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Fallout Rampage Cap'n Furiosa wrote:
I also want a flame thrower guitar.

All who join Asmodeus's congregation get free flamethrower guitars! Join now and we'll increase the flame levels to Hellfire mode, absolutely free!

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IMO, pathfinder bards are not only one of the best renditions of bards in a d20 based game (until 5e came out- wooo 9th lvl spells), but the bard class also represents the iconic adventurer from many a fantasy or tale. Witty, charismatic, with a variety of skills and abilities. Also, the bard is a team player; he can't always handle the situation at hand, but he can make his friends/allies/etc. do better in order to overcome the obstacle.

Bards also have so much versatility going towards them in choices of spells, skills, and "builds" (hate that term while in play, but this is a gaming forum, so it will have to suffice).

My favorite way to roleplay the bard is to be the smug wandering adventurer/mercenary who leads people in the pursuit of the finer things in life- wealth, wine, and women- without dealing with the minor details. This often makes my bard a bit of a swashbuckler in appearance, but i find it a fun way to play.

Militaristic bards are also really cool if you are so inclined. Gorum bard= metal?

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Archae wrote:
Earl of the Malebolge wrote:

Sounds like a great plan. The amount of giants in Rise of the Runelords would give this great backstory. If he doesn't like 3pp stuff, you can always fall back on the tiefling idea, because that was published by Paizo.

Fair warning that in the early game you will be destroying most critters with a swing or two, and your GM will probably compensate for that, if he allows this character concept/build at all. (speaking from experience, both in 3.5 and pathfinder)
Not to rain on your parade.

not to worry my gm being a good friend of mine, knows how to run combat and will most likely compensate to make it a bit tougher. also i've consulted him on the tiefling thing and it is approved.

as for 3rd pp stuff we walk a thin line with this we consult as it comes up we have no set ruling s on them.

Congrats on the successful recreation of Guts from Berserk the manga! Now go forth and slay the dragons! I would love to hear what you build and how it turns out. Happy Gaming!

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toxicpie wrote:

Absolutely fantastic, great stuff, thanks guys!

The Pact Primeval has given me so much lore inspiration, that's awesome. I'm turning that into a big part of the story; the demonic forces accepted the Pact so they could harvest evil souls, and a clause would be that the celestial and fiendish actions would remain hidden.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the Pact of my mast-, I mean that fictional document I mentioned earlier. >:D