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Baldur's Gate, Legacy of Bhaal-A Reimagining (inactive)

Whether by birth, travel, or circumstances far stranger, you find yourselves at Candlekeep, summoned by the Mage and Scholar Gorion. Whether seen as a Father, a Friend, a Mentor, or even a Rival, all agree he is a wise man, whom has brought you here and asked you to gather your belonings, and prepare for an unknown, hushed journey into the darkness...

Dark Heresy-Shadows of the Past (inactive)

Inducted into the mysterious and sinister Inquisition, each of you must search your soul and steel your mind against Heresy and Witchcraft, the Daemon and the Xenos, all while attempting to protect and Imperium of Man.

The Heghland 1st - Only War (inactive)

A group of feudal warriors brought together from every corner of a world almost completely untouched by the Imperium, hastily trained and recruited by the Imperial Guard.
Can they survive when faced with the horrors of the universe?

Verdan...Fortune favors the bold adventurer!!! (inactive)

Beginning simply enough with a town, an abandoned ruin, and the strange fruit that grows within, you will go on to uncover world shattering secrets, all consuming horrors, and knowledge that will change the world forever.