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There is a big difference in saying "this system is good", "this sytem is becoming better", "I will spend money on this system", "I will play this system" and, more importantly, "I will switch from PF1 (or other RPG) to PF2".

Will paizo ever ask these questions?

My anwsers.

1. This system is good.

Yes, it's not garbage. I'd never said it's bad, I just don't like it.

2. This system is becoming better.

Definitively. It's much much better than when it started (I guess this is the 95% data they get from the surveys.)

How ever.

3. I will spend money on this system.

In this current form, not a single penny.

4. I will play this system.

Nope. I will ignore it as I do with many other variances of D&D.

5. I will switch.

Definitivily not.

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To be frankly, almost all this sub-systems Paizo put out over the years in the AP (ship combat on S&S, Rebelion rules on Hell's Rebels, Caravans on Jade Regent) doesn't work and make the game less fun.

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Any mechanic that resembles resonance will not be well received.

Stop trying to fixing the game by changing the world around it has ben working for decades.

Resonance is completely gamey, artificial and has no space in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder tradional scenarios.

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The one real goal of Pathfinder 2.0 is pretty clear to me: Make adventure creating a more "exact science".

Paizo excels in creating adventures, both for adventure path and society scenarios. However, since there are a lot of variation on Pathfinder 1.0, it was very hard to create adventures that are challenging and "doable" to everyone. An experienced GM could of course adapt the adventure to their group, but it doesn't work in Society game.

With PF 2 this problems is lessened a lot.

For instance, if the adventure expects players to sneak-enter a castle, in PF 1.0 a group with heavy-armored characters will not be able to pass this obstacle. In PF 2.0 they can because everybody get +1 to everything.

The same goes for combat. Since everybody at the same level has a very close attacks bonus, CA, and etc., it's easy to design encounters.

The problem in my opinion is that, although this "standarization" make the adventure design eaiser, it is very unfun to be played.

I prefer to see my players trying alternative solutions to sneak-enter the castel with their fullplate paladin than he just becomes sneaker without any reason.

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Marc Radle wrote:
Vic Ferrari wrote:

Not only as a partially sighted/vision impaired (RP & CME) person/thing, but in general, I find all icons/symbols irritating and cheap, in RPGs, just axe them, guys.

That 2 and 3 action arrow dorky thingy, at a glance...not happening...

Coulnd’t agree more!

The icons are not good. I am praying they are eliminated and replaced with words again

They don't news to reinvent the Wheel on ícone. It's a one-action activity? Use "1" instead of anexo ícone. Two-actions? Use "2". Three-action, "3". It's a free-action, use "0". A reaction, use an "R".

Numbers (and a Letter) carries meaning, are easy to be understand, anos easy to differentiate from each other.

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The resonance thing to Alchemist does even less sense when he gains some resomance points that can ONLY be used to do Alchemal-thigs.

It's like a separed pool inside a unified pool.

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The game is beeing heavly tuned down.

All classes had they unique things and feats. Now most unique things are gone and feats were split among classes.

No, thank you.

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bugleyman wrote:
AshVandal wrote:
4e sold really well, (hell I bought 4 4e books before I figured out I didn't like it) just few people stuck with it long term. But 4e is also the reason why Paizo and Pathfinder is a thing.

Which only serves to demonstrate that "brand trumps all" is a fallacy.

Brand trumps all when the game doesn't stinks. D&D 4E stinks, and even then they sold very well and only lost first postion for PF1 when the game was descontinued.

Pathfinder 2.0 is starting to smelling odd.

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MR. H wrote:
Fallyrion Dunegrién wrote:
This is not bad because it chanced from 1E. It's bad because it has nothing in commun with 1E except for names. This will never be a game I'll recognize as Pathfinder.

1. Classes

2. HP
3. You can out level foes
4. Vancain magic
5. You can craft magic items
6. Utility magic is massive and world shaking
7. All the critical combat stats are the same you just calculate them differently
8. You get a skill point in every skill every level but that isn't good enough anymore
9. Feats everywhere

Nah man, it's basically just Pathfinder, just built a little differently. Maybe if someone only ever plays D&D and D&D-likes, this game seems "too different".

