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Awesome for Roleplaying


I'm not going to be wordy or fill this with spoilers. I just want to say that after reading this scenario I don't think I have been this excited to run a scenario.

Ample opportunity for any pc to roleplay their character. And use skills creatively to resolve an encounter. And the boon is I'm my opinion awesome. Along with the super fun flavor that is added at the end.
I would love to see more scenarios that encourages Roleplaying as much as this one does.

I was finally able to run this one. And the reactions of the players to Azure were just priceless! Not one of the players at my table was ready for an NPC like Azure. And for me as a GM it gave me an awesome opportunity for RP. This was a good one to have ran when I ran as we had a newer player there also that got to see a lot of good RP from the rest of the table also. There is nothing quite like having an adult acting how Azure is writen for a new to PFS player to see for the first time.