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Good day veteran pathfinder,

I was given am opportunity to join a current party of lvl 7 core pathfinders. I'll be joining the as a new lvl 7 cleric playing for no credit. Want to know how much gp I'll start of with, since I'm starting at lvl 7 and not 1.

Yours sincerely,


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Good day,

I'm from a tiny island where I have been introduced to the crazy world of pathfinders. Some of my friends here went to the gencon this year and brought home spoils of war. One of which was a wooden token with the year of the serpent on it. I was wondering if there was anyway for me to get it or any tokens from the previous season. This would be for my personal collection and also to pass them those they don't have.(they only got season 6 and 7)

Sorry if this question is inappropriate,rude or wrong.

Yours sincerely,

Envious glutton

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sorry im new to PFS. and i have a question. Can slayers have point blank master? and if yes at what level and what is the prerequisite.

Im half-elf
these are my feats.

Lvl 1 point blank (feat)
Lvl 2 precise shot (ranger combat/slayer talents)
Lvl 3 rapid shot (feat)
Lvl 4 weapon training(weapon focus) (rogue talent)
Lvl 5 deadly aim (feat)
Lvl 6 combat trick (point blank master) (rogue talent)
Lvl 7 many shot (Feat)