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Logue was gonna stat me up since I pre-ordered the Anarchist Gamebook. Yet another promise broken.


Urizen wrote:
I've resisted the aliases thus far. Haven't crossed the Rubicon yet.

Come to the dark side Urizen!


Nothing to see here. Move along ...


The shadowed figure ponders recent developments as the red skeletons loot his thread

My daughter-in-darkness has been destroyed, as I had forseen. The vultures squabble over the scaps of my home, again, as I forsaw. Such as it will be. It is time to depart.

The form raises thin arms high


A swarm of shadows coalesce around the form, then scatter, leaving only empty air.

A shadowy figure observes the skeleton's advance

Hmm. An interesting development ..

Waving his hands, the figure sends a small force of wraiths against the intruders to test their mettle

The pyramid crumbles and collapses, sinking into the fetid swamp. Nothing is left but a small shadow

Thus even the heroes serve the forces of dissolution...

The shadow flits into the deeper swamp

The small shadow on the wall nearby hisses laughter

That will be a sweet song of chaos you sing priestess! Well played!

A small shadow skitters up to the priestess

Innocent Blood has left to attempt to take on the heroes of the Balance on her own. I have decided to remove myself from the current conflict and observe. There are too many undesirables using my lair as a staging ground.

The Mask wrote:


"I am not here to ally with yourself again, or to serve you. We both know that that will never last, and only lead to inconvenience on both sides. I am here..."
He gestures to the flower.
"To attempt to destroy this. It has allowed a great threat to escape, and if left alive it may allow more to do so. Worst of all, Kobold Cleaver himself. A Lord of the Boards who has been around as long as he could wreck all. It will take much time, but I intend to remove this. Then I will depart, gladly."

The shadowed figure gestures tiredly

Do as you wish, Mask. I am removing myself from this conflict.

The form explodes into dozens of shadows, all racing to the corners of the pyramid's chambers.

The shadowed figure sighs

Thus ever evil splits its strength and lessens itself. Arrogance is always our Achilles' Heel.

The dark phantom settles back on his calcitic throne.

I see no reason to add my minions to the pyre. Innocent Blood has claimed her independence. So be it. In the end, Death conquers all ..

The shadowed figure chuckles

My daughter-in-darkness. You have become greater than even I. I am proud of you for this feat. Together we shall rule this board and turn the threads one by one to the Black..

Ebony Jaguar notes the new zombies and the raven nearby. He chuckles dryly.

Back so soon? Things not work out with your new allies?

The Mask wrote:
....Take care, Ebony Jaguar."

The shadowed form chuckles, a distressingly hideous sound

I always do ....

Ebony Jaguar chuckles

I would rather not have a scorpion such as yourself as an ally, mask. I cannot trust you not to strike at me as well. Be off with your new friends. Death is patient, and we will be here when your plans lie in ruins...

I like not your tone mask. Begone!

Repulses the mask from his domain and erects wards to prevent his reappearance.

I am tired of allies who run their own side games. If we are to combat these champions we need to stand together, not stab each other in the back.

The Mask wrote:

The raven appears, chuckling.

"Next time you need my help, you should not rely on my wards. Something could happen."

Do not fear trickster. I rely on no one's wards but my own.

The shadowed figure uses his dark formless minions to scoop up the Wasp's corpse and put it into a holding box.

Well, one less 'hero' to contend with. I really must enhance the wards on this place.

Looks around at the court

I leave for a few days and you let some insect smash the place up? Unacceptable!

Turns to the box with the Wasp's corpse and sets several high-level anchoring/non-scrying wards on it, then takes it with him into his inner sanctum.

KC I don't know where you are going with this assault, but Wasp isn't taking the thread down. So wrap up whatever you are doing ..

For each undead that Thieving Wasp destroys, another three erupt from the soggy ground and advance moaning towards him. As he destroys left and right a large pillar of shadows coalesces in front of him. It bellows at him:


A wave of pitch black shadow crashes over the wasp, strangling him with streamers of night.

The shadowy figure chuckles.

How delightful! Well, good riddance to good rubbish. Now if you will all excuse me, I have some business to attend to ..

The shadows that have been sliding and whispering around the corners of the room gather and coalesce around the figure. When they split apart again the throne sits empty

Has his phylactery been retreived? If not, we will face him again...

The Mask wrote:
"Kobold Cleaver is no longer a threat."

I think he was announcing it DB

The shadowed figure smiles

Excellent! He was one of the more powerful heroes on this board. What sent him to his True Death?