1, 2 and 3 are present in any d20 game (and any Final Fantasy Game too).

4 and 5 Not pathfinder exclusive either.

6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than it used to be. I can't fly for 10 hours, for exemple.

7. Nope. Definitily nope. Combat are completely different.

8. Nope. I don't get any skill point. There is no such a concept of skill points in PF2 (not even in PF1 actually). I have the same bonus to each roll in game, save from -3 to +2 bonus.

9. And I can't get most of them because they are gated behind a class.

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To be frankly, I kinda hate this "cantrip as an viable attack" in any game it appears.

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bugleyman wrote:

I think the degree of desired change is relevant. As has been pointed out, they're not going to completely rewrite the system at this point, so if your objections are that fundamental, then it can be tough to see them as intended to be productive (as opposed to simply venting your displeasure).

Also, many of the complaints do seem to boil down to "this is bad because it has changed from 1E." Which is just silly.

My $.02.

This is not bad because it chanced from 1E. It's bad because it has nothing in commun with 1E except for names. This will never be a game I'll recognize as Pathfinder.

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Edymnion wrote:
KyleS wrote:
be constructive in how to improve upon it or just do those of us who want to improve upon it a giant favor and leave.

If I thought it would do any good, I would. I honestly do not believe Paizo will change the things that I think need changing the worst, because they are too fundamental to the core of this system. To fix what I think needs fixing would basically require them throwing the entire thing out the window and starting over from scratch, and thats not going to happen.

As for "You can either like it, or you can GTFO", well we don't need gatekeepers like that.

If you actually think Paizo will change things on any great scale, then you NEED people who aren't just gushing that "Everything is perfect, I love it so much!".

To say "Like it or leave" is to say "This is exactly how it will go to print, nothing can be changed, everyone's opinions right now are worthless."

Is that really the message you want to send?

I can't agree more.

As I was saying since the first previews. When the new version of Pathfinder Unchained come out, which will basically make this feels like Pathfinder, than I can consider playing it.

The current ruleset is the biggest turn-off ever, and I don't even know if I want to play this to give feed that will be ignored.

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Renchard wrote:
Ronin_Knight wrote:
Renchard wrote:
Compared to other rulebooks I've been looking at, like WFPR4e and Savage Worlds, it looks pretty darn similar.
Yes it's similar in that it's on the D20 chassis, other than that it has more in common with 4E or 5E than it does with Pathfinder or 3.X, it like those systems treats customisation and variation like vile expletives.
I think your lack of grasp of the strength of those systems shows why you're not able to see PF2e with any clarity. 4e and 5e both allow for a ton of customization, especially 4e. And 5e is so easy to homebrew the relative lack of customization is almost immaterial.

If homebrew is a valid customization option, chess is a customizatomizable game.

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Renchard wrote:
Greylurker wrote:
I'm more disapointed in that nobody else gets combat feats now.
Advanced Maneuver, pg. 280.

So you need to multiclass as a fighter. It's bad,

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GameDesignerDM wrote:
Edymnion wrote:

It was pointless as anything but a vestigial holdover from rolling for stats.
What would you propose for groups (like mine) who only ever roll for stats? Just have a chart that if you roll an 18, your ability... score(?) is a +4? There's no real point to getting rid of them, and it seems like a weird complaint to have.

Roll 4d6 as usual and look in a convertion table. You already do that actually.

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Ronin_Knight wrote:
GentleGiant wrote:

Everything looks like 4th ed things to John, it's a shame he can't get rid of that bias.

To be fair most of the playtest books scream a weird 4E/5E Hybrid to me.


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Elves are now vunerable to sleep spells unless they choose the (probably) worst racial feat.

And that everybody could have attack of opportunite is the bad joke of the year.

You need to multiclass as a figther to.

General feats are a joke too.

Your charcter is your class and nothing more. Just like powers from 4E.

How do I increase my proficience with perception? Haven't find it yet.

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master_marshmallow wrote:
Fallyrion Dunegrién wrote:
Welcome to Pathfinder 2.0, a game where you level defines everything on your character. Since you sum your level in every skill, save, AC, attack, your ability to take potions. The level (masked as feasts) also determines how "elvish" or "orkish" your character will be.

