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Eiboria hums and gardens under the light of one of the Wildwood's moons, getting her hands dirty and enjoying herself.
Occasionally she straightens up and eases her aching back.

A stir runs through the Wildwood as for the first time in years Eiboria returns.

Their errand done, the nymphs turn and disappear into the crowds.

Little Kiba wrote:
Eiboria Telimnora wrote:

The nymphs approach, four of them surrounding the other one. The one in the middle addresses Little Kiba.

You recently fought in the arena, under an alias, but are the person otherwise known as 'Little Kiba'?

Dusting himself off and wiping his eyes, Lk looks at the lady talking to him.

"Yes I am. How do you know that?"

Our mistress made inquiries. She sends you this, with the advice to take a long look at what you're doing next time, before rushing in again.

The one in the middle passess Little Kiba a small wooden box.
From inside it, Arielle can hear one of the stars singing.

The nymphs approach, four of them surrounding the other one. The one in the middle addresses Little Kiba.
You recently fought in the arena, under an alias, but are the person otherwise known as 'Little Kiba'?

Moving through the crowds emerging from the Arena, now that the fight is over, is a group of five nymphs...

Arielle senses a star approaching.

The star lands neatly in the lap of Eiboria, in the midst of a group of her nymph guards.
She smiles faintly, and makes it disappear from view.
Rising from her seat, she makes her way, accompanied by her guards, into the innards of the stand.

The nymphs that were with Azuri'ith's party have left by now, and over in the stands on the other side, Eiboria has stopped concentrating on whatever it was that she was concentrating on.

lynora-Jill wrote:
"I thank you for your advice. I am not at all sure how to go about putting it into practice, but I will think on it. At the very least you have given me more information to go on than I previously had. Again, I thank you."

Except from a 'kill dangerous things' point of view, I am certain I would make a hopeless guardian for Arielle. Better for her that at least some of you are around for as long as possible, so I need not feel pressured to step in.

The image winks out.

If you seek retribution against Daelemos, plan it like a dragon, and make an attack against which his vast personal might, arcane knowledge, and ability to disregard as gnat bites almost any physical or magical assault against his person will count for nothing.
In some accounts, he was a shadow champion of stone, of air, of fire, of wood, and of water long before many of your friends or allies were about, and he might well still be. And yet in those same accounts his driving force is always his pride.
If you can find a way, use words as weapons, so that that pride will prevent him from making a violent or lethal response that someone more humble might be able to accept the need to do.
It may well seem irrational to a non-dragon, that a being could be so defined by their pride that they can be tricked or coerced into doing something which they hate, and will smoulder over it in impotent rage for millenia, but it is possible.
Those are my thoughts.
She bows her head.

If you will excuse me, I shall return to my seat.
The half-elven woman has a slightly distracted look on her face as if she is concentrating on something else elsewhere now.
She's manifesting an astral projection at the grove, as she's still somewhat worried about Arielle's safety and is trying Lynora-Jill.
She flicks a hand and teleports back across the arena to her place in the stands on the far side.
We will take our leave. There is no further reason for us to be your party for now.
One of the nymphs addresses Azuri'ith.

The air shimmers and an astral projection of a half-elven woman manifests. She glances at the world ash and speaks to Lynora Jill:
Mother air; please make sure that impulsive, reckless, lump of a lover of yours, keeps Arielle away from Daelemos if he's looking to pick a fight with that particular dragon. Jack Hammer's intentions are difficult for me to be certain of, and I have heard nothing yet to indicate that he has paid any attention to my concerns regarding her safety.

Jack Hammer wrote:

JH's eyes dim in their red fire. A cold smile creeps across his face.

"Dragons have lairs and love their hoards. Metal and stone. Both can be melted. Even dreams are anchored in reality somewhere. Jacks love games, but we can play kinda rough. Even the Mother of Monsters' followers rely on Earth."

The ground begins to rumble, as a small earthquake begins to form. Before it causes damage it fades, along with the fire in JH's eyes. He pauses and turns to his daughter...

[To Arielle-] "It's done. Sunny G has aided your mother once again." His smile warms.

[To Eiboria Telimnora] "Know this. I will destroy anyone, anything, that threatens my family, and anyone foolish enough to get in my way. The stars can be retrieved from the molten rock they'll die in."

