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The woman has certainly seen much, with her world-weary jaundiced eyes resting upon the group. Her clothes are simple and have a hint of a stench on them. She speaks up, “My name is Eries Yelloweyes. I have heard of you and your exploits as of late, and I am hoping that you will be able to assist me. I am one of the many wererats that eke out a living in the sewers of Korvosa; no, we aren’t a fairy tale. I have seen much in my time here, including attempts to purge our kind from the city. My more level-headed kin are well aware of this too, and we have managed to live in an uneasy peace with all of you folk by keeping out of sight and out of mind. However, a fiery young wererat named Girrigz Ripperclaws has been pushing to have us declare war on the surface-dwellers while you are all weak. He has managed to gain a small following, and my attempts to dissuade him have fallen on deaf ears. I know his heart is in the right place, he knows how our kind is mistreated and lives in constant fear. He just wants to make things better for us by carving out a place where we don’t need to live in the shadows and fringes of society.”

“But I worry that by doing so, he will simply draw the ire of the Queen and the people of Korvosa and we will once again be actively hunted. Something must be done about Girrigz before more lives are lost on both sides of this. I implore you to speak with him and talk sense where I cannot. By having people of your stature deliver the message, perhaps the seriousness of the situation will sink in. If not, then offer him an example of the force the city will doubtless employ and smack some sense into his skull. But please, do not kill my people if it can be avoided.”

“If you help me with this, I will talk to my kin and we may be able to help you. While we are not responsible for this plague traveling around the city, we can assist from the shadows by disposing of infected bodies and doing whatever else we can to help fight the spread of this disease. Girrigz makes his lair deep in Korvosa’s sewers. While I cannot lead you there myself, I can give directions. There are more things in the sewers than just us wererats, so please be careful!”

Eries finishes her plea and stays around to answer any questions the group may have, hopeful that they will accept her request for aid.