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Full Name

Flint Thunderstriker, Defender


| HP 62/62 AC: 22 (24 w/Shield), Shield ( Hardness: 7, HP: 30/30, BT: 15, ) | F: +11 R: +6, W: +10 | Perc: +10 (E, Darkvision)


Class Abilities:
  • Focus Pool: 0/1
  • Default Exploration: Defense


    Male, LG, Dwarf (Strong-blooded)


    Taldane, Celestial, Dwarven, Undercommon

    Strength 16
    Dexterity 10
    Constitution 16
    Intelligence 10
    Wisdom 14
    Charisma 12

    About Flint Thunderstriker

    Name: Flint Thunderstriker (Agent #1824-2001)
    Ancestry (Heritage) and Background: Dwarf (Strong-blooded), Warrior
    Level: 4, XP: TRACKER
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Age: 44 (Born 4877) Gender: Male


    Cousin to Brak Thunderstriker (Agent 1824-14) and Dhorvan Thunderstriker (Agent 1824-31.) Older brother to Iarann Thunderstriker (Agent 1824-2002).

    Physical Description:

    Flint's beard and hair are lighter than the rest of his clan, but still a deep brown with streaks of copper. His armor is polished to the point that it can be difficult to look at in the sun. His leather gear is well oiled, and well loved. Across his back for now, a steel shield bearing the symbol of Torag gives a clear indication of Flint's calling. Torag's champions are a proud lot, and Flint is every bit the stereotype.

    Pathfinder Society Training


  • Library Lore
  • Feat Unlocked at 5th Level

    Perception: +10 (E)
    Senses: Darkvision

    AC: 21 (23 with raised shield)
    Fortitude: +10 Reflex: +5 Will: +9
    Shield (Shield Ally): +2 AC, Hardness: 7, BT: 15 , Current HP: 30/30

    Defense Proficiencies:

    FORT: Expert
    REF: Trained
    WILL: Expert
    Unarmored: Trained
    Light Armor: Trained
    Medium Armor: Trained
    Heavy Armor: Trained

    Melee: +1 Warhammer +10 (2d8+4) (Shove)
    Ranged: Light Hammer (x2) +6 (d6+4) (Agile, Range 20')

    Offense Proficiencies:

    Unarmed Strikes: Trained
    Simple Weapons: Trained
    Martial Weapons: Trained
    Spell Attacks: Trained
    Special Proficiencies:

    Retributive Strike

  • Trigger:Enemy damages ally and both within 15'
  • Effect: You protect your ally and strike your foe. The ally gains resistance 5 to all damage against the triggering damage. If the foe is within reach, make a melee Strike against it. Fiendsbane Oath +4 v. Fiends +6 once proficiency is Master

    Shield Block

  • Trigger:Take damage from physical attack while shield is up
  • Effect: Ignore damage equal to shield's hardness. Remaining damage taken by self and shield.


  • You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
  • You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn't force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them.


  • You must act with honor, never taking advantage of others, lying, or cheating.
  • You must respect the lawful authority of legitimate leadership wherever you go, and follow its laws.


  • Be honorable and forthright, keep your word, respect the forge, serve your people
  • Anathema tell lies or cheat someone, intentionally create inferior works, show mercy to the enemies of your people

    Fiendsbane Oath

  • You must banish or slay fiends you come across as long as you have a reasonable chance of success; in the incredibly unlikely event you find a good fiend, you don’t have to banish or kill it.
  • You don’t consider fiends to be legitimate authorities, even in nations ruled by fiends.

    Class Abilities & Focus Spells

  • Class DC: 20 (T)
    Focus Spells: Heightened Level: 2
  • Lay on Hands: Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch. If you use lay on hands on a willing living target, you restore 12 Hit Points; if the target is one of your allies, they also gain a +2 status bonus to AC for 1 round. Against an undead target, you deal 2d6 damage and it must attempt a basic Fortitude save; if it fails, it also takes a –2 status penalty to AC for 1 round.

    Class Abilities:

  • Divine Ally

    Skill: +Mod (Proficiency)
    Acrobatics: +0 (U)
    Arcana: +0 (U)
    Athletics: +10 (T)
    Crafting: +6 (T)
    Deception: +0 (U)
    Diplomacy: +0 (U)
    Intimidation: +8 (E)
    Lore (Library): +6 (T)
    Lore (Warfare): +6 (T)
    Medicine: +8 (T)
    Nature: +2 (U)
    Occultism: +0 (U)
    Performance: +0 (U)
    Religion: +8 (T)
    Society: +0 (U)
    Stealth: +0 (U)
    Survival: +2 (U)
    Thievery: +0 (U)


  • Intimidating Glare Level 1: (Background)
  • Rock Runner Level 1: (Ancestry)
  • Shield Block Level 1: (Paladin)
  • Desperate Prayer Level 1: (Champion)
  • Fiendsbane Oath Level 2: (Champion)
  • Titan Wrestler Level 2: (Skill)
  • Canny Acumen (Perception) Level 3: (General) Revisit at 17
  • Aura of Courage Level 4: (Class)
  • Powerful Leap Level 4: (Skill)


  • Gold 114
  • Silver 9

    Bulk: 7, 3L (Encumbered: 9, Maximum: 14 )


  • Warhammer (1)
  • Clan Dagger (L)
  • Light Hammer (L)
  • Light Hammer (L)


  • Full Plate (3)
  • Steel Shield (1)


  • Wayfinder
    Potion of Water Breathing
    Feather Token (Ladder)

    BACKPACK: (Bulk: 1/4, 2L First 2 don't count)

  • Bedroll (L)
  • Chalk x10 (-)
  • Flint and Steel (-)
  • Rope, 50' (L)
  • Rations, 14 Days (1L per 7 days)
  • Soap (-)
  • Torch x5 (1L per torch)
  • Crowbar (L)
  • Grappling Hook (L)
  • Healer's Tools (1)
  • Repair Kit (1)
  • Swim Fins