"So unless you have a compelling reason, besides a dragon's dream to interfere with us, for us to stay we have a star to retrieve."

To Jack Hammer:

I have expressed my concerns to you, but have no further reasons for you to specifically stay here; my reasons for interfering even so far as I have done I keep my own counsel on for now.

If your anger is against the dragon, Daelemos, and not against the followers of Lamashtu and their friends of Leng who did that to the star in the first place, you are going after a dragon, in one of its own lairs, who the stories say levels kingdoms, and who I guess has been interested only in toying with you thus far as part of a game of one upmanship with another dragon, rather than in making any real effort against you. Please do not think because his agents show some respect to the guards my mother has assigned me, that he himself is easily defied.

If you are setting out against the dragon Daelemos, at least leave Arielle somewhere safe and well-protected before you do that, sir.
This last is addressed to Jack Hammer.

Telepathic communications take place and over on the far side of the arena, one of the nymphs says something to the half-elven woman.
The air shimmers, and suddenly the half elven woman has arrived by teleport to join the two nymphs accompanying Arielle.

It is unfair to expect my guards to explain this directly, the half-elven woman says. I do not know the dragon, Daelemos, inside out, but he will have had a complex scheme in place for Arielle's abduction, which it will take a while to stand down.
Unless your intention is to risk her abduction, as a means of getting her directly to whichever of Daelemos' lairs the dragon is currently operating from with regard to stars, I would counsel against immediately leaving this place, or at least not unless you are headed for a stronghold of your own.

Understand that we are only assigned as protection here within the arena. We will escort Arielle to the exit, but under our current orders once you are outside, you leave us behind.
One of the nymphs says slightly apologetically.

Are you leaving the arena, or just taking awalk here in the stands to attempt to clear your minds? one of the nymphs assigned to Arielle inquires of Arielle and Jack Hammer.

Steel yourself. This is probably going to shock and maybe hurt a little, one of the nymphs accompanying Arielle murmurs to her. Someone did something very bad with one of the stars.

The half-elven woman sitting on the other side of the Arena looks in the direction of Azuri'ith's party, concentration on her features for a moment, then she says something to one of the nymphs accompanying her.

A servant of the dragon, Daelemos, one of the nymphs murmurs to Arielle, as they move in to protectively flank her.

The nymphs approach and one of them addresses Arielle.
Our mistress guesses that you will currently be feeling a little perturbed given the presence of an artifact of perverted power in the vicinity, and offers you her protection for now against the one who is bearing it and any associates he or she may have at these games.

Whilst the fight proceeds below, a pair of nymphs in dark helms, black cloaks, and mithril shirts emerge from a nearby entrance/exit from the bowels of the arena to the stands, and begin to make their way towards Azuri'ith's group. They wear shortswords at their belts.

The half-elven woman speaks to one her fey attendants, who nods, and says something back.
Telepathic bond between personal attendants being used here, to pass a message to other nymphs stationed in the arena.

Over on the far side of the Arena, a seeming half-elven woman in a brightly coloured spider-silk dress fit for a princess takes her place in the stands, flanked by a couple of nymph guards in mithril shirts and adamantine helms.
Besides the presence of approaching corruption, Arielle has the sense of another star now in the Bazaar (and indeed in this very location).

lynora wrote:
Eiboria Telimnora wrote:

Hey, I'm keeping an eye on the biggest threat around here, that little girl. Have you ever SEEN the destruction or chaos such a creature can cause entirely unintentionally?

And if anyone's going to send her to her room for the next couple of decades until she grows out of it, I reserve the right for it to be me. She's after my jewellery already. I swear to all the gods she'd be trying to steal my boy-friend next if I had one.
That's totally hilarious until you realize that your jewelry is made out of pieces of her mommy. And yeah, the threat of what effectively amounts to a toddler with the powers of a god? Seriously frightening. Y'all *really* want LJ back. ;)

People in your culture have at times kept lockets with hair or nail clippings of heroes in, and you try to make out that I'm gross?

Her mommy is currently in Yggdrasil, in camera with her paramour, Jack Hammer. I suspect that in magical terms the only reason she actually needs the collection of stars to be approximately collected back together to manifest herself was because she was still a novice deity, and hadn't quite yet got the hang of 'I-don't-actually-rely-on-the-one-physical-form' bit when she was interrupted in her education by matters more urgent to an an older, wiser, being.
And I have perogative *not* to be frightened of Arielle, I assure you; a perogative which, incidentally, prevents me from doing anything worse to her other than sending her to her room for a couple of decades.

Hey, I'm keeping an eye on the biggest threat around here, that little girl. Have you ever SEEN the destruction or chaos such a creature can cause entirely unintentionally?
And if anyone's going to send her to her room for the next couple of decades until she grows out of it, I reserve the right for it to be me. She's after my jewellery already. I swear to all the gods she'd be trying to steal my boy-friend next if I had one.

The young woman returned to the palace, in the heart of the Wildwood, and shedding her guards and grey robes went to meet with the other officers to hear the latest reports from the borders.
There was little doubt to her mind that something was brewing.
Servants shielded with the mark of Avraenasa were abroad, looking for the stars of the goddess. She had dealt with a nest of them before departing the Bazaar.
And the meeting with the girl had bothered her more than she had anticipated that it would.
She had seemed so naive, so trusting, and so innocent, that it had been difficult to keep in perspective the tremendous threat to some things within the Realm of Dreams (and to almost everything outside of it) that her mission posed.
Well at least the bracelet of stars around each wrist and the necklace of stars at her throat that Eiboria wore had proven their value. The Queen knew what she was doing there.
She almost always did.

Meanwhile there is no evidence of the figure in grey with the nymph guards today; whoever they were, they appear to have departed for some other destination.

At least I'm neutrally aligned in this aspect....
The nymphs relax a little and together with the person they are guarding, move off.

Unless it's in a special place, people will often pick up something shiny and pretty which they see just lying there, apparently unclaimed, even if they aren't bad men or women.
And sometimes even someone who knows that something is in a special place and that it is supposed to be there, will move it because they don't want somebody they don't like to just walk in and take.
A dragon called Smagnavast hired a very secret woman, who never breaks a promise she's been paid not to break, to collect all your shinies from a Place called the Carnival of Shadows, for example, because he was worried that a bad woman called Ashaundra might find some of them.

Oh I think he listens to you more than you think.
But maybe you should talk to him to make sure he knows what bad men and women may be around, and how to be careful in dealing with them.
Arielle has a weird feeling that this man/woman knows her somehow.

Ask me again, if and when you have the rest. And in the meantime, the figure extends an arm to point a gloved hand at Azuri'ith, promise me that you'll do your best to keep your great-grandfather out of trouble. I'm a very busy person, and don't want to have to stop and rescue him from some of the bad men and women who walk the world.

Important to you, yes. A lot of people who have lost their mommies want them back.
Makes Will save not to hair-tousel and make patronising comment.
But your mommy isn't as important to me, right now, as some other things are, which includes confusing some very bad men and women.

Arielle wrote:
Arielle waits patiently, absently humming to herself. There seems to be something else accompanying the song, but it is unclear what that is.

'...Caraftír gwuin un abbvast an,

Narvalnar, sium vun, nargûl bast...'

Not literally, but as the sages of a few thousand millenia used to mistranslate it before the fashion for misquoting ancient dwarven lore went away.
The voice is low and muffled, and it is currently difficult for Arielle to determine the nature of the speaker. It is possible that only she, the nymphs, and the speaker can here what is passing; there is a sense of hidden magic at work here other than Arielle's own...
So, power denied the shadows that wait beyond; what leads you to believe that you can thwart them, daughter of Lynora?

The two nymphs to the front close to block the child, their hands going to the hilts of the moonlight swords that they carry, but not yet drawing them.
The figure seems to be silently considering Arielle's request.

A tall figure cloaked and hooded in grey, accompanied by an escort of four nymphs in dark cloaks, adamantine helms, and mithril shirts seems interested in following the progress of some of the men and women searching for stars.
Despite the anonymity afforded by the figure's garb, he or she carries him or herself regally, and his or her eyes glint sharply from under the shadows of the hood.

This figure is wearing items which hold some of the very smallest of the stars, so if Arielle arrives in the market, there may well be some sense of attraction to the figure at some point if this figure is still on the scene.

Hey, someone has to have fun messing with them.

The Grey Wanderer's minions, I mean.

Charles Evans 25 wrote:

...The Grey Wanderer's minions are also uninterested in collecting any of them except for the one which frustratingly their little compasses and pendulums won't give them a reading on, and will leave any others they come across behind.