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Whether this is your first adventure or not, you are all still new to the society so getting letters from ranking officers is nothing new, but this time it's:

A letter from Kreighton Shaine:


I have recently uncovered a series of notes that I believe hold critical truths about the origins of the Pathfinder Society and the founding of the Decemvirate. A gnome Pathfinder by the name of Eylysia was well-known at that time and was held in high esteem until an assassination attempt on members of the Decemvirate organized by Eylysia led to her ejection from the Society. These notes I have found indicate
there may be quite a bit more to Eylysia’s story than we previously realized.

The most legible of Eylysia’s notes reference a “speaking artifact” purportedly lying beneath a “false rider.” Descriptions drawn from recent visions suggest the “speaking artifact” originated in Varisia. I suspect it is related to the Shoanti, a people well-known both for their oral traditions and horsemanship.

It seems Eylysia suspected that the noted explorer, Montlarion Jeggare, had glimpsed this “speaking artifact”. Head to the Jeggare Museum in Korvosa, where Montlarion’s ancestor, Mercival Jeggare, serves as curator. Once there, see if you can locate this “speaking artifact”. I await your findings.


Kreighton Shaine

Our Adventure starts when the last of you arrive at the Lodge in Korvosa, which right now seems unattended by any venture captain but still employs a small staff to provide what they can as needed.

Go ahead and introduce yourselves and let me know if there is anything you would like to procure before heading out. If your character has questions about their mission they can attempt to gather information form the locals, or study from the lodges small but respectable library.

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A place to discuss out of character things

Disagreements among the Pathfinders erupted into violence 300 years ago, spurring the Society's leaders to don helms that hid their identities and protected them from assassins. These ten members of the Decemvirate have remained anonymous to this day, but a recent discovery may uncover new information about this dangerous part of the Society's history. With a unique window into the past, it falls to the PCs to identify these original leaders and the secrets they buried before donning the helms—in the process helping to unveil a hidden threat to the Society.

Recruitment is first-come, first-served, with two spots reserved for phaeton_nz and Colin_Mercer . If you would like to play, please fill out the information requested below (only completed check-ins will be accepted).

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A friend is throwing together a home brew game using pfs and aside from me the other 4 players don’t have a lot of experience so I’ve been waiting to make my class decision. Right now we have a asmodeus warpriest, a bard, an air elemental blaster sorcerer, and a standard magus. Not looking to play a cleric but otherwise open to suggestions to shore up the party.

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this is the gameplay thread

Current Map | Helga Silverbrew

this is the discussion thread


Current Map | Helga Silverbrew

The discussion thread

Current Map | Helga Silverbrew

Here’s the gameplay thread

Hello! I’m planning on running a group of space hero’s through the Dead Suns AP starting with book 1: Incident at Absalom Station. I’ve already got 2 slots filled and we are looking for 3-4 more before start on Monday the 16th of this month.

The ideal candidate should be able to post at least 2-3 times a day and once a day on weekends. Story progression will generally happen whenever at least 50% of the party has posted about it unless it’s something major that requires everyone’s input.

All Paizo materials will be allowed as well including all races with some of the more extreme ones requiring approval.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


male human person/ 1 maybe 2

A thread to discuss anything not considered actual gameplay


male human person/ 1 maybe 2



Can it be done?

Merciful healer just says he must choose positive and cannot channel to harm undead. Player wants to take versatile channeler as he worships pharasma. Any reason this wouldn't work?


how many hp do they have? The tactics say she uses vampiric touch on them but I can't seem to find anything on how much hp they have even though it references they retain these hit die after being polymorphed.


Blood of Dragons

A dragon disciple adds his level to his sorcerer levels when determining the powers gained from his bloodline. If the dragon disciple does not have levels of sorcerer, he instead gains bloodline powers of the draconic bloodline, using his dragon disciple level as his sorcerer level to determine the bonuses gained. He must choose a dragon type upon gaining his first level in this class and that type must be the same as his sorcerer type. This ability does not grant bonus spells to a sorcerer unless he possesses spell slots of an appropriate level. Such bonus spells are automatically granted if the sorcerer gains spell slots of the spell's level.

So i used my nagagi boon to make a dragon disciple, I went 2 ranger/3 sorcerer/2 dragon disciple. the above states that I currently function as a 5th level sorcerer so can I use the robes of arcane heritage to function as a 9th level sorcerer?

This is for PFS just fyi

These elegant, dark purple robes are usually decorated with gold stitching suggesting a particular sorcerer bloodline, though some might indicate a family tree. When a sorcerer dons a robe of arcane heritage, the stitching pulls itself apart and reweaves to match her particular sorcerer bloodline. The wearer treats her sorcerer level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of determining what bloodline powers she can use and their effects.


weapon snatcher and magnetists gloves

do they stack nicely? want to use this for pfs but need to make sure that it is legal.

thanks in advance guys

Sczarni 3/5

I'm looking for some good ideas on some fun concepts for the wayang/kitsune/Nagaji boon, whatcha guys got?


Robe of Needles:

Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot body; Price 1,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This dark, hooded robe has six long, silvery, razor-sharp needles protruding from the bottom of its loose sleeves, three on each side.

The wearer can launch one needle as a ranged touch attack. The needle counts as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. If the needle hits, it embeds itself in the target’s flesh, dealing 1 point of piercing damage and 1 point of bleed damage. A creature can pull out the needle as a full-round action, which ends the bleed effect. The needle is destroyed if an attack with it misses or when it is removed from a creature it was embedded in. The robe regrows all spent needles each morning.

Could one apply sneak attack damage to the needles?

Sczarni 3/5

are the drugs listed in the addictions section such as pesh or harlot sweets legal for play?

the link


Ok I have a vision of a character throwing a few spears and then pulling out his big spear. I don't care about optimization so much and I know that spear throwers are far from it but I was hoping the build could be done with a ranger but am open to other classes. This is for PFS so any race and class that works with that is ok.


ok so I really like the flavor of the GFA PrC but alas, am not the best at figuring out how to put it together. basically im looking for anyone else who has had fun with the class and any ideas to make it a healthy balance of flavor and optimazation. also im not sure if i should start with a ranger or a druid and would like some opinions on both. please and thank you :)