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Great post, I will talk to my Venture Officer, perhaps we can make an "offline" version of this in case people ask about pathfinder and we don't have the time to tell them everything, for example right in the middle of combat or an interesting role playing encounter.
But including this in our wall of text "You liked PFS? Here are the information we got about pathfinder" e mail should be done too

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Thanks for the help, I jsut htought my situation would be more rare, than yours and there wouldn't be much posts about it, apparently I managed to overlook them all.
I will retreat from this thread now and not rderail it any further.

As for new gms:
Try the lore, it is a powerfull tool, mention to curious players, that it is shame you can't tell them everyhign that is in the pdfs, mention a couple of cool backstorys once in a time, mention the alternatives that you will never see if you play it once, that is how my VL got me xD
Apparently that was even an accident xD He wasn't really looking for a new dedicated gm xD

Thanks for the links, didn't know about those.
Thanks for answering my question, I see it was completely unrelated^^

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From my point of view we got the opposite problem, we got one VL, who is paying for the adventures if somebody gms, and we got 3 persons so far, including me, who stepped up to gm, and that more then once.
But we don't have enough players, last time I was gming I had to walk through the store and ask persons if they wanted to try it because 2 players weren't showing up, I had played the adventure at the other table already and two players of the other table had played my adventure already, both tables had to play with a pregen , and then the guy that I recruited had to leave early, so I had 2 players at my table and 2 pregens, the fact that 7.01 "Between the Lines" is nor very friendly for level one characters if they have 1 knowledge skill, one, combined, was leading right to a point where one dice decided if it was a tpk or not.
And later on I realized I forgott the monster had a full attack that round, so it WAS technically a TPK...
People were leaving with 80 gold and 1 PP, not a good start for people who want to try pathfinder..

Player base of 450 people? I compared chiccago to stuttgart, it says stuttgart has only 600k inhabitants, but the region has a couple of millions actually (5.2 millions, you can't build high houses in stuttgart because of the underground and the air, if we would block the wind streams stuttgart would look like shanghai, people are spread out a little bit more, likewise stuttgart has mineral water and very soft ground everywhere, no high houses there too please)
I would be surprised if we would actually have a player base of 15 tbh, we got one active VL, the next active VO is 2-3 hours away, and if you go south, there is actually none.
The VL is doing a great job, we have a game day next month, half a year ago he was able to offer two tables I think, now we are offering five.

For the money:
Well meet me, I am that broke I even had to buy my core rulebook second hand, I recently aced my real life libertys edge speech against 2 different demonstrations, one that opposed refugees, and one that opposed homosexual people, I was talking to a custiomer at work about it. everything cool. But appararently some people that I can't describe without using swearwords heard me, they reported me to the management, complaint about me and threatened them to damage the business by spreading bad rumors.
Management had to react, I lost my job in the trial time, I don't even know how to pay my food next month...
OK, that is me then, and I discovered that I was perfectly ok with gming all the time, I am a lore junkie anyway, and I can only read all the lore if I can read all adventures, to read them I must either play them first or gm them, gming is faster, done.
I tried to gm the ONLY adventure that I own, between the lines 5 times now,in two weeks, got only a group together two times...even with offering it online^^
Also I am not bad as a GM, i realized in the past, that I was trying to win against the PCs with my monsters, stopped asap, stepped up to gm after I made it clear to myslef that I am just a referee on the table.
My VL even wrote me an e mail after the first session, he said I was better prepared them him and my roleplay was better, not a big surprise, as I said, lore junkie, and I got tons of time right now -.-
But I can't find enough players, I was asking a couple of months ago about that chipping in for the pdf, but the players I knew privatly (that aren't showing up at the local PFS event in the store either) didn't want to.

So my question is:
How do you get more players?
Seriously, according to one VC at the german pfs con, Germany has the second biggest PFS community right now (to be fair, that was his hard work, I think he recruited about 5-10 VOs so far) He is also the only 5 star gm that we have here. And he is 3 hours away -.-