Admittedly, if the feats are good enough to warrant different build choices that affect the meta-game decisions of character building this might not be a bad thing.

For instance, if making an elf means i get to take things like Elven Magic which improve my DCs and SR equivalent rolls, then elves become better blasters regardless of class choice.

If dwarves get to take something like Hardy which gives them a +2 on saving throws vs spells, they might make better 'tanks' also regardless of class.

I would want to make sure these choices balance against each other in ways that make the ancestries play differently and actually affect my in game decisions more than flavor and micro-orginzational changes to the build like a lot of the racial options in PF1 were. In theory this might not be bad.

It's our job to test this and decide how much more or less umph these feats need in order to make these work during the play test.

My problem here is that a lot of things you got at level 1, will now be unlocked on later levels.

The real diference between a Elf and a Dwarf in level 1 will be HP and Speed, and some adjustment in abilities score.

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Welcome to Pathfinder 2.0, a game where you level defines everything on your character. Since you sum your level in every skill, save, AC, attack, your ability to take potions. The level (masked as feasts) also determines how "elvish" or "orkish" your character will be.

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To be frankly the real reason behind Resonance is "let's make Pathfinder Society Modules easy to play!"

And to frankly again, if this poor conceived mechanics survive after the playtest, PF2 is dead for me.

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I don't know why do I even read this blogs and comments. PF2 clearly is not a game for me.

Good luck in your new 13th-Age/M&M/D&D4/D&D5 esque, Paizo.

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The thing I hate the most from 5E is how important is the dice in everything you try. The game is basically about "if you roll 10+, you passed".

Pathfinder 2.0 is for sure carrying on this "feature" to anything, not just skills, but from attacks to saves, etc.

Don't fool yourselves, proficience will just add new "stunts" and unlock uses, but the success will still be determinated by the roll. And given that bonuses difference is so tight, the dice will be the major factor.

Forget skills for a moment and think about saves. Be trained in some save will give abilities like evasion. But is the number that really matters.

All this "crit/fumble" thing will, again, make the dice even more important.

Other thing I hate from 5E (specially in lower levels) is how importante the attributes are.

If I have a cleric treined in diplomacy but with Char 10, I'll be REALLY bad in comparison with a Char 18 without training.

Basically people will just get skills that match their higher attributes, otherwise (even in higher levels), you chances to succed in an apropriate level DC is about 50%.

In Pathfinder 1.0 this is also true, but not as problematic as it will be in PF2. I can for sure spent skill ranks in skill not related to my main abilities and still be pretty decent.

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Say two character with the same Dex (a rogue and a archer). They are both lvl 5, so let's say the rogue is Expert in Stealt and the Archer is untrained. The diferente for their bonus on that skill is only 3.

Now both have to pass a DC to pass by something (if the problem is it to be the guard without Wisdom, consider it to be a druid with high Wisdom). The DC is higher enough that the rogue cannot ignore. He must roll.

The rogue invested a lot of resources in that skill, he maybe able to do some cool stuff, such as hide in plain sight, move full speed when stealth, don't be detect by smells, etc.

Nothings this matter if in the end he rolls bad and the archer roll better and pass.

In the end of the day, is the number + dice who will say he can succed at something.

The passing or failing will influenced a lot by the dice, because the diference between a highigly treinaed character to a one without a single class or race feature focuses on it is TOO LOW.

Doesn't matter the cool stuff a highly-trained character can do, doesn't matter his chance of crit. It will be beaten by an untrained character with the correct ability score a lot of times.

And, if you consider magic itens. It's probably that someone untrained using a magic item will be away better than someone trained depending on the bonus provided by the magic item.

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For everyone saying that there is already automatic progression on PF1, you know that it's not your full level on any status, right? There s no problem in the number get better, but getting almost as better than a dedicated character is a problem.

A wizard will never be as proficient on attack as a fighter in PF1 (only half).

And all this "but there is another dimension", sorry, but it's already in PF1 with the unchained. And that doesn't make you better than having a big plain bonus on the skill.

On the end of the day, it's not how much cool things you cold do with your skills, it's how much you can succed that counts. And, if about every one has the same bonus to roll, the legendary guy will not feel that better that the untrained guy. He can hide in plain sight, yes, but the untrained guy will succed in a lot of situations he won't.

