it's not the end of the goblin problems by a longshot," Shalelu goes on to say.

"Why don't you tell them what you told me, Shalelu?" the sheriff asks.

"Well, Belor has told me of your work against the goblins - well done. I've dedicated the last several years of my life to keeping them from causing too much trouble around these parts, but they're tenacious and fecund little runts. Like weeds that bite." Shalelu begins, a tone of frustration in her voice that just talking about goblins seems to get her worked up.

"There are five major goblin tribes in the region, and, traditionally, they're pretty good at keeping each other in line with intertribal squabbles and the like. Yet from what I've been able to piece together, members of all five tribes were involved in the raid on Sandpoint. A fair number of Mosswood goblins I dealt with yesterday were already pretty beat up, and there was a lot of chatter about the 'longshanks' who killed so many of them. Now that I've met you, it seems obvious from their descriptions that you were one of the ones they were talking about, and from what you tell me of the others - seems like they were also described. Seems like you have all made an impression," Shalalu continues with a smile, one that has a hint of pride behind it, considering her views on the goblin kin.

"In any event, the fact that the five tribes are working together disturbs me. Goblin tribes don't get along unless they've got something big planned, and big plans require big bosses. I'm afraid that someone's moved in on the goblins and organized them. And judging by these recent raids, what they're organizing seems like bad news for all of us." Shalelu concludes her report before turning back to Hemlock.

"Well, me and a few of my guards are going to be heading south to Magnimar to see if we can get additional soldiers, after we lost some during the raid the other day, at least until we can determine the actual threat these goblins pose. Shalelu, do me a favor and have a look around Shank's Wood, Brinestump, Mosswood, Devil's Platter and the other places you know goblins live and see if you can find out any more information about what's going on here. Grulyn, if you and your group could hang around for a few days - The locals seem to have taken to you since the Swallowtail Festival and seeing you around town will do a lot for keeping worries down over the next few days, apart from that, I'm going to be headed out so won't be around for a few days," Sheriff Hemlock says and gives his instructions before looking around, the Mayor not saying much but nodding and listening.

Once the Sheriff has given his report, the Mayor simply says "OK, sounds good to me - I trust your judgements Sheriff, and Shalelu your intelligence has always been valuable to us. Grulyn, you and yours are welcome to Sandpoint, unfortunately I cannot offer too much in the way of reward with all of this going on right now, but I do appreciate the help you have given so far. If there's no questions for Sheriff Hemlock I'll call this meeting adjurned.

Meanwhile, outside, Amele, with her two children, await news outside regarding the goblin that was hiding in her child's room.

"That is a worry," Hemlock replies. "Well, then I'll leave it to you to pass this on unless they join us in time. The sheriff, with the elvan woman yet to be introduced, leads you upstairs to the second floor, into a rather nice office that is rather comfortable. On the way up, he says "This is Shelelu Andosana, she's... an unofficial member of the town gard" the sheriff tells Grulyn.

"A pleasure to meet you," Shalelu says with a smirk at the comment, and continues into the office, where a woman sits behind a desk in a large comfortable chair.

"Grulyn, this is Mayor Kendra Deverin. Mayor, Shalelu, Grulyn here is one of Sandpoint's newest crop of goblinslayers."

"A pleasure to meet you, Grulyn was it?" the Mayor asks.

The diagonstics say that the sensors are working with 100% efficiency, and that the interference comes from the large drift rock that is being towed behind the ship.

The sheriff was seen last at the town hall going into the mayors office, Father Zantus is at the temple, the woman and her children are out in the street near the tavern.

Going to the town hall, the Mayor, the Sheriff and the elvan woman are all inside the hallway. Sheriff Hemlock says to you "ah, we've been waiting for you, we have some news that might be of intereset to you and your companions. Are the rest able to join us?" Sheriff Hemlock asks.

Meanwhile, Simflay and Masdok can visit the priest, or head back to the Rusty Dragon immediately to speak to the woman and her children.

There is serious interference coming from the Asteroid that makes the scan unable to penetrate whatever this rock is, which seems to be interfering with the sensors.

Heading to the Acreon, the aft airlock is open, but also has airlocks on the Port and Starboard of the ship.

The goblin has passed by the time you look at it. It was underfed having stayed under the floorboards for the past few days.

The Necroglider, which has smoke pouring out of the back of it, turns and begins to flee as Miles takes a shot, disabling the ship. The ship smokes and spins, and crashes onto an asteroid nearby, which also happens to be the Drift Rock that was brought into the system. Your mission currently is to find out what happened on the Acreon, which is next to the large misshapen asteroid connected to the ship with long tow cables.

A message comes through the comms that states "The Acreon is under Quarantine by order of Absalom Sation. Do not approach. The Acreon is under Quarantine by order of Absalom Station. Do not approach. The Acreon is under Quarantine..." which repeats over and over from the ship's transponder.

Looking down into the small hole, it looks like it was an enclosed crawlspace under the house, it was rather small and maybe could only just barely fit the goblin that jumped out. There are also a couple of rat carcasses that have goblin bite marks which the goblin was probably eating to survive. Apart from that, there is nothing else in the small crawlspace.

Just checking - which phase are you intending to give them a -2 to?

Ohh, still waiting to see who's going first - was wondering what was going on there :P

Necroglider piloting check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (1) + 14 = 15
Netharian piloting check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Neharian is up first again this time

Looking over the body, the man died just before the woman arrived to tell you about the attack. The cause of death was a blade to the throat.

As Miles continues using the coilgun, a charge of power goes through it as they get boosted.

