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I know you said you are addressing the difficulty of combat in terms of making it easier- could you ALSO release more (and BETTER *sharp glance thrown at bonekeep 3*) "super challenges" like bone keep was supposed to be, for those wishing to be challenged more, as opposed to less? I know that group is likely the minority, but I think should still see a few scenarios a season for that taste!!

This coming from someone whose felt completely unthreatened when playing the storval stairs (on a life oracle in a balanced group, in my GM's/anyone-who-died-in-that-scenario's defense) and regularly has players ask why the combats are so short/easy when GMing *as the stat blocks behaviors specify*.

Also, I think allowing sign-offs on the faction journal retroactively would help a lot! If not for players (they may not have picked up the item , etc) at least for GM's!

Aside from that, this all looks awesome, I'm excited! It's a great time to be a pathfinder :)