Unless, off-course, the "proficience-gate" is so right that a untrained person can't even try. Which is the worst game design decision ever. I can oversight it for some skills, but not all.

Or, off-course, higher proficience reduces the the DC (which is domb, just higher the bonuses), our you can buy diferent versions of skill focus for each proficience level (a feat that will become meta).

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In 5-years, when Paizo release the "Pathfinder On-Chains", a book that brings back all the stuff I liked on PF1 and drops away this "Resonance" stuff, I migrate to PF2.

Until there, I'll stick with PF1

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The only bad thing about negative HP is that becomes easy to die in higher levels. A lvl 1 fighter with 1 HP and 14 CON can take a "1d4+1" attack and lives to the tell the tale. However, a lvl 20 fighter with 1 HP left and 14 CON that takes an appropriate damage for his level would probably die.

A good way to alliviate it is to increase the death-threshold with the level. Say, you die when you negative HP reachs CON+Level.

It solves the problm and is simple than the proposed system for PF2.

This "harder the hit, harder to heal" approach proposed is very bad because it creates a lot of edge cases. I prefer the PF1 way "the worse you are, harder to heal".

In addition, Crit Hits and Bosses shouldn't get more deadly they already are.

The starfinder take on this is really ugly , needless complex, and I didn't get it yet. So please, stay away from anything that looks like it.

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In five years Paizo will release a book called "Pathfinder on Chains", that will bring back much of the rules from PF1 and them maybe I could play PF2.

Now seriously. The system so far seemed good. It changed or simplifed how things works, but they didn't change how the game feels. All this resonance-stuff change how the game and the world works and feels.

I'd never use any of it on my games. Never.

So, if this sub-system make to the final PF2, count me as a PF1-loyalist and on board on the "Pathfinder On Chains" hype.

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Why not roll20?

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Hello guys!

I've ran We Be Goblins last week and, to help introduce the adventure to my players, I did a small video.

It may be useful for someone, so I'm posting it here (there are english subtitles).

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Hello guys!

I've ran We Be Goblins last week and, to help introduce the adventure to my players, I did a small video.

It may be useful for someone, so I'm posting it here (there are english subtitles).

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captain yesterday wrote:
Have their alignment shift towards evil for killing the deputies... wait a minute...

After they've helped Doctor Gerya with her hospice I was almost shift their alignment towards good! But then, mass murderer.

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I'm having troubles to trigger the Breakout event.

My PCs are sometimes too kind and release people after only hours of imprisonment or too "efficient" and kill 'em all.

The barkeeper Caggans was captured, but was released after one day. He reopened his tavern and was captured again, but this time he turned a Wereboar middle fight (trying to save a patron of his tavern which was taken hostage by one PC) and was killed.

Kels, the bard, was released as soon as the PC finished his interrogation

So I set up a new event. The Junior Deputy created a parallel melitia to patrols the streets after the curfew. The PCs approached them, and there was a fight. But this time the PCs killed 'em all without a second thought.

So, I have no prisoner to be rescued by Alamar brothers.

Any suggestion?

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I finished my CotCT campaign last year. Now I need another group to play it again xD

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It reminds me of a certain ghost...

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Spoodles wrote:
For those of you who have managed to download it, what are the available races?

All basic races plus tiefling. One of the iconics is a dhampir, other is a duergar.

My first impression is that this PG is not as good as the Hell's Rebels one.

I really liked the way they separed traits from "Reasons to be at the right place at the time the adventure begins" on Hell's Rebels. Campaign traits should give you a role to play on the campaign, not just a reason to gather with the other characters. The Curse of the Crimson Thrones tratis are just it, reasons to be at the right place but without a deep connection to the campaign.

The traits from Hell's Rebels give you a role to play, a secret to revel, a person to find. A more deep conection with the campaign. But how to gather the players? Well, The Hell's Rebels Player's Guide have the "Reasons to Protest" section and that work really well.

The Hell's Vengeance trait are a mix of campaing role and character themes, but they don't explain why the character are together.


The Adventure assumes that characters where hired by a local trouble-maker from Longacre.