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Didn't notice the evade in the writing, which means yep, never mind about the damage this round to the Hippocampus ;)

The Hippocampus's coilgun hits the Necroglider as it begins to smoke, the ship is really badly damaged, but the ship continues to return fire.

Necroglider Attack Roll (-2 penalty from glitching weapons): 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (11) + 6 - 2 = 15

Even though the weapons seem to be slightly damaged, they are still operational and the Necroglider's gyrolaser does manage to hit.

Necroglider Damage roll: 1d8 ⇒ 8

Atrios back to Engineering Phase, the Necroglider is REALLY badly damaged, so the next hit will probably be the last round ;)

Atrios focuses her attention to the systems again, trying to overpower the Engines, weapons and shields once more as each of those systems see a power boost.

Necroglider Piloting check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (9) + 14 = 23
Netharian Piloting check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

The Necroglider flies out and around looking like it's about to come in for another pass.

The Necroglider makes it's movement first this time to L6, facing 3 (south) and you can see the map here

Just bareley making it past it's armor, Grulyn strikes one more time at the goblin, hitting it square in the face as it falls unconscious to the ground.

With the goblin incapacitated, the room once again goes quiet, with the dead man lying on the floor with a slit across his throat from the goblin's dagger.

Atrios, you doing anything during the Engineering phase?

Once again, the goblin takes a stab with its makeshift dagger at Grulyn.

Goblin Commando attack: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

This time, the Grulyn pierces into Grulyn's side as the goblin slashes with it.

Goblin Commando damage to Grulyn: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

The rest of you are all up, the goblin is looking real bad

Masdok takes a stab at the Goblin as it scowls, this time managing to pierce it's flesh, causing significant damage. The Goblin is severely hurt by the longspear attack, and Grulyn takes a swing at the goblin with his axe, inadvertently stepping into some slippery blood as he does so, so the axe doesn't make contact with its target.

Still waiting on Simflay

Yep, CT is 6 so that you know for the future for that

Once again, the turrent makes impact with the Necroglider once more, impacting it's weapons array for the Gyrolaser, which starts causing malfunctions as the necroglider fires it's gyrolaser at the Hippocampus.

Necroglider attack roll: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

As the gyrolaser is fired, it misses the Hippocampus by a few hundred kilometers, not making impact with the ship.

As weapons are fired simultaneously, the -2 penalty will apply from the next round

The DC is 12, based on it being 10 + 2 x Starship tier, which is one, but you make it anyway.

Netharan tries to pull the ship back a bit, as the Necroglider comes flying back around to the front of the Hippocampus.

The Necroglider is facing 2, so directly in front of you and facing you right now. Image is here.

you've only taken shield damage, so right now your fine, the other ship has taken hull damage however

Having a struggle, Atrios attempts to overpower the various systems of the ship, successfully boosting the Engines, Weapons and Shields.

Netharian's piloting check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Necroglider's piloting check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25

This ship is fast and has a very good pilot for it, so Neth is up first on the piloting once again, the Necroglider is currently facing 4 in its current position at the start of this phase. Tetch, also need you to make a DC 17 Computers check for the rebalancing of shields. Your current shield are Forward: 3/5, Port/Starboard: 5/5, Aft: 1/5

As Simflay casts the spell, the Goblin responds by attacking Grulyn once more with it's makeshift dagger.

Goblin Attack roll: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

This time however, it brushes up against Grulyn's scale armor and screeches and clicks as it scratches the metalic scales.

Only the one of them this time, over to you guys

Good to know, will bear that in mind for the Helm Phase, we're in the Engineering Phase right now, so Atrios has something to do before we go on to that

Trying to predict the movements, the Goblin is acting out of a primal need to eat, and manages to just avoid the longspear attack. Grulyn attempts to heal the figure, but unfortunately it's too late as the healing doesn't go through, the man is dead.

Simflay is up next

It sure did

The Hippocampus detects a direct hit on the Necroglider's targetting sensors, making it more difficult to lock on to your ship with its sensors.

Simflay acts quickly as she pulls out her bow as the goblin jumps out of the hatch, unfotunately, she releases just a second to early as the arrow travels just over the Goblin's head.

The Goblin screams and comes jumping towards Grulyn as he pounces towards the body.

Goblin Attack Roll: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

The goblin stabs into Grulyn as he cuts into him with a dagger.

Goblin Damage: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 piercing damage.

Masdok is up next: Initiative Order is Simflay, goblin, Masdok then Grulyn

To help, I have selected your ship on each one - the area on the dot that isn't part of the square, that's the way your facing, I'll make a note on each one as well to let you know the position and facing of the other ship

This time, the Hippocampus is able to make contact with the fighter using the coilgun. As Miles opens fire, the coilgun makes impact, disabling the pursuers foreward shields and beginning to do damage to the hull of the sarcophagus.

The Necroglider attempts to return fire

Necroglider gyrolaser attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

The gyrolaser makes contact with the back of the hippocampus, though it is now dealing with fresh shields

Necroglider gyrolaser damage: 1d8 ⇒ 4

The ship registers that your aft shields fell to 20% on that attack, but still hold.

Back to the top

The Necroglider uses the opportunity to swing round to the aft side of the ship, placing the sarcophagus looking ship behind you, it's forward weapons primed ready to fire in your direction.

New positions here.

You drag out the body of a middle-aged man, which as you do you notice has been sliced in the throat with a jagged blade of some kind. Jumping out of the crawlspace that you pulled the body from is a Goblin, similar to the one riding on the back of the goblin dog yesterday, who jumps out towards you and attacks.

Goblin Commando Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Atrios redirects some of the Engine powers to the weapons, getting the prepped for their target, as the ships reposition.

Netharan's Piloting check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Necroglider's Piloting check: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25

Netharan is up first again

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