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Paizo Drow also fortunately don't have the insane racist backstory of "god gave them dark skin so everyone knows they're evil" like in dnd. They're just a$*!%%+s who have evil radiation poisoning and like demons.

Evil surface elves do (on rare occaisons) transform into drow elves, even in 2E. Not sure how, exactly.

** spoiler omitted **

For greater context and nuance, not all drow are evil and not all drow communities worship demons.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

From context, it sounds like elves are turned into drow if a demon lord catches notice of them doing something especially bad, kind of like an invite for club membership they can't refuse.

Their probably really excited and flattered to receive those offers they can't refuse from the various Demon Lords, Qlippoth Lords, R.Gug, and etc. Otherwise I wonder if they wake up later with a Varguoille or nightmare head in their bed.

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I can see Aeons, some Inevitables, and Hounds of Tindalos being quite annoyed by these chronal antics.