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<Sunamber> Alaerin Summerhawke wrote:
Finally he meets her eyes and smiles shyly, "Beggin' your pardon ma'am.. but I would never ha' draw on ya ifn.. I'd known you were a lady an all.. not a gentlemanly thing to do. Just wanted you to know... I'm really sorry about that. ..Ya caught me dozing!"

By the time he's gone to catch her gaze again, it's been redirected back to the ruins they're talking about. "Not much use in that. This isn't their lighthouse." Elin reaches out to touch the rock, polished and carved in an intricate manner and far larger than it had a right to be in stonemasonry's reach. "This place has been ruined for far longer than the lifespan of either you or I, our our parents of either line, or their own fathers, Sunamber. I'd reckon it'd take a runic giant to lift these blocks back, as they did in the first place." She turns back to Alaerin, meeting his gaze, eyes glinting. It's obvious that she's excited about this subject. "This is a Thassilonian structure, and Thassilon didn't faff about when it came to building things. I'd much like to see the like of it in today's works, but I've never seen anything come close to the Irespan, or other places... even old wrecks like this have their beauty." She pauses. "I'd just be careful using them as a windstop. Ah- hello, Asani." She turns her attention to the hawk, then inclines her head. "My name is Elin Ha- Hearwight. It's a pleasure to meet someone as interested as I am in these things."

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<Sunamber> Alaerin Summerhawke wrote:
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pre-pick faffing about:
The half-elf's appearance with drawn weapon brought an appropriate response from Elin, her rapier whipping out in a heartbeat with her buckler to match, tensing into a fencer's pose to react to whatever move her opponent makes. As she took in his features and he stood down, though, she relaxed as well. "If I was sneaking, I much doubt either of us would have noticed, mind you. Little quick on the draw, aren't we?" she asks, sheathing her own weapon and dropping her hood down. Alaerin sees the same ears he bears among a spread of amber hair. After looking about his campsite, the half-elf- as she is as well- motions down the path towards Sandpoint below. "Why kip down up here? I've no doubt they've more comfortable cots than ancient rocks. Taverns and the like tend to bet on it, from what I've seen." He can't tell where she's from by her accent or mannerisms, and her clothing doesn't do much more to hint at it, but it does look like she's been on the road for a while.

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The low sounds of wood hitting rock echo out over the rather barren plain surrounding Sandpoint's lonely tower. Elin drops the stick, leans on the wall and scribes another line in a battered book she holds. She sticks out a well-weathered boot to keep an generously overstuffed pack upright beside her, then dots her line and looks back up and over the city. "Been a long road from Absalom," she mutters. Elin kneels and tucks the journal away in the pack, then slings it over her shoulders as whatever essentials she has inside jangle quietly to themselves. Taking one last look at the ancient tower's remains, she shakes her head, then sets off down the hill to enter the city proper.


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