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Full Name

Faria Saracean




Cleric lvl 5







Special Abilities

Aura, Channel Energy, Domain powers (Fire, Healing), Orisons, Spontaneuous casting


Neutral Good




Common, Kelish, Celestial, Ignan, Auran

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

About Faria

Feats: Selective channeling, Extra channel, Improved initiative
Traits: Focused mind, Fast Talker
Domain Powers: Rebuke Death, Fire Bolt

Appearance: Faria is a medium-height, average built man of thirty, with light brown, long hair, fair skin and blue eyes. He often wears a light outfit of earthly colors, with loose pants and shirt, sandals, and a long sash that can be worn as a scarf or a hood. He also wears a symbol of Sarenrae around his neck. He is very handsome, almost beautiful, and he would look quite feminine without his short beard. He has deep scars in his wrists that he tries to hide with long sleeves.

History: Growing up without a father and with his mother too ill to take proper care of him, Faria was forced to a life of crime at a very young age. As he grew up in the worst corner of Absalom, he became involved with a very sinister crowd, that dragged him down to the path of wickedness and sin. He became a scoundrel that used his charms and wit to take advantage of those who had plenty in wealth but lacked companionship and love. His band of criminals exploited men and women who were very lonely and very rich, making great profit but also breaking many hearts.

By the time Faria had turned twenty five, his little enterprise had made him quite rich. But the price became soon too much to bear. He was beginning to see the pain and suffering he was causing. The families he had torn apart, the lives he had ruined. He wanted to stop but was too afraid to walk away. He knew his boss would not let him leave so easily. And Faria was not a very brave man.

When his actions caused the suicide of an innocent, elven noblewoman, Faria had had enough. He loathed himself and what he had become. He attempted to take his own life with a dagger, praying to the gods that they would be merciful and grant him a swift death. The gods, however, seemed to have a different plan for him. His cry of anguish was heard by a cleric of Sarenrae, who found him lying face down, bleeding in the gutter. The priestess healed his wounds and carried him to the Temple of the Shining Star to rest.

Faria had despised religion all his life. His mother, who had been mentally and physically very ill, had always clung to the faith of Aroden like her grandmother and great grandmother before her, even though most people now concidered him dead. And the other gods, they did not seem to care about the toils of mortals. Not the poorest ones anyway, Faria had thought. Gods were for much nobler people than him. There were no gods in Puddles, Absalom. There was just murky water, dirt and hunger.

And yet, the more time he spent with the cleric who had granted him sanctuary, the more he found himself fascinated by her mysterious serenity. It was as if the cleric was radiating pure goodness and love all around her. Before Faria fully realised it, he was being drawn to the light of the Dawnflower. Finally, one fateful night, he made a confession of his sins and expressed his deepest wishes to convert to the faith. Thus began his road to redemption and his long and difficult path to priesthood.

Faria is now a cleric and has dedicate his life, heart and soul to the goddess. Although the sins of his paths still haunt him this day, he has found true solace in Sarenrae. The cleric who once saved his life has now talked him into joining Pathfinder Society like her. He is determined to help the society to do good in the world and spread the faith of the Dawnflower in the process.