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With great respect, I humbly ask this forum for their views on an old disagreement, volleyed about both playfully and angrily through a few iterations of the game system. I am specifically not presenting our sides, just stating the question as plainly and clearly as possible.

Is there any 'Condition' or situation that NEGATES {disallows} a saving throw for any reason? {RAW and/or RAI, with or without special attention to Reflex saves}

With many Thanks,


{Hangs head, feeling extremely unloved.}

Seriously though:

Has no one answered my query because the answer is so obvious as to be a waste of time?


Has no one answered because there exists no link to an *official* answer?

Was putting the word 'official' in my original post a mistake?

Does anyone know anything about this topic?

Is there anybody out there?

Can a Monk wildshaped into an animal use Flurry of Blows and the other benefits of the monk class?