Oroth's mind suddenly feels as if it has tumbled of a high cliff and is falling through a cold mist. Shapeless ... things ... whip by him, caressing him with noisome pseudopods. As he screams his mind suddenly snaps back into his own skull. A chill voice addresses him.

It would be better if you didn't intrude upon my mind without permission, young one ...The voice says dryly.

What do you wish to tell me?

The Mask wrote:

The mask appears, chuckling to itself.

"Any luck with that orb?"

The shadowed figure turns to the mask

You seem well pleased with yourself mask. Perhaps you would like to share the reason you are so delighted with our misfortune in not recovering this orb you discovered?

The shadowed figure stands and the throne room gets a little darker. The shadows that always seem to cluster in the corners start to move and whisper of their own accord, making fantastical shapes along the blood-stained walls.

Alagathra the Sea-Lich wrote:
It's not the power I crave. She grins through her black rotten teeth It is the suffering I inflict upon others.

The shadowy figure pounds on the arm of his ossuary throne.


Settles back in his chair

Alagathra. If some other force claims this unknown artifact and uses it contrary to our schemes then all is lost. You will be no more than a waterlogged corpse with delusions of grandeur then. The Balance will remain and thousands upon thousands will never feel your watery caresses ...

Looking at the rotted sea-lich the shadowy figure snarls

You should also be searching for this prize, Alagathra. You claim suzerainty over the corpses of the sea. This artifact was oviously tied to water. Who knows what power it could bring you?

The shadowed figure bellows

WHAT! An artifact of elemental evil discovered and then lost! Inconceivable!

Points a finger at The Shadow

FIND IT! Kill whoever has it, or failing that, bring them here. Whatever that sphere was, we must obtain it!

Turning to the wall, he notices the mask has gone

Hmmm .... I wonder ....He mutters with a sibilant hiss

The shadowed figure leans back

Good, fetch this orb and bring it here ...

The Mask wrote:
"Hmm. There is an orb. Unfortunately, I can exert little control over the zombies from so far, and can certainly not channel any magic over any distance. We'll see what happens. This should be very...interesting.

The shadowed figure leans back in his throne of bone.

Interesting indeed.

Gestures to his court.

We need someone to retreive this orb. Who shall go?

The Shadow wrote:

Oh Pat your evil if Serafina is Innocent Blood! Don't worry I'll role-play along. It should be interesting.... ;p

*A face flikers in front of Ebony, unfamiliar at first, it slowly shifts to show The Shadow's true face*
"Greetings milord. I have successfully infiltrated the Club and been allowed a room. Do you still wish that I spy, or should I attampt to assassinate one of the 'heroes'?"

The shadowed figure pauses.

Stay in readiness. Remain observant. Report back any new information. If you see a chance to strike and cripple the heroes without endangering yourself ... use your best judgement.

The Mask wrote:


"I am the Mask of Ovu Monubi. I have not been here often. One time, some Jacks accidentally brought me here and mistook me for masque. Eventually, I managed to get back into my own reality, but was nearly stabbed between my eyes, along with my undead host. I abandoned the host, for just then a bridge had opened between this world and that one. Most likely caused by you folk summoning something from there here.
"Anyways, that matters not. I shall send my servants over, to seek the Temple. Then...we shall see."

The shadowed figure nods

It is good. The temple once was a focus for great evil, and elemental evil at that. Artifacts of great power once were kept there, and may yet still ....

The Mask wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
What, a First Evil appearance?
Do you remember the second episode of season 3?

Naw. I am a fan, but I don't have the series memorized

The Mask wrote:

The mask rests on the ground. Suddenly, its eyes glow red. At teh exact same time, a zombie attendant's eyes glow the same color. The attendant walks over, picks up the mask, and nails it up on the wall, careful not to damage it.
"That is better. Now, tell me more of the Temple."

The shadowy figure stares at the mask

The temple is just that, an abandoned temple to Elemental Evil. Perhaps there are elemental weapons of evil hidden within its ruins still. It lies far within the Interthereal Sea. If we must face the Balance and their Champions perhaps we should find weapons to counter their strengths.

The shadowed figure looks at the sea-rotted form of Alagathra

The Champion of the Sea, The Bard, still lingers at the Roleplaying Thread. Perhaps your minions and you can challenge him there? Find his measure, test him and his spawn Rio if he is there. If not, harry the Jacks. Perhaps you can dsirupt the councils over at Club Calistria. That realm is well guarded, but you need not tarry, just strike and retreat.


There was a thread, once a Temple to Elemental Evil, now lost in the trackless depths of the Interthereal Sea. Perhaps you and your minions could investigate it and look for anything of interest?

The shadowy figure snorts and addresses HoD

Perhaps you can slake your thirst upon the Jacks. Their thread is among the strongest in the Interthereal Sea. There is plenty of challenge for a warrior such as you ..

Turns to the others

My daughter-in-death Innocent Blood is prepared to lead when the time is ripe. For now, my daughter, I wish you to position yourself among the threads.

Hands the pale girl a ring with a glowing green gemstone bracketed with gold bars.

This is the Gem of Amara. It is an artifact of some power I negotiated for from a far plane. It allows vampires to operate in full sunlight. You will need it for your mission. I also have this ...

Hands Innocent Blood an earring

This earring will allow you to emulate a living girl, in effect appearing as you did before your Birth-to-Darkness. Never be separated from it..

Looks upon the others.

Go forth my comrades. Go forth and darken the Threads of Light. Teach them fear and let them know that the stain of the Black spreads ever closer .....

The Hammer of Death wrote:
... Dead Ones! Evil Ones! Why do you tarry? Do not fear. Embrace Death! Embrace my Master!

The shadowed figure chuckles, a raspy sibilant sound

I have embraced Death for centuries bezerker. I hold Death close and stroke her rotted hair. I kiss her pale, bloated lips. She keeps no secrets from me, her favorite paramour.

The Hammer of Death wrote:
Do you hunger to be alive once again? Or do you hunger for all the living to be truly dead? Not shades, but truly dead. If you hunger for true Death for the living then I will help. Afterwards we can 'talk' about your kind.

The shadow form hisses its disturbing chuckle once again.

I hunger for power, berzerker. Simply that. I wish to have dominion over the Threads of Light. I wish to see them brought to the Black. I wish to see the Scales of Balance broken and its shards hammered into spikes upon which I shall impale the Elemental Champion's heads when all of this is through.

The shadow leans forward on its throne of bones.

I care not if you desire to kill, bezerker, just aim your power in the right direction and we shall get along famously....

Candle Lighter wrote:


"The only reason I lost that battle was that the cursed Kittens arrived at the last minute. Not to mention that Kobold Cleaver intervened. My foes were more powerful than I expected. However, no longer.
"As for your 'army'? Again, I say 'pff'. You are fortunate that I am not against you."

The shadowy figure stares st the spot where the dracolich had been.

There are none so blind as those who will not see ..He whispers in a soft tone

Looks about his assembled court

Continue to prepare. The heroes we will fight are not to be underestimated. Be patient. Draw them out, engage them singly in times and places of your choosing. Discover their fighting methods. Do not expose yourself to undue risk. Probe them for weakness and report back to the Palace of Skulls so that we can be prepared fully to meet them.

The shadowy figure looks about at his assembled unholy court

It is good that all is near readiness. We must be patient and precise when we move. Patience is Death's virtue. The Black has all the time in the worlds ...

Looking over to The Shadow

A spy would be most useful. Insinuate yourself in the midst of the heroes and report your findings back to the Palace of Skulls.

A shadowed form sits upon a throne of human bones, addressing his minions. A small pale teenaged girl dressed in leather sits at his right hand.

The forces of the Balance have prevailed over chaos in the other threads. I observed this conflict until my wards were pierced by some miserable kobold witch. I did manage to retreive this ..

Holds up a glowing gemstone

We shall bide our time until we are ready to strike ....

The shadowy figure that had fled the field when Esmaralda arrived steps from the shadow of a tree, observing the aftermath of battle in the predawn light.

SSssss. the warp and woof tangle here, but I should be able to ...AH!

The shadowy form glides over to a nondescript Defective corpse. Kicking the ruined mutant aside, he picks up a shining gem that lay hidden under it.

Its power is strong. I can see how it came to dominate. Yesssss...

The shadowy thing moves back to the tree shadow and vanishes, leaving a weeping frog as his only witness.

Mah Aunt Esmarelda wrote:

Esmeralda sees the creature and appears next to him.

"What are you doing here? What do you want?"
A ward appears around her. It is very powerful, and is made from Board energies.

The dark form hisses and gestures. His companion hisses as well, revealing long wicked fangs.

The time is not now witch .. The dark creature intones. As he says this the two vanish

A shadowy figure emerges from the shadows of the command tent. His form is obscure, more of a black shadow in the shape of a man. The shadow quietly observes the melee involving Yeti, Kittens, Defectives, sharks and constructs.

Interesssting ... He hisses in a sibilant tone