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'23-'24 Round Robin w/ S01-14 Lions of Katapesh

GameMaster GM FrostKrinolyn ”Veiled Lady” StyncornSeelah, Paladin of Iomedae

Current Game: S01-14 Lions of Katapesh
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Round Robin Calendar:

□) #1-01 "The Absalom Initiation" w/ GM rainzax @ June/July/Aug '23
□) #4-01 "Year of Boundless Wonder" w/ GM Kwinten Aug/Sept/Oct '23
□) #3-01 "Year of Shattered Sanctuaries" w/ GM Frost @ Oct/Nov/Dec '23
□) #1-10 "Tarnbreaker's Trail" w/ TechnoDM @ Nov/Dec/Jan '23/'24
□) #1-14 "Lions of Katapesh" w/ GM J.G @ Jan/Feb/Mar '24
□) #1-06 "Lost on Spirit Road" w/ GM Aeshuura @ Mar/Apr/May '24

Castamir's Flaxseed Station

Frozen FrostGM Frost

Cottonseed PFS PbP (2E)

Frozen FrostAvery WingsRaphaeleos

Ed's Rusthenge

Frozen FrostThalassa Tempestail

Rusthenge is a deluxe Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters.

The ruins of Rusthenge have stood silent vigil over the southern coastline of Chakikoth Isle for eons, dating back to the era of the runelords of ancient Thassilon. The town of Iron Harbor was built in Rusthenge's shadow, but now that New Thassilon has risen from the depths of the distant past, the old ruins are coming under unexpected scrutiny. Something sinister is afoot in Rusthenge, and it falls to a brand new band of adventurers to learn the truth of the ancient evil that stirs deep within its long-abandoned halls! This adventure also includes new items and character backgrounds, as well as a pair of new monsters tied to the region's notorious history.

GM Brenael's Intro #1: The Second Confirmation (Table 1)

Delta Variant

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Challenge Points: 14 Tier: Low

GM Frost's A Level 1-5 Adventure of PFS (2E) Escapades [Recruitment Closed]

GameMaster FrostbotGM Frost

GM Frost's S01-19 Iolite Squad Alpha (PbP Outpost VII)

GameMaster GM Frost

GM Frost's S03-99 Fate in the Future [3-4] (PbP Outpost VII)

GameMaster GM Frost

GM Ladile Presents: Season of Ghosts

Frozen FrostCastor Dioscuri

Current Quests
Current Weather Effects: Mirage Mist

Mirage Mist:
The eerie fog is thick enough to obscure visibility beyond a range of 500 feet. Creatures viewed from more than 100 feet away are concealed. In addition, the mist distorts peripheral vision, causing one to periodically notice strange shapes moving and shifting about at the limits of their vision. All Perception checks attempted within mirage mist suffer a –1 status penalty as a result, and all DCs for Survival checks to Sense Direction are increased by 5.

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Longroads Coffeehouse 2.0

Nicole Flames

5-04: Equal Exchanges

5-01: Intro: Year of Unfettered Exploration:

Outpost VII GM Tyranius (PF2) A Gilded Test

Gilgamesh The Fistful

PbP PFS GM school 2024

GM Frost

PbP PFS GM school 2024 - GM Valen's PFS 2e Bounty #12 - Somewhere Below

Frozen FrostSiyokoy Sa Lupa

[ACO] PFS2e 04-07 Most Wondrous Exchange! (P1)


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CP: 17
Subtier: 5-6

Hero Points:

Vilmur - 2
Raphaeleos - 1
Elondel Firehand - CC
Erinn - 2
Argoni Slate - 2
Kernal Klank - 2

Symbols > Single Action (◆), Double Action (◆◆), Triple Action (◆◆◆), Free Action (◇), Reaction (↺)

[ACO] PFS2e 05-03 Heidmarch Heist (P1)

Avery WingsSkilled Assistant

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CP: 24
Subtier: 7-8

Hero Points:

Avery Wings - 2
Khaul Irontoe - 2
Rysk - 2, CC
Arfsnarf Ah'sneeze - 3
Raindrop - 1
Atae - 2

Symbols > Single Action (◆), Double Action (◆◆), Triple Action (◆◆◆), Free Action (◇), Reaction (↺)

[OP7] PFS2e Q16 - The Winter Queen's Dollhouse

Lesley Hart

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Hero Points:

G'Look - 2
Mahatma - 2, CC
Starlight Sparkle - 2
Lesley Hart - 2
Hollifyr - 2
Red Agnes - 2

Symbols > Single Action (◆), Double Action (◆◆), Triple Action (◆◆◆), Free Action (◇), Reaction (↺)

[Outpost VII]#3-99: Fate in the Future - GM Ilmakis

CharliesEstes, Charlies' Angel

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