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Has 2E Finally Made “Low Magic” Viable?

PF2 IS low magic, nothing to change :D

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It's kind of crazy that the majority of the community agreed that Mutagenist alchemists were clearly underpowered and when Paizo had one chance to at least fix it a bit with the errata, they added such an underwhelming and situational ability as Mutagenic Flashback. Looking at the reactions on the forum, it's already one of the most discussed and disliked changes. So disappointing.

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I think they should rush to release an Unchained book to fix the Alchemist and maybe even rush to release a 3rd edition which would be the 5e of Pathfinder (PF2 being its 4e so far) /s

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Castilliano wrote:

So the OP is saying that the Barbarian Instinct that's built for making unarmed attacks is only really useful for characters that focus on making unarmed attacks?

Huh. Who knew?


Nope, that if you take the barbarian dedication and the animal instinct you get nothing. But sure if you're saying that spending a feat to get nothing is good game design and not worth pointing out, I'm sure you will love the mutagenists' first ability and PF2 is obviously the perfect game for you /s

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Almost as good as the mutagenist alchemist xD
Such great game design.

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Well as published so far, it's pretty bad. If you need to buy another book to make it viable, that doesn't make it better game design.

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It's not even like Favored Enemy or Favored Terrain were OP before...

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It's pretty clear from all the different threads that, not even 2 weeks after the release, PF2 alchemists already need a Pathfinder Unchained to fix them...

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Channel Smite should do quite a bit of damage... Takes 2 actions but you can channel heal or smite into the strike, so basically +5d8 damage at level 10.

Emblazon Armament gives a +1 status bonus to damage and you can change that to 1d4 or up to 1d6 energy with Emblazon Energy at 8th.

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Paradozen wrote:
Also it is the only way to get contact (not injury) poisons on weapons.

Yeah I was thinking, cool I can use contact poison as well as they are more potent than injury ones but unfortunately the onset time seems to be a killer e.g. 1 minute for Blightburn Resin for example so that doesn't seem like a viable combat option (I haven't checked all of them).

Doktor Weasel wrote:
So at high levels, the DC will be a bit too easy for your enemies.

There is also Powerful Alchemy which makes the DC scales with your level (so proficiency + int modifier). That and Potent Poisoner (+4 DC) should help poisons be relevant all along.

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shroudb wrote:

The energy Mutagen is the most hilarious example why the arbitrary restriction on natural weapons is so bad:

You drink a Mutagen that allows you to emit so much energy from your body that you can even transmit it through your weapon... But not through the hand that is transmitting it...

Just sigh...

Yeah they are really going out of their way to nerf natural attacks. I understand it could easily be abused in PF1, but instead of making them balanced, it seems that they are doing everything possible to make them subpar.

Corvo Spiritwind wrote:
Luckily an easy solution are spiked gauntlets, which I'm going for with my alchemist. Bite and claw for bigger damages, gauntlets for style and poisoning.

Yeah but now you need potency and striking runes for your spike gauntlets otherwise you pretty much lose all the benefits of using poison in the first place.

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LuniasM wrote:
And there's also a couple good choices for mutagens you could combine with it at Level 13 for a more durable melee character (including one from Fall of Plaguestone, which is on the new Archives of Nethys database already).

It atrually looks like the energy mutagen from The Fall of Plaguestone would not work with bestial mutagen (which is the topic of this thread):

Energy Mutagen wrote:
Whenever you score a hit with a melee weapon, add the listed amount of damage of the attuned energy type.

AFAIK unarmed attacks (which is what bestial mutagen provides) are never considered weapons. You'd also not be able to mix the two mutagens together until level 13th anyway which is pretty late.

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Wow great analysis. So based on this, it looks like animal companions are pretty garbage and not worth the feats and action investment.
Only benefit I can see outside of flavor really is for a rogue with ranger/druid dedication to get a flanking buddy...

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GentleGiant wrote:

July - Advanced Player's Guide

- Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler, Witch (October playtest)
- 8 new ancestry - Aasimar, Catfolk, Changeling, Duskwalker, Dhampir, Kobold, Orc. Ratfolk, Tiefling, Tengu
- New spells, archetypes (60) and other fun stuff
(pirate, acrobat, duelist, beast master, bounty hunter, poisoner, scout, assassin)

I really wish that all these options, especially ancestries will be PFS legal. For PF1 only a few races are legal, some need boon and other are not at all. And having to always check AoN to see whether a feat, archetype, or whatnot is legal or not is a huge pain...

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
One of our players who made a Rogue was having an especially difficult time trying to allocate his feats into stuff that is both cool and worthwhile. Having more Skill Feats than anyone else and access to the same amount of other feats as other classes merely increased the amount of times he had no idea what to spend feats on. He was also disappointed at how underwhelming numerous skill feats were, while at the same time baffled by how strong and/or useful other skill feats were.

I'm also creating a level 5 rogue for a playtest coming soon (Raiders of Shrieking Peak) and I had very similar experience. I find most of the skill feats to be very dull and situational e.g.


Prerequisites expert in Deception
You can set up a disguise in half the usual time
(generally 5 minutes). If you’re a master, it takes one-fifth the
usual time (usually 2 minutes), and if you’re legendary, it takes
one-tenth the usual time (usually 1 minute).

One feat to disguise in 5 minutes instead of 10 doesn't seem that it's ever going to have an impact (and note you need to be expert...).


Prerequisites expert in Athletics
When you use the Leap action, you can jump
5 feet up with a vertical Leap, and you increase the distance
you can jump horizontally by 5 feet.

Same, how often is that going to come into play?


Prerequisites expert in Acrobatics
You’re skilled at moving around while prone. You
can Crawl up to half your Speed, rather than 5 feet. If you’re a
master in Acrobatics, you can Crawl at your full Speed, and if
you’re legendary, you aren’t flat-footed while prone

Wow, I always dreamt to be expert at crawling. /s

I feel there are lots of choices that aren't going to make any difference so it's going to take a lot of time to choose (FOMO) without much game impact and all rogues are going to be pretty similar (I don't feel I can really make choices that are going to make my character feels unique). Illusion of choice / inconsequential choices.

Even some of the Rogue feats are like that e.g. YOU’RE NEXT. How often are you going to be dropping a foe that the +2 to Demoralize is going to have an impact.

I think General feats are much better but they aren't many and they are very far between (one at 3rd, next one is at 7th).