This local trouble-maker is barely cited on the Guide, and the traits don't give a hint on why the player's were hired.

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Hello guys,

I will start GMing Hell's Rebels and Hell's Vengeance on the next week, so, to introduce my players to the game, I've created a video.

On the video, you'll find myself narrating in Brazilian Portuguese, but don't worry, I've put English subtitles.

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Erik Mona wrote:
(...) artistic style of her illustration doesn't quite match the Pathfinder aesthetic. (...)


Usually all the pictures from a Adventure Path follow the same aesthetic.

In some adventure paths, specially the first ones, some images didn't match. Laori is propably the biggest example I can remember.

Laori was, by far, the favorited NPC from CotC for my players. They didn't believe she was on the books and that she had that shiny personality (they thought I'd made her this way by myself)

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Hello guys,

In April of 2015 I finally finished Rise of the Runelords, defeated Karzoug and saved Varisia. It was a very long campaign. We stared it in May 2013, and finished it in April 2015 (almost two years!). I should have posted this here one year ago, I even writed it, but forgot to post… Now I’m posting it!

In the Karzoug’s fight we have 5 players (some of them’ve played since the very beginning, others joined the campaign on the run) and 1 cohort. The characters were (at the Karzoug’s fight):


Erin (human, ranger trapper 16). He had a roc as an animal companion and could one-round almost any foe in the game with his arrows, so he was usually one-rounded by the foes too. He died several times during the campaign.

Valerian Falx (human, Cleric of Iomedae 15/ fighter 1). A former Cheliax noble (whose family was notorious among the ranks of Hellknights), he specialized himself in bringing Erin back from Death and in converting people to Iomedae’s faith.

Khan Redbalor (tiefling, Paladin of Iomedae 16). He started as Paladin of Abadar in a high hierarchic position on Magnimar, but the Arcbanker denied him to travel to Turbleback Ferry, so he abandoned Abadar’s faith and Valerian converted him to Iomedae’s. Autoproclamed nemesis of doors. And carrier of the holy flying bible of Lamashtu. Iomedae strongest (and weirdest) weapon.

Ragnarus (human, sorcerer 16). Remember Katrine Vinder (one of the Skinsaw Murders’ victims)? Delvahine (the succubus from Runeforge)? Svenka (the icy nymph who lived near Xin-Shalast)? He did all. There were probably more ladies that I can’t remember.

Ezequiel Surt (human, tower shield specialist 7 / Stalwart Defender 9). He was the son of b$*%# (literally) with the highest AC I’ve even seen. Most foes only hit him with a natural 20. He started LG and ending the game as LN.

Nualia Tobyn (aasimar Paladin Sacred Shield of Iomedae 14). Yes, Nualia, the main enemy from the Burnt Offerings. Valerios didn’t let the PCs kill her, instead he cut off her demonic arm and tried to redeem her. After a lot of effort from Valerios (and his player), Nualia became a paladin of Iomedae to undo the evil she has done (as Valerian’s cohort)

There were other character in Xin-Shalast like Blair (Ragnaros’ daughter and cohort), Sophia (a planetar Valerian called via a Planar Ally, Sophia is a he), a dominated warden of the wind, Fly (Erin’s animal companion), Viorian Dekanti (the woman who was under influence of the Chellan) and another planetar released from Khalib control, but they didn’t take part in the Karzoug fight.

Karzoug's Fight:

The fight started with Karzoug following his script. Meteor swarm and time stop. He would killed some of the players if Nualia didn’t have used bastion of good. The players protected themself against electricity (making Wardens of Thunder and the Blue Dragon sad), Ragnaros also used his Otherwordly Kimono to maze one of the Warden of Thunder and a Wall of Force to block the others arrows. Ezequiel and Khan rushed to the Rune Giant. Meanwhile they recovered from the damage and effects Karzoug had created, Karzoug used Maze on Khan and the Rune Giant sundered Ezequiel’s Dominant Warhammer and his tower shield. Karzoug even tried a quickened Baleful Polymorph on Ezequiel, but he saved.

