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If they had just let us overwrite the First World (it's not like they've used it for much in quite a while), we wouldn't have to scrounge up a new transitive plane out of whatever scrap is in arm's reach.

I'll pass. It's hard to accept the travel time there when you've tried and failed to improve said travel time.

End of spacetime is hard to put beacons on, okay?

It's an extremely useful function, and I can't really blame them for developing it. There's not always a whole lot you can do to police a freely given gift, so having another group equipped to engage raiders is helpful. Heck, they're probably armed enough to make a good escort if you're worried about some warlord deciding they have better use for your beacon shipment.

It would have been cool if we developed it first, though.

Xenocrat wrote:

Divine Champion is strangely good for Technomancers. They give up only one hack and one spell known plus all the garbage spell capacitors in return for a free save ring (compares favorably to the Arcanium Sage extra item worn) up to six (off list!) spells known and up to seven extra spell slots. Plus the ability to ignore all resists on opposed alignment enemies to make your enhanced or created weapon hit like a truck.

Great, now I'm a hipster. I'll definitely be looking into this for a rebuild

Castilliano wrote:
Arutema wrote:

Our ship is not doing well in a fight against a corpse fleet ship, prompting the science officer to point out:

"half the crew is also star shaman mystics. We can walk home..."

"How much is a personal drift engine?"

And note that Drift Tech works better with smaller ships...

So that's why most of the clergy aren't Technomancers like I am!

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Yes, the main church is next to the Starstone. However, the Starstone is not necessarily next to the main church.

Material plane distance? why does that matter?

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Alayern wrote:
Triune: Quit hacking the universe! As if the Technomancers weren't enough of a headache.

You're thinking pretty narrowly here. Sometimes you need some coders to help with the new hardware.

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He was assuming you were a member of an organization in SF that thinks that pre-gap magic was much better and that unlocking the secrets of it require rejecting higher technology. As a technomancer and clergy of a deity of tech, he's not amused.

The change from 1/2 to 3/4 BAB is significant. Even in PF, 3/4 BAB casters like the cleric and oracle can and do run martially-oriented builds. For an offensive caster in SF, this can also be considered necessary, since EAC is going to be way higher than touch AC. Metamagic is through class features rather than feats (and even PF core has more total feats than SF core).

Everything else stated is flavour: I like the lack of division between arcane and divine, because it lets me make characters like this.

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Personally, I make most of my spellcaster comparisons to the likes of the Magus or Occultist, because I like some direct offensive presence with my support. As such, I'm perfectly fine with where the casters are

One of those Esoteric guys, huh? Listen, nothing but study works in a lab, and it may have worked before the Gap, but it won't help you out there where work needs to be done. Any half-decent armour will stop magical offence just the same as any other directed energy, so we need to spend time working on combat.

But don't get me wrong, I know a lot about improving magic. It's not even something picked up on the side, either. Standard tools of the trade if you're focusing on casting. Reach, Extend, Empower, Selective, Quicken effects are all technomancer spell hacks Personally, I'd like to think we've improved our magical knowledge, Gap be darned. Used to be, you couldn't do half the things I can with divine backing, and all undead creation was filtered through the Pallid Princess's questionable morals. I'm glad I can take machines as my summons, and not be forced to use creatures from that blasted First World. Why we didn't bulldoze it to get a head start on the Drift, I'll never know.

Anything for the nature of a more reasonable plane than that obsolete piece of junk the fey call home?

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pithica42 wrote:
John Woodford wrote:
That implies that a Drift beacon is a Drift beacon is a Drift beacon, regardless of who placed it or how it came to be. So if it's only beacon density that determines whether a world is in Near Space or the Vast, how is it that the Azlanti Star Empire is in the Vast? Do all of their worlds lack the critical density of Drift beacons? And does that mean that it takes them 5d6 days to go between their own worlds?
Yeah, I noticed (and have problems with) that, because Triune and his church are mentioned in several places to be pumping out drift beacons and placing them all over the place.

Personally, I'm waiting for this political thing to die down so I don't get scrutinized whenever I make a trip. Plenty of remote research stations to hold together with duct tape and prayer in the meantime.

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It's a toss-up between casting classes. On one hand, you get a better spell list for dealing with ships, machines, and other essential tools of the Drift by going the studied route, but then you need to take skill synergy (survival) to help maintain the temple kittens.

At least the little fuzzball made friends with the Mechanic's drone.

There is some mapping of the Drift to the Material in a normal way, otherwise using it for in-system travel would be stupid.

That said, a month to some ridiculous colony is way too long when every pirate fief wants your cargo to adorn their stronghold. It's why I like working with Vesk, they know to defend their roadbuilders.

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Man, you find some weird stuff in the Drift.

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Now, I may be taking my philosophy from the new kid on the block deity-wise, but all I'm seeing is that the judge for what is and isn't evil has a conflict of interest. That in itself is fine, I'm sure if the All-Code was in charge of matters, they'd lean towards declaring the Drift Good. But refusing to acknowledge it and refusing to cede the decision to a more neutral party isn't. Personally, I'm glad we got a second opinion before some crusade blew up Eox.

Secondly, what's all this about deities working closer with Mystics? I find that the tools of a Technomancer align much closer with my duties to Triune than the primary alternative. What association does the All-Code have with the First World to make their services as summons more likely than Triune's own domain of machines?