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Lanthalas wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
My local dollar shop sells clothespins in bunches of 40, that should do the trick.

That might work, I just want to go overboard and stack my Advanced GM screen on my GM screen, then put the bestiary cards on top of that, lol.

I just want clips that won't cover everything while holding it on.

I saw someone recommend these and I think they might be right up your alley. They're basically what grocery stores use to clip sale tags on produce bins and they look pretty flexible so you can put them on the top or the sides of a GM screen. I'm going to use them for both these bestiary cards and NPC portraits.

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Hey everyone, I run a play-by-post War for the Crown campaign and I remake all the maps so we can use them in Roll20. Spoilers ahead, don't read if you're a player!

Since we're playing as a play-by-post, it can be months before we move on to new maps, but I tend to make each map about a month or so in advance and can upload them here as I finish them. I'll just keep updating this thread with new maps as I make them if people seem interested.

Google Drive Link

The Porthmos Club First Floor
- Grid + Coordinates
Senate Building
- Grid
- Grid + Coordinates
- No Grid
Senate Building Gallery
- Grid + Coordinates
Safe Quarters and the Forgotten Archives
- Grid
- Grid + Coordinates
- No Grid

Graystone, would you prefer they continue supporting Pathfinder 1e, or do you think it's approaching a place where they can comfortably say they've "finished" it in as much as you can "finish" a TTRPG?

I know that Pathfinder 2nd edition is quite different and it may not be your cup of tea, which is perfectly fine (the world would be super boring if everyone was the same yeah?). Would you like to see them continue, maybe in a slower fashion, to print new material dedicated for Pathfinder 1e? I know I'll still be playing it for a good long while even if they don't generate new content.

I can see why you might be disappointed if the playtest truly doesn't interest you and your prefered edition is being phased out of the new content schedule. I respect that the new edition isn't neccessarily what you want. If you prefer Pathfinder 1e, I bet you'll still have decades of fun ahead of you even if you never touch another RPG system again. I think we can all celebrate what Pathfinder is after 10 years, even if some of us are ready to try out the next evolution of the game and if 2e isn't for you, that doesn't mean 3e won't catch your eye one day.

Basically, I'm just trying to say if you don't like the playtest and what comes out of it, I hope you still have lots of fun and enjoy gaming with 1e for a long time to come.

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Raynulf wrote:

To the OP: Thanks.

The negativity on the forums is... intense, and often remarkably unhelpful (constructive criticism and complaining are not the same thing). It is hard to tell whether this is due to the complainants being a majority, or simply an exceedingly loud minority, given that it is human nature for negative emotions to provoke the loudest (and most prolonged) responses.

Hopefully our Paizo staff and moderators - having run this website for years - take the heated comments from some of our compatriots in context.

I think you're right that negativity tends to bring the loudest voices. I try to always figure out at least a little of why a decision was made before I get upset about things because I believe that most decisions, such as not having multiclassing done the way PF1 did it, are made for specific reasons (probably having to do with the modular design of feats, the way class impacts more of a character's stats, or the importance on character level for checks).

I think it's natural to think that something you love being changed is somehow a personal thing, and the natural reaction to personal insults is to attack the source. People take a lot of ownership in Pathfinder and that's a good thing in my opinion, even if it means heads run hot sometimes. It's difficult to see things objectively, but I'm happy to see so many of my fellow gamers doing just that. The act of playing with this beta will bring a lot of understanding to why things are they way they are, and this will help people figure out exactly what they really think doesn't work versus what doesn't work on paper after just a few hours of reading.

Plus, it's always good to remember the person behind the book. I have a lot of trust in Paizo because they've continuously produced quality updates to the game I love, and I trust they know what they're doing here too. I'm sure after a few runs through some scenarios I will find things I think are worth changing, but in the end this is their art and they will need to make it the way their collective vision sees it. I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to help shape that vision.

Tithron wrote:
Ale, the 4th level potion wrote:
Tithron wrote:

Well Legendary level stuff is supposed to be epic almost to the point of silly. It seems to be designed that way. Your martials are going to be superheroes to compete with the high level casters.

That being said, you also have to take into account Skill Feats, which will only probably be 2-3 of your Skills. And higher DCs at those higher levels. Somethings have fixed DCs, and I admit that might get silly, but honestly, PF1 level 20s are silly, so I don't find this to be a huge issue. Maybe...

I see what you mean. I was really hoping that this edition would get us closer to the 15-17 levels before things really started to come off the rails. I can deal with it I guess. But if that was also adjusted I would fight people who attacked the system at that point.

Now back to happy. I really want to see more multiclassing. Regardless of how it looks right now I really like the concept, you take a feat that gives you the basics. Then you can tailor it a little more to get the right feeling. I would love to see it opened up a bit more. Mixing the shield fighter feats or something with monk would be awesome. I have always wanted a shield monk. Captain America jokes wouldn't stop me. I want it.

They are going to add more multiclassing. They just did the most basic four as a proof of concept for the playtest. I am thrilled with the new Multiclassing. Compared to 3.5/PF1 it is super simple to understand.

I, too, am excited to see more multiclassing. It's limited right now because it's still in beta, but I can see way more freedom of character expression in this new system than could be allowed in PF1. Just plugging in the dedication feats for the classes you want to influence from just seems natural and intuitive. I can already see them releasing tons of multiclass archetypes for different facets of each class, or even archetypes for multiple classes mixed together (multiclass prestige archetypes?).

I like this because it removes some of the barriers to character performance when simply trying to make your character unique as you stray from the path of a single-class build. I cannot wait to begin running the playtest adventure to see how these work in action.

I agree, I think the playtest surveys will give a more realistic view on what people think after experiencing the game in action.

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I'm sorry your group won't be participating but I encourage you to still play around with it. Many of the systems simply make sense once you get into them and everything is laid out in a way that makes it easier to understand since the philosophy of how the different systems work is mostly the same across the game. There are a lot of complaints about having fewer character options, but I honestly believe that's only because this playtest has specific options they want feedback on and the final product will open up a huge world of opportunity.

The way skills, proficiency, and basic actions are calculated is fun and fast, and I'm absolutely loving the way spells are done (the way heal works for channel energy blew me away). Item blocks are written in a way that saves a ton of page space (combining multiple like-items in one block is great), and the graphic design itself is fun and engaging.

I can't wait to get it to the table and begin playing around with it in action; I feel like a kid again. If you want a fresh take on Pathfinder I think you'll enjoy the playtest book.

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I just want to take a moment here in this sea of negativity and offer some positive thoughts on the playtest.

First off, I think there are a lot of reactionary emotions surrounding this release. I see similar responses every time a new edition of Warhammer is announced, or a new Civ game hits the stores. It seems like a lot of people were hoping this would be Pathfinder 1.5 rather than a full 2nd edition, but is that really what we needed? Pathfinder 1st edition is a fantastic game; it’s big and it’s bulky and I love every +1 and -1/2 per level in its pages. I run a Pathfinder campaign and I’ll keep running it till the last page of the adventure path is completed, and maybe even beyond if my group wants to stay in the world they’ve helped create.

Pathfinder 1st edition isn’t going anywhere. It will still be on your bookshelf or on your hard drive and the game will still be as awesome as it always was. Nothing is changing that.

This playtest isn’t here to patch a few iffy systems or grease up some slow-working templates. It’s a new Pathfinder, and I think the “new” part of it is incredibly refreshing and energizing. I can’t think of the last time I was excited about skill checks, or the way I rolled for initiative. That was all just putting gas in your tank so you could get to the adventure. Now, even these small things are adventures themselves.

I understand much of this is probably excitement over something new, but why is that a bad thing? I’m reading through these books, marveling at how they’re so distinctively “Pathfinder” while also being so new and feeling just like when I was a kid reading my friend’s Player’s Handbook for the first time with my mind seeing entire worlds opening before me. That’s a precious feeling to have at this stage in my life that I refuse to ignore.

The new approaches to feats, the way everything looks so modular and customizable, the proficiency system and how everything feels knit together are all fantastic in my opinion. This playtest is much like the art included in the rulebook: passionate sketches of awesome things with enough detail to help your imagination fill in the blanks. Sure, there’s a lot missing (it’s a playtest after all) but this is a proof of concept, not a final product and what I’m seeing is a framework that allows more freedom in almost every aspect.

I’m excited to see what Paizo delivers to us a year from now. Congrats on such a great playtest release and thank you for all your work keeping my imagination alive and bringing fun to our table. You should know that my partner and I both think you’re doing a great job and that we appreciate everything you do.

Good fortune on your new adventure Tanis! You will be greatly missed, but your future patients will benefit from your hard work and dedication if you are half as passionate about nursing as you have been with the adventure card game. Thank you for all you have done to help grow the game to what it is today.

Zoltán Mészáros wrote:

Currently I don't plan to purchase the WotR base set at all, as the mythic theme doesn't interest me, and we only barely tried S&S yet.

On te other hand, I'm intereseed in some new characters, like the summoner.

This raises a really interesting question; can Paizo provide access to characters in each base set without purchasing the base set? I'm thinking something like a package similar to the Season of the Shackles pack available for purchase. There would be an understanding that these characters are created specifically for the set they release with, so they probably won't function as well with say, Rise of the Runelords. A $10 to $20 character pack would certainly appeal to the subset of fans wanting the new characters, but not interested in experiencing the new game setting (versus paying ~$80 for the base set and character add-on deck).

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I don't think that Paizo ever intended for the character sheets to give you access to characters you didn't purchase. would be a great fix for this. So far, Paizo hasn't released any PACG products that I don't want, but if a new set came out that I didn't intend to purchase, I would simply bypass the characters if an alternative didn't allow me to purchase them. I too believe that Paizo provides these character sheets as a service to the fans, and not as a way for people to avoid paying for a product that has obviously been created with such care and dedication. I think this is a service that shouldn't be exploited.

Any news on when the rulebook will be uploaded so I can drool over it while I wait for my FLGS to receive their shipment?

I can't speak for how they compare to other Pathfinder minis (this set was my first), but I can speak for the high quality and level of detail. It's pretty amazing they were able to fit this much detail into figures this small at a mass-production scale.

@Raynair, I got them at my FLGS. They were literally just opening the box when I called them last night, and they held it for me till I could get it today.

The cards are also a great addition. I can see uses for each character (two uses for Lini) and will definitely be using them when I can.

My wife and I have begun our class deck acquisition, and we ran into a similar storage problem, but our solution works for us so I thought I'd share. We initially were trying to find a storage system that would allow us to sleeve heavy-use cards (characters, locations, adventures, ships), while still keeping our original box insert so we could keep our adventure deck and character add-on deck boxes in the box ('cause we're cool/lame like that). We're happy with what we have now.

First, we purchased the Dual Deck Box to store our character cards. We wanted something that said "Pathfinder" for all of our lovely characters sitting one out on the bench. It holds 180 cards sleeved, so it works great for what we've got so far and into the near future:

RotR: 11 characters x 3 cards each = 33 cards
S&S: 11 characters x 3 cards each = 33 cards
Class Decks: 7 decks x 4 characters each x 3 cards each character = 84 cards
WotR: (assuming) 11 characters x 3 cards each = 33 cards (plus maybe as many as 7 extra for mythic cards)
Promo Characters: 2 characters x 4 cards each = 8 cards

So, altogether it comes out to 198, which is over the 180 limit, but my wife and I play two characters each, and we're going to start PFSACG as soon as our S&S run is done, so we'll always have at least 12 cards removed from the box, and the 180 limit is somewhat flexible from my stress tests, so 186 shouldn't be a problem. After WotR, or if new class decks are introduced for Season 1 of the PFSACG, we'll probably just buy another box ($8 is very reasonable for the quality of box you get).

So, we figured out how to store all of our character cards in a way we can access them easily regardless of what set we're currently playing, but we needed a way to organize our class decks. We found a solution, and if you don't mind paying a little extra for aesthetic purposes, it works quite well. We purchased an UltraPro Satin Tower for our Sorcerer deck, a dice set we felt matched the look and feel of a sorcerer, and we store the sleeved class deck in the tower, with a compartment in the bottom for the dice. It works perfectly, has space for the character sheet, and we'll be using it for all of our class decks eventually. There are even different colors to color-code your classes. It costs a few extra bucks to go this route, but makes it much easier to pick up our decks and go play somewhere other than our home.

If anyone's interested, we also bought one of the Pro Towers from UltraPro to use as a staging kit for our next game. Basically, whenever we finish a scenario and we're not going to play another immediately after, we build the next scenario (location decks, character decks, blessings, etc...), and place it in the top row spot in the tower (it's the perfect size for every card needed to place on the table). Our dice go in the bottom drawer, and the over-sized card slot in the door is perfect for our character sheets and pen. When we play a scenario, we just pull out the game box, our Pro Tower, and our mats and start playing with about 2 - 3 minutes of setup. We don't always have a lot of time (work, college, kids, cat, you know, life stuff), but this makes it so easy to squeeze some game time in between schedules.

I hope our setup helps anyone wanting a similar way to organize their cards. Here's a link to a pic of it all stored in our game shelf. It works great with our PACG stuff and fits in with the rest of our games.