In the first rounds, Karzoug was using a hit-and-hide-behind –the-prismatic-wall strategy to avoid Erin’s arrows. Erin was hitting the dragon, who was trying to grapple Nualia and full attack Erin. On the third round (with Khan e Ezequial out of battle), Karzoug flied to the players direction and tried save-or-suck spell on Ragnaros, but he had a Orb of Absorption. Erin full-attacked Karzoug (and that hurts a lot), and Ragnaros tried a Greate Dispel on him, but trap card he had turned down activated (Spell Turning) rendering Ragnaros spell useless. Meanwhile Valerian buffed himself and Erin.

Before coming back to the safety of his prismatic wall, Karzoug used his arcane bound to Maze Nualia away (and her bastion of good and other protective buffs with her) and quickened one wish to restore he and his allies. Ragnaros and Erin (now over buffed and with some handy critical hits) one-rounded the dragon. Valerian buffed himself again and moved to the Lens of Souls for Karzoug’s horror.

Karzoung now left the safety and used Solid Fog to block Erin’s arrows. The rune giant charged on Erin and did some nasty damage, but Erin one-rounded the Rune Giant (an over buffed ranger with favorite enemy giants +6). Ragnaros dispelled the solid fog (this could have been the most important roll on the fight, but other one happened on the next rounds and casted shadows on this). An over buffed Varian full-attacked the Lens of Souls.

Karzoug casted Crushing Hand and grappled Ragnaros. Erin couldn’t hit Karzoug because there was a Wall of Force between the ranger and the runelord, so he attacked the Crushing Hand. Ezequiel tried to grapple Karzoug, but the runelord had freedom of movement on him. An over buffed Varian full-attacked the Lens of Souls, and Karzoug started to fear for his freedom.

Force Cage on Valerian. It was Karzoug’s response. This was the moment that the players (and even me) were in a TPK-mode, but… Nualia came back from the maze (a natural 20 on her roll) and used her swift action to cast Litany of Escape on Ragnaros. Ragnaros teleported him, Nualia and Erin to Karzoug’s side and the ranger full-attacked.

The Crushing Hand grappled Ragnaros again and Karzoug retreated to the Prismatic Wall. Valerian and (mostly) a Warden of Thunder (who was free from the Rune Giant’s control) started to break the force cage. Erin and Ezequial (using a dagger since his warhammer was destroyed) attacked the The Crushing.

With his last wish, Karzoug healed himself. The crusing hand rolled a 1 on his grapple check and let the sorcerer free. He used this opportunity to disintegrate the force cage. Now free, Valerian (with Erin helps) destroyed the Lens of Souls, trapping Karzoug forever in the Eye of the Avarice.

The runelord went mad and casted Finger of Dead on Nualia (killing her) and used one of his quickened Dimensional Door to move away from PC’s wrath. Erin, Warden of Thunder and Valerian finished the Crushing Hand.

Karzoug come back with another quickened Dimensional Door and used a Wail of the Banshee to kill Erin, but he had spell resistance from one of Valerian’s buffs. Karzoug rolled 1, so the spell affected the next character. Ragnaros died. Karzoug went back to the Prismatic Wall.

Two PCs down, hope was again vanishing, but then Khan came back from the maze.

Karzoug now didn’t have many options. His best non-transmutation spells were exhausted and every PC had a dominant weapon (including Ezequiel, who got Nualia’s weapon from her dead body) and Erin had some protective items, such a Ring of Blink and a Ioun Stone for spell absorption. So Karzoug started to burn his quickened spells on Erin to exhaust his protections. He also casted Repulsion to keep evil-smiting-Khan and over-buffed-Valrian away from him (strangely enough, the low willpower Ezequial saved this).

So this was his strategy. Spells on Erin. Take a lot of damage. Move back to Prismatic Wall for healing. But, one thing that nobody was expecting happened. Khan decided to pass through the Prismatic Wall. He actually died on the 4th layer with the epitaph:

“I died the same way I lived. Stupidly”
--- Khan, the paladin with low Wisdom.

This unthinkable strategy blowed up Karzoug mind (well, not his mind only, but my mind as GM) and Karzoug leaved his sanctuary before be full recovered from last attacks to waste his spells (and PCs protections). He actually had enough HP to survive an Erin’s full-attack, but Erin got three critical and killed Karzoug.

It was probably the most epic battle I ever had.

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I’ve just finished my S&S campaign last Saturday, however I did an huge overhaul on the last adventure, From Hell’s Heart.

The Adventure Paths I’ve finished before (RotRL and CotCT) usually have its higher point on the last fight. If PCs lost the last fight, it would bring an ill consequence. But, by RAW, From Hell’s Heart was different. If PC fails to kill the Hurricane King, the Shackles will still be there. So, I changed the events order: first they take the Hurricane King, then face the Chelish Armada.

In order to do that, I changed some things. First, Hurricane King said on the emergency pirate’s counsel that he had no fear of the Chelish Armada, and that when they reached Port Peril, they would be defeat. This infuriated some Pirate Lords whose homeports where on Chelish Armada’s path (namely Arronax and Master of Gales).

However, this was just a Hurricane King’s clever strategy to eliminate both Chelish Armanda and his rivals. The idea was to let his rivals (Tessa, Arronax, Master of Gales and PCs) assemble a fleet and go to war against the Chelish Armada. No matter which fleet won, he would destroy the weakened victor and say that we arrived too late to save his fellow pirates, but was able to save the day destroying the Chelish Armada.
But, for Hurricane King’s disgrace, Tessa had captured an Hurricane King’s ally and discovered his plans. She revealed it to PCs and asked them to defeat Bonefist first. So, while the PC allies attacked the Fort Hazard from their ships, PCs invaded the Hurricane King’s secrete readout.

So I GMed the 3rd party of the adventure mostly as RAW (note that PCs where one level higher than they should be).

After claim the Hurricane Crown, PCs needed to hurry up to the Chelish Armada, however, Druvalia had put one last obstacle. A small but fearsome squadron formed by PC’s old nemesis, The Dominator, and some pirate traitors was anchored middle Jeopardy Bay in order to disrupt pirates’ movement.

In my campaign, Dominator was a very, very, powerful ship. A ship no-one on Shackles could rival both in size and firepower. Of course PC’s fleet could defeat it easily, but the fleet was somewhat split (part on their homeport in Isle of the Empty Eyes, part on Port Peril), so they need to defeat the Dominator’s Squadron by themselves. To do that, they teleported to Dominator’s deck and conquered the ship.

So, the Battle of Abendego started. I ran it almost RAW, but had adjusted the profession sailor values to match PC’s (which were at 15th level).
But again, it would be somewhat anticlimactic just take the flag ship… So after they defeated the Armada, Druvalia used her last resource. A gate spell provide by Geryon.

From Hell’s Heart, wave after wave of devils attacked the Hurricane Fleet. If PCs couldn’t close the gate, they would lose every single man of their fleet. However, they had Aiger’s Kiss, a legendary sword which can close gates! So, meanwhile fighting devils and trying to get closer to Abrogail’s Furry, PCs needed to fetch Aiger’s Kiss (which was on another ship).

When they were really close to Abrogail’s Furry, Geryon sent his most powerful devils and, although PCs managed to almost won the fight (which made me very impressed, because I was really expecting that a Pit Fiend would be an easy TPK), they were killed.

I just create an “anime inspired” scene in which PCs met some dead rivals and allies on their afterlife so them could set their differences. Master Scourge, Hurricane King, Harrigan, PC’s family and friends. And, after this scene, Besmara arrived.

Besmara challenged Geryon because he trespassed her territory. She called marine monsters to fight devils and equilibrate the fight (“Your devils may be invincible in hell, but here, they are only fish’s food!”). She also resurrected PCs and reshaped their ship (which was destroyed by a Pit Fiend Meteor Swarm).

So, the PCs finally boarded Abrogail’s Furry, closed the gate with Aiger’s Kiss and defeated Druvalia.

One of my players modified the poem “Demons run” (from Doctor Who), so bards all over the shackles and beyond now tell the tales of the battle of “Devils run”.

Devils run when the Shackles goes to war.
Storms will rise and seas will burn
When the Shackles goes to war
Thrice-Damned, now Thrice defeated
The House of Thrune grit their teeth
When the Shackles go to war
Send your ships, send your men
And Besmara shall welcome then in the deep