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About GM Glyn

For players current and future of games that I GM.

PbP takes a bit of adaptation from regular face to face games, so I'm hoping that the below helps streamline the process a bit. If you're just starting a game with me, I need some actions from you:
- Please make sure your basic stats are visible below your name when you post (instructions below)
- Please add your icon and your initiative count to the map (instructions below)
- Please understand the posting rules I use (see below as well)

What to expect, and what I expect from you:

Have fun!:
It all starts and ends here. I hope to create an environment that allows everybody to have fun. Should there ever be any issue with that, do not hesitate to send me a private message. No bullying as per PFS rules.

Posting Rate: Typically once daily.

GM activity:
I generally post once a day usually in the evening, but I do keep an eye on the post during the day and may make a short post for clarification.

Player activity:
I recommend to post at least daily, also to keep a feeling for the flow of the game. I’m not keeping score. If a player falls silent, I’ll usually send a pm to inquire. It happens only rarely, but if a player drops, I usually continue with the table I have left.

Starting combat:
I roll initiative myself (that’s why I need the init block in the map). I try to nudge init slightly so that players end up in larger blocks. I’ll indicate which block of players can take actions. Actions generally will be processed in the order that players post.

In combat:
Please mark & keep adjustment bonuses being applied to dice rolls separate. You can list the roll adjustments per roll or in an OOC block. If casting a spell or using special ability please post a link to the spell description or ability. (It saves me time in looking it up.)
People tend to forget that +1 form inspire courage, and this way it’s easier for me to correct for that.

Combat timeouts:
During combat I keep a 36-hour time out: once I start a new combat round, everybody has a day-and-a-half to respond. That’s usually more than enough, but every now and then a player doesn’t get a post in. So as to not keep the rest often group waiting, If someone doesn’t post an action within 36 hrs, I will put them on delay or ask another player to post an action for them (within reason). I will keep doing that (without the 36 hr timeout) until the player checks back in. Of course, if the player indicated she’d be away, I’ll handle things differently. Please if you know your are going to be out of touch for a post a quick message.

What I roll and what you roll:
Passive perception checks to notice things will be rolled by me or included in a spoiler tag with the DC posted on it. Active perception checks (ie searching for traps, or well hidden loot) should be rolled by the players. Initiative is always rolled by me. AoOs I'll generally allow the players to roll whenever it gets around to their turn (some retconning may be required) however if it makes a major difference in how the flow of combat will go, I will likely make the AoO on the player's behalf. Please keep your basic attacks up to date.

Getting started:

I generally keep recruitment open for at least 24 hours and then accept people via a 'lottery' system.

Character Audits:
Before the scenario starts I'll do my best to review everyone's character sheets in order to make sure that I'm not blindsided by an odd interaction that results in a discussion in the middle of the session. Please make sure your character sheets are up to data in your profile. I reserve the right to refuse to seat a player who does not have their sheet up to date or refuses to answer any questions I may have about various pieces of their character ahead of time. I'm not out to get you, just out to make sure that everything moves smoothly as soon as we start.

The stat line:
Most players have a stat line just below their name.
Make sure you character has one as well. You can do this by going to your character profile (right-clicking on your character name in the forum thread gets you there), click edit, and enter the code into either the ‘race’, ‘gender’ or ‘class’ line of your character.

Add icon and init count to battle map:
Every campaign has a dedicated map that I use for handouts, battle maps, character portraits and the likes. I also have a text box there with initiative code.Please take a moment to fill out your character’s initiative on one of the line (i.e. choose a line and replace ‘X’ with ‘Miko Teppen’ and ‘Y’ with ‘+2’).

Please add your icon to the battle mapI’m allowing every player to place and move his own icon on the battle map (though I can overrule that from time to time). Adding your own icon on google drive is simple. First, right-click on your character’s portrait in your browser and click on ‘copy image address’ (or something to that effect). Then go to the battle map, select ‘insert -> image’ and paste the url of your avatar image in the ‘by url’ box. Hit select, and your image should appear on the map. Resize, move and presto! You’re done.

Before we get started, everyone should post their PFS#, character level, and factions. I'll have people make their day job rolls AFTER the scenario's conclusion. That way if anyone is considering skipping downtime in order to fulfill a faction goal, or if someone wants to use their re-roll, that can all be handled at once. I'll generally put a shout-out towards the end if anyone wants to check any faction card boxes as well. Chronicles will be posted on Google Drive, and will be kept there for at least 1 month. After that, if you need a chronicle that you lost for any reason, send me a PM. There's a good chance I still have it even if it's no longer on Drive.

PbP basics:

Boldis for speech: "Yes, let's get started."

Italic is for thoughts and mental communication: Heheh. Little do they know what is coming for them

Regular text is for descriptions:
This DM sure looks like something from another plane, and even reeks faintly of sulphur.

And this is obtained by the 'ooc' tag and is used for out-of-character text.

The dice roller can be accessed by using the dice tag. Use dice=Description to describe the roll
If I roll one you all get cake: [dice=Cake]1d100 ⇒ 20[/dice]

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