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Cyrad wrote:

For those who had the pleasure of playing a 5th Edition game, are my concerns actually present in the game? Having a character adapt in response to their adventure experiences has massive appeal to me. A character that follows a set path and doesn't change with respect to their experiences strikes me as really boring.

I'll give you this Cyrad, when playing a cloned character for the second time for 1st-12th level, choosing nearly the same stats and path progression, in numbers the two characters were very similar.

However, what I was delighted to find (and hopefully this can be true of most systems) is that the characters developed differently socially, mentally, and tactically. Because they had difference enemies, experiences, allies and goals, they developed their personalities and to a point, their role in combat and social situations in unique ways. We collected different treasure, learned tactics for different enemies and had different availability of resources (like town, resting, consumables, etc).
Basically, thanks to the story they progressed through they became very different characters despite looking similar on paper - sans equipment section.

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LordSynos wrote:

Despite owning all the Discworld books, I've never read one.

This makes me very sad for you. Not wanting to start another discussion on whether an author is 'good' or not, I'll just say I find his humorous writing very witty and his satire nearly always spot on. If that's the thing for you, give it a shot when you can.

If not, that's okay too! Maybe someone else who does will see them in your possession and ask to borrow one~

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As a (apparently very) casual PFS player I have a great deal of trouble accepting both the arguments GMs seem to have against players with 'overly strong' characters AND the sheer player-unfriendliness of the campaign as whole.
I know it's a very delicate balance and the work that has been put in thus far is tremendous, but there's a constant discrepancy, for me at least, in the difficulty of the modules and the intention or will towards the players. And succeeding into the mid tier on the occasional disjointed, world-spanning smattering of mods I've gotten to play only makes the difficulty and stress of keeping such a character (and legal) all the more frustrating.
I also know that making easier mods will not remove all the power characters, but I know, at least in case of many players I see at cons, you bring the 'broken' to survive the bull. If not wiping an encounter in the 1st action would lead to a desperate party loss when the enemy goes, then I'd rather have that.
Heck, I even spectate higher level character builds to learn about new things to try and see the powerful options that some people get such a kick out of playing.
Over and over PFS has seemingly tried to screw their players over, and the GMs that run (myself included) become jaded to the unhappiness of their players. There's a powerful disconnect between the hardened GMs running an encounter the butchers us with some glee and then the teary eyed wonder they get as they relate to you after the wipe how their character shined in that encounter.
I'm struggling really hard right now to express these feelings articulately and in a critical, helpful manner, but maybe I can dumb it down to
'Perhaps the staff/writers/coordinators are only listening hard to their solid core of players and GMs, when that ends up being a very small part of their audience, and in turn makes the campaign decisions not as good as they could be for everyone'

Thanks for letting me try to get that out.