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Nice classic golem with a couple issues.


Overall, it is a very good mini. It is nice to see a more classic statue (I've seen enough dungeonpunk, thank you). As another plus, the classic statue look decreases the chance a player will try to commandeer it for their Enlarged fighter.

As mentioned it will work pretty good for smaller giants with a bit of paint. Also, with a bit of gloss black and some drybrushing of gold, it will make a fine Marut as well.

It would have been a great mini, but an issue or two does detract from it.

First the chunky loincloth corners are a problem, detracting from the sculpt and broadcasting. "Yep, I'm one piece factory molded plastic!" Undercuts are an issue for plastic minis, so why have a flaring loincloth if it will be one piece construction? When viewed from the side it will look like a pizza slice.

Second issue, the pose. Certain poses are best avoided for monsters with gas attacks. An "Exposing the Armpits" pose is one of those. Might as well glue some green cotton to the figure's armpits, because nobody at the table is going to buy the breath weapon is coming out the fig's mouth! Still the pose has some merit, since it has an Altas vibe to it and the fig can balance a decent sized